Gubbelandso - Gustavsvarn: Finland
SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Country Feature class
Gubbelandso Finland island
Gubben Finland rock
Gubbgrynnorna Finland rocks
Gubbholmen Finland island
Gubbholmen Finland island
Gubbolandet Finland island
Guckskar Finland island
Gudinggrund Finland rocks
Gudingklobb Finland rocks
Gudungsklackarna Finland rocks
Guldkrona Fiord Finland bay
Guldkrona Finland island
Gule Landet Finland island
Gule Finland populated place
Gulkrona Finland island
Gulkronafjard Finland bay
Gullbacken Finland populated place
Gullkrana Finland island
Gullkrona Finland bay
Gullkrona Finland populated place
Gullkrona Finland island
Gullkronafjard Finland sound
Gullkronafjard Finland bay
Gullo Finland island
Gullo Finland populated place
Gullringen Finland rock
Gullskar Finland island
Gulskar Finland island
Gulskaret Finland rocks
Gumbacka Finland populated place
Gumbole Finland populated place
Gumbole Finland populated place
Gumbole Finland populated place
Gumbole Finland populated place
Gumboleholmen Finland island
Gumbostrand Finland populated place
Gumholm Finland island
Gumman Finland rock
Gumsholmen Finland peninsula
Gumskar Finland rock
Gumskars Kobbarna Finland rocks
Gumskobben Finland island
Gumsoren Finland island
Gumtakt Finland section of populated place
Gundby Finland populated place
Gundvik Finland populated place
Gundvik Finland inlet
Gundvikinniemi Finland point
Gundviksudden Finland point
Gunholmen Finland island
Gunilack Finland populated place
Gunn Finland house
Gunnar Finland house
Gunnarnas Finland populated place
Gunnarsby Finland populated place
Gunnarskar Finland islands
Gunnarskaren Finland islands
Gunnarskulla Finland populated place
Gunnarsnas Finland populated place
Gunnarso Finland island
Gunnarso Finland island
Gunnarson Finland island
Gunnarsor Finland island
Gunnarsorarna Finland island
Gunnarsoren Finland island
Gunnarsskaren Finland islands
Gunnarsten Finland island
Gunnarsten Finland islands
Gunnholmen Finland island
Gunnkobbarna Finland rocks
Gunnskaret Finland island
Guolboaivve Finland mountain
Guolehis Njaerejavrre Finland lake
Guolehis Njaerejawre Finland lake
Guollebas'tenjar'vi Finland lake
Guollebastemjavrre Finland lake
Guollebastemjawre Finland lake
Guonjarvaarri Finland mountain
Gussanskaret Finland section of island
Gusslan Finland rock
Gustaf Adolfs Grund Finland reef
Gustaf Finland populated place
Gustav Adolf Finland island
Gustav Adolfs Finland third-order administrative division
Gustav Adolfsfaste Finland island
Gustavs Finland administrative division
Gustavs Finland island
Gustavsvarn Finland island

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