Rebenjaca - Rezevici: Montenegro
SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Country Feature class
Rebenjaca Montenegro spring
Rebri Montenegro slope
Rebro Montenegro ridge
Rebrsnik Montenegro mountain
Rec Montenegro populated place
Recica Skurda Montenegro intermittent stream
Recine Montenegro spring
Recine Montenegro locality
Recko Brdo Montenegro mountain
Redice Montenegro populated locality
Redo Vlasi Montenegro locality
Redzepagica Livade Montenegro locality
Redzica Krlje Montenegro populated place
Redzin Vrh Montenegro mountain
Redzov Laz Montenegro locality
Redzova Cesma Montenegro spring
Redzove Kose Montenegro spur
Redzove Rupe Montenegro locality
Reka Montenegro stream
Rekocica Montenegro huts
Releza Montenegro populated locality
Relezi Montenegro populated locality
Relina Montenegro locality
Relja Montenegro populated place
Reljici Montenegro populated place
Reljin Kam Montenegro locality
Reljin Kamen Montenegro hill
Reljina Montenegro locality
Reljino Brdo Montenegro populated place
Remik Montenegro mountain
Renovac Montenegro populated place
Reovac Montenegro well
Reovacka Greda Montenegro ridge
Reovacka Kita Montenegro peak
Reovacki Donji Do Montenegro peak
Reovci Montenegro locality
Rep Montenegro point
Repacki Gaz Montenegro locality
Repaji Montenegro populated place
Reparica Montenegro populated locality
Repaza Montenegro populated place
Repicke Aluge Montenegro populated locality
Repista Montenegro locality
Repista Montenegro locality
Repiste Montenegro hill
Repiste Montenegro locality
Repiste Montenegro locality
Repiste Montenegro populated place
Repiste Montenegro populated place
Repiste Montenegro slope
Repiste Montenegro populated place
Repne Rupe Montenegro depression
Repsa Montenegro populated place
Republic of Montenegro Montenegro independent political entity
Republika Crna Gora Montenegro independent political entity
Repusnica Montenegro spring
Res Montenegro locality
Resep Montenegro cave
Resna Montenegro populated place
Resna Montenegro pond
Resnik Montenegro populated place
Resovo Brdo Montenegro hill
Restovac Montenegro mountain
Resulja Montenegro pond
Resuljina Glava Montenegro hill
Resuljina Glavica Montenegro hill
Rezavac Montenegro wetland
Rezavi Dolovi Montenegro depression
Rezevici Montenegro populated place
Rezevici Montenegro populated place

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