Ina Creek - Inyitbar Waterhole: Australia
SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Country Feature class
Ina Creek Australia stream
Ina Islet Australia island
Inakoo Hill Australia hill
Inamalamandija Point Australia point
Inbarin Hills Australia hills
Inca Creek Australia stream
Ince Bay Australia bay
Ince Point Australia point
Indabiddy Creek Australia stream
Indamilly Waterhole Australia water hole
Indarra Siding Australia railroad siding
Indegardegarly Australia pool
Indented Head Australia point
Indi River Australia stream
Indiakata Waterhole Australia water hole
Indian Bay Australia bay
Indian Head Australia headland
Indian Head Australia headland
Indian Head Australia point
Indian Hill Australia hill
Indian Island Australia island
Indian Islands Australia island
Indian Well Australia well
Indiatna Well Australia well
Indigo Creek Australia stream
Indigo Upper Australia populated place
Indigo Australia populated place
Indulkana Creek Australia stream
Indulkana Springs Australia spring
Infelix Islets Australia islands
Ingabulling Hill Australia hill
Ingaladdi Waterhole Australia water hole
Ingallan Creek Australia stream
Ingallan Spring Australia spring
Ingallana Creek Australia stream
Ingallanna Creek Australia stream
Ingalta Australia populated place
Ingalta Australia railroad station
Ingalta Australia stream
Ingaree Creek Australia stream
Ingeberry Australia farm
Ingebirah Australia populated place
Ingebyra Australia populated place
Ingebyrah Australia populated place
Ingeegoodbee River Australia stream
Ingelara Australia farm
Ingeranonga Waterhole Australia water hole
Ingeranunga Waterhole Australia water hole
Ingham Australia populated place
Ingle Downs Australia farm
Ingle Farm Australia populated place
Ingle Park Australia farm
Ingleba Creek Australia stream
Ingleba Australia populated place
Ingleba Australia populated place
Ingleburn Australia farm
Ingleburn Australia populated place
Ingledoon Australia farm
Inglega Australia populated place
Inglehope Australia populated place
Ingleounda Bore Australia well
Ingleounda Creek Australia stream
Ingleounda Tank Australia water tank
Ingleside Australia farm
Inglewood Australia farm
Inglewood Australia populated place
Inglewood Australia populated place
Inglewood Australia populated place
Inglis Gap Australia pass
Inglis Island Australia island
Ingliston Australia populated place
Ingobblein Well Australia well
Ingomar Australia farm
Ingot Islets Australia islands
Ingram Island Australia island
Ingram Islet Australia island
Ingram Reef Australia reef
Inguree Well Australia well
Inila Rock Waters Australia rock
Injemira Australia farm
Injune Creek Australia stream
Injune Australia populated place
Inkanunna Creek Australia intermittent stream
Inkanunna Soak Australia intermittent wetland
Inkerman Creek Australia stream
Inkerman Creek Australia stream
Inkerman Downs Australia farm
Inkerman Lake Australia lake
Inkerman River Australia stream
Inkerman Australia farm
Inkerman Australia farm
Inkerman Australia populated place
Inkerman Australia populated place
Inkster Australia populated place
Inlet River Australia stream
Inman Hill Australia hill
Inman River Australia stream
Inman Rock Australia rock
Inman Valley Australia populated place
Inman Australia rock
Innaman Tank Australia water tank
Innamincka Shoal Australia shoal
Innamincka Australia farm
Innamincka Australia populated place
Innawally Pools Australia pool
Inner Bar Cutting Australia channel
Inner Bar Australia bar
Inner Basin Australia harbor
Inner Freeman Channel Australia navigation channel
Inner Governor Reef Australia reef
Inner Harbour Australia harbor
Inner Head Australia headland
Inner Hill Australia mountain
Inner Island Australia island
Inner Island Australia island
Inner King Shoal Australia shoal
Inner Knoll Australia shoal
Inner North Head Australia headland
Inner Northwest Patch Australia shoal
Inner Reef Australia reef
Inner Rip Shoal Australia shoal
Inner Rock Australia rock
Inner Rock Australia rock
Inner South Head Australia headland
Inner South Head Australia point
Inner Western Passage Australia channel
Innerjarra Well Australia well
Innes Creek Australia stream
Innes Head Australia headland
Innes Island Australia island
Innes Island Australia island
Innes Australia railroad station
Innesowen Australia farm
Inneston Australia populated place
Inneston Australia populated place
Inneston Australia populated place
Innewobbing Well Australia well
Inneywobbing Pool Australia pool
Inneywobbing Well Australia well
Inningarra Range Australia hills
Innis Downs Australia farm
Innis Island Australia island
Innis Island Australia island
Inniscraig Australia farm
Innisfail Downs Australia farm
Innisfail Australia farm
Innisfail Australia populated place
Innisplain Australia populated place
Innoinna Soak Australia intermittent wetland
Innot Hot Springs Australia populated place
Innouendy Pool Australia pool
Inorunie Australia farm
Inscription Point Australia point
Inset Reef Australia reef
Inshallah Australia farm
Inshore Hummock Australia hill
Inside Rock Australia rock
Inskip Banks Australia bank
Inskip Point Australia point
Inspection Head Australia point
Inspection Hill Australia hill
Institut Islands Australia islands
Insulator Creek Australia stream
Intercept Hill Australia hill
Intercourse Island Australia island
Interlaken Australia populated place
Interlakin Australia farm
Intermediate Hill Australia hill
Interstate Australia railroad station
Interview Pinnacle Australia mountain
Interview Point Australia point
Interview River Australia stream
Intinginna Native Well Australia well
Intinginna Well Australia well
Inukalen Cataract Australia waterfall
Inveneta Waterhole Australia water hole
Inverai Australia populated place
Inveralochy Australia populated place
Inverary Park Australia populated place
Inverdoone Australia farm
Inverell Australia populated place
Inveresk Australia section of populated place
Invergordon Australia populated place
Inverleigh Australia farm
Inverleigh Australia populated place
Inverloch Australia populated place
Invermay Australia section of populated place
Inverncoona Australia populated place
Inverness Australia farm
Inverness Australia railroad siding
Inveroona Australia populated place
Inverramsay Australia populated place
Inverurie Australia farm
Inverway Australia farm
Investigator Group Australia islands
Investigator Road Australia roadstead
Investigator Strait Australia strait
Investigator's Strait Australia strait
Invicta Australia populated place
Inyitbar Waterhole Australia water hole

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