Dhali - Dhyospilio: Cyprus
SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Country Feature class
Dhali Cyprus populated place
Dhamali Cyprus intermittent stream
Dhamalospilios Cyprus locality
Dhaphni Cyprus intermittent stream
Dhaphnia Cyprus locality
Dhaphnonda Forest Cyprus forest
Dhasha Cyprus locality
Dhavlos Cyprus populated place
Dheftera Cyprus populated place
Dhekaokto Skales Cyprus locality
Dhekelia British Military Cemetary Cyprus cemetery
Dhekelia Cantonment Cyprus populated place
Dhekelia Power Station Cyprus power station
Dhekelia Sovereign Base Area (U.K.) Cyprus military base
Dhekelia United Kingdom Base Cyprus military base
Dhekhelia Cyprus populated place
Dhemoniaris Cyprus island
Dhenia Cyprus populated place
Dherinia Dam Cyprus dam
Dherinia Cyprus populated place
Dhervishika Cyprus locality
Dhespotika Cyprus locality
Dhiarizos Cyprus intermittent stream
Dhiarrisos Cyprus intermittent stream
Dhiarrizos Potamos Cyprus intermittent stream
Dhiarrizos River Cyprus intermittent stream
Dhidhymos Cyprus locality
Dhierona Cyprus populated place
Dhijimi Cyprus intermittent stream
Dhikavounos Cyprus locality
Dhikhalos Cyprus locality
Dhikomo and Bellapais Forest Cyprus forest
Dhikomo Cyprus populated place
Dhimmata Cyprus locality
Dhiorios Forest Cyprus forest
Dhiorios Forest Cyprus forest
Dhiorios Cyprus populated place
Dhiplarkaka Cyprus intermittent stream
Dhiplarkaka Cyprus locality
Dhiplojilaon Cyprus locality
Dhiplopotamon Cyprus locality
Dhipsali Forest Cyprus forest
Dhkio Vounarka Cyprus locality
Dhodheka Anemi Cyprus locality
Dhomes Cyprus locality
Dhor Cyprus populated place
Dhora Cyprus populated place
Dhorakaya Tepesi Cyprus mountain
Dhoros Cyprus populated place
Dhounia Cyprus locality
Dhrakohda Cyprus intermittent stream
Dhrakondas Cyprus locality
Dhrakondas Cyprus hill
Dhrakondies Cyprus locality
Dhrakondopetra Cyprus locality
Dhrakondospilios Cyprus locality
Dhraomani Cyprus locality
Dhrapia Cyprus populated place
Dhrepani Cyprus locality
Dhrinia Cyprus populated place
Dhromolaxia Cyprus populated place
Dhromonas Cyprus locality
Dhromos tis Jirkas Cyprus locality
Dhromos tou Angolemi Cyprus locality
Dhromos tou Petrati Cyprus locality
Dhromos tous Pitsyllous Cyprus locality
Dhrosisti Cyprus locality
Dhrousha Cyprus populated place
Dhrymo Cyprus populated place
Dhrymou Cyprus populated place
Dhrynia Cyprus populated place
Dhya Petres Cyprus rock
Dhymaes Cyprus populated place
Dhymes Cyprus populated place
Dhymoes Cyprus populated place
Dhyo Kaminia Cyprus hill
Dhyo Kopries Cyprus locality
Dhyo Mouttes Cyprus hill
Dhyo Mouttes Cyprus locality
Dhyo Potami Settlement Cyprus ancient site
Dhyo Potami Cyprus populated place
Dhyo Syrmata Cyprus locality
Dhyo Vounarka Cyprus locality
Dhyopallouron Cyprus intermittent stream
Dhyospilio Cyprus locality

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