Foderholmen - Forstlandet: Finland
SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Country Feature class
Foderholmen Finland island
Fofangholmen Finland island
Fofengo Finland island
Fogels Finland rock
Fogle Fiard Finland sound
Fogle Udden Finland island
Fogleo Finland island
Fogleo Finland populated place
Foglo Udd Finland island
Foglo Finland administrative division
Foglo Finland island
Foglo Finland populated place
Foglofjard Finland sound
Foglofjarden Finland sound
Folisholm Finland island
Folisholm Finland island
Folisholmen Finland island
Foliso Finland island
Foliso Finland island
Folison Finland island
Folisudden Finland point
Folmskar Finland island
Folsio Finland island
Folskar Finland island
Folskars Fjarden Finland sound
Folskars Haran Finland island
Folskars Kobborna Finland rocks
Fonskar Finland island
Forby Finland populated place
Fors Finland house
Forsbacka Finland house
Forsbacka Finland house
Forsbacka Finland house
Forsby Finland populated place
Forsby Finland populated place
Forsby Finland populated place
Forsby Finland section of populated place
Forsbya Finland stream
Forsbyan Finland stream
Forse Finland third-order administrative division
Forsen Finland house
Forsen Finland populated place
Forso Finland island
Forsosundet Finland strait
Forspakka Finland house
Forssa Finland third-order administrative division
Forssa Finland populated place
Forssan Finland third-order administrative division
Forsslatt Finland populated place
Forsti Finland house
Forstlandet Finland rocks

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