Joachimsberg - Jovanberg: Austria
SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Country Feature class
Joachimsberg Austria farm
Joachimsthal Austria populated place
Jobst Austria populated place
Joch Alpe Austria hut
Jochalm Austria hut
Jochalpe Austria grazing area
Jochart Berg Austria mountain
Jochart Austria mountain
Jochbach Austria hut
Jochbach Austria stream
Jochbachalphutten Austria hut
Jochbauer Austria farm
Jochberg Austria hill
Jochberg Austria populated place
Jochberg Austria populated place
Jochberg Austria populated place
Jochberger Ache Austria stream
Jochbergtal Austria valley
Jochbergthurn Austria populated place
Jochbergwald Austria populated place
Jochelspitze Austria peak
Jochenstein Austria house
Jocher Alpe Austria hut
Jochgrabenberg Austria mountain
Joching Austria populated place
Jochkarl Austria locality
Jochkopfl Austria peak
Jochling Austria populated place
Jochlkopf Austria peak
Jochriedel Austria ridge
Jochwand Austria cliff
Jodlbauer Austria farm
Jodlmoosgraben Austria ditch
Joelspitze Austria mountain
Joggeser Austria peak
Joglhutte Austria hut
Joglland Austria region
Johann Hof Austria farm
Johann-Studl-Weg Austria trail
Johann-Waller-Hutte Austria hut
Johannahohe Austria hill
Johannes Berg Austria hill
Johannes Berg Austria hill
Johannes Berg Austria hill
Johannes Grotte Austria cave
Johannesberg Austria populated place
Johannesbergen Austria hill
Johannesbreite Austria field
Johannesbreite Austria locality
Johannesbrundl Austria spring
Johannesfeld Austria field
Johannesfeld Austria field
Johannesjoch Austria pass
Johanneskapelle Austria church
Johanneskapelle Austria church
Johanneskreuz Austria shrine
Johanneskreuz Austria shrine
Johannessiedlung Austria section of populated place
Johannestal Austria valley
Johannesthal Austria populated locality
Johanneswaldl Austria shrine
Johannisberg Austria mountain
Johannisbergen Austria hill
Johannisbrunn Austria populated place
Johannishutte Austria hotel
Johannsenruhe Austria locality
Johannserkogel Austria hill
Johnsbach Austria populated place
Johnsbach Austria stream
Johnsdorf Austria populated place
Jois Austria populated place
Jokelwirt Austria hotel
Jokischberg Austria populated place
Jollenkreuz Austria shrine
Jonnereck Austria peak
Jonsalm Austria hut
Jorgbauer Austria farm
Jorgbaueralm Austria hut
Jorgen Austria populated place
Jorgensbuhl Austria populated place
Jorgnalm Austria populated place
Jorgnwinkelscharte Austria gap
Jormannsdorf Austria populated place
Josefberg Austria hill
Josefiberg Austria monastery
Josefinenhutte Austria hut
Josefsberg Austria populated place
Josefsberg Austria hill
Josefsbild Austria shrine
Josefsdorf Austria populated place
Josefsdorf Austria section of populated place
Josefsfeld Austria field
Josefskapelle Austria church
Josefsrotte Austria populated place
Josefsthal Austria populated place
Josefsthal Austria populated place
Josefswarte Austria tower
Joss Austria populated place
Jossertal Austria gorge
Jovanberg Austria mountain

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