Ita Hirvikoski - Ittola: Finland
SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Country Feature class
Ita Hirvikoski Finland populated place
Ita Tonttu Finland island
Ita Ukko Finland island
Ita Villinki Finland island
Ita-Aure Finland populated place
Ita-Hakkila Finland populated place
Ita-Karttula Finland populated place
Ita-Kotka Finland island
Ita-Peranne Finland populated place
Ita-Suomen Laani Finland first-order administrative division
Ita-Uusimaa Finland second-order administrative division
Itaa Finland peninsula
Itaaukko Finland bay
Itaharju Finland populated place
Itainen Pihlajasaari Finland island
Itainen Suomenlahti Finland park
Itaisen Suomenlahden Kansallispuisto Finland park
Itajarvi Finland house
Itajarvi Finland lake
Itakari Finland islands
Itakari Finland island
Itakari Finland rock
Itakarit Finland islands
Itakeskus Finland section of populated place
Itakluppi Finland rocks
Itakoski Finland populated place
Itakoski Finland populated place
Itakyla Finland populated place
Itakyla Finland populated place
Italahti Finland bay
Italahti Finland house
Italahti Finland populated place
Italahti Finland cove
Itamajarvi Finland lake
Itamaki Finland house
Itamatala Finland shoal
Itamavaara Finland hill
Itameri Finland populated place
Itanena Finland point
Itaniemi Finland house
Itaniemi Finland house
Itaniemi Finland house
Itaniemi Finland house
Itaniemi Finland populated place
Itapaa Finland house
Itapaa Finland house
Itapohjanmatala Finland shoal
Itapuoli Finland populated place
Itapuro Finland stream
Itara Finland shore
Itaranta Finland house
Itarivi Finland island
Itasaari Finland island
Itasalmi Finland populated place
Itaselka Finland house
Itasyva Finland channel
Itatoukki Finland island
Itavaara Finland house
Itia Finland populated place
Itikka Finland house
Itikkapera Finland house
Itimmainen Hallinkari Finland rock
Itimmainen Finland island
Itimmaisenkari Finland rocks
Itko Finland house
Itkola Finland house
Itkola Finland house
Itkoniemi Finland house
Itkonpelto Finland populated place
Itterby Finland populated place
Ittergrund Finland island
Ittersgrund Finland point
Itterskar Finland island
Itterskar Finland island
Ittola Finland house

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