Bu Buule - Buwein: Somalia
SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Country Feature class
Bu Buule Somalia populated place
Bu Sar Somalia populated place
Bu'aale Somalia populated place
Bua Barugi Somalia populated place
Buaa Somalia pond
Buba Somalia water hole
Buba Somalia populated place
Bubasci Somalia stream
Bubusc Somalia stream
Buc Tein Somalia well
Buccale Somalia area
Buco Somalia populated place
Bud Bud Somalia populated place
Budbud Somalia populated place
Buddo Somalia well
Budhoy Somalia estate
Budi Jamacale Ubadheere Somalia locality
Budigorayyo Somalia well
Buduna Somalia populated place
Budunbuto Somalia populated place
Bug Abdilla Ali Somalia well
Bug Atoti Somalia populated place
Bug Dere Somalia well
Bug di Illet Somalia well
Bug Durei El Somalia well
Bug Mairot Somalia populated place
Bug Temerr Somalia well
Bug Thaiem Somalia well
Bug Tugo Somalia populated place
Bug Somalia hill
Bug Somalia wadi
Bugada Ilkore Somalia spring
Bugda Acable Somalia populated place
Bugda Cosar Somalia populated place
Bugeey Somalia populated place
Bugh Abdilla Ali Somalia well
Bugh Abdulla Ali Somalia well
Bugh Barri Somalia well
Bugh Derenlei Somalia well
Bugh Temer Somalia well
Bugh Temerr Somalia well
Bugh Somalia populated place
Bugh Somalia populated place
Bugh Somalia well
Bugo Caleed Somalia wadi
Buhisso Somalia mountain
Buhodle Somalia populated place
Buhoodle Yare Somalia water hole
Buidheer Somalia mosque
Buk Dere Somalia well
Buk Gedo Somalia area
Buk Gedo Somalia area
Buka Somalia populated place
Buka Somalia hill
Buka Somalia hill
Bukaale Somalia dune
Bukh Gedo Somalia area
Bukh Gedo Somalia area
Bukh Goreyo Somalia well
Bukh Goreyo Somalia well
Bukh Shanle Somalia well
Bukh Shenleh Somalia well
Bukh Somalia populated place
Bukh Somalia populated place
Bukh Somalia populated place
Bukh Somalia wadi
Bukhale Somalia well
Bukhaleh Somalia well
Bukhaleh Somalia well
Bukibeen Somalia wadi
Bukkosar Somalia populated place
Buklaabow Somalia populated place
Bukon Demid Plain Somalia plain
Bukuf Somalia stream
Bukuraale Somalia populated place
Bukuri Somalia locality
Bul Aas Somalia populated place
Bul Gaven Somalia water hole
Bul Gaven Somalia water hole
Bul Tug Somalia wadi
Bul Somalia wadi
Bula Gian Somalia populated place
Bula Gian Somalia populated place
Bula Iac Somalia populated place
Bula Iac Somalia populated place
Bulaanbulo Somalia wadi
Bulac Somalia populated place
Bulacle Somalia populated place
Bulalay Somalia locality
Bulale Somalia water hole
Bulaxaar Somalia populated place
Bulaxaar Somalia populated place
Bulbuni Somalia island
Bulbuni Somalia island
Buleh Somalia well
Bulele Somalia area
Buleleh Somalia area
Buleleh Somalia area
Buleli Somalia area
Buleli Somalia area
Bulhale Somalia populated place
Bulhale Somalia populated place
Bulhar Plain Somalia plain
Bulhar Plain Somalia plain
Bulhar Somalia populated place
Bulhar Somalia populated place
Bulhar Somalia water hole
Bull Somalia wadi
Bull Somalia wadi
Bulla Raran Somalia water hole
Bullahar Somalia populated place
Bullaley Somalia well
Bullaxaar Somalia populated place
Bulli haud Somalia well
Bullo Daga Somalia well
Bullo Daga Somalia well
Bulloxaar Somalia populated place
Bulo Abdille Somalia populated place
Bulo Addan Amei Somalia populated place
Bulo Ado Daio Somalia populated place
Bulo Ahmed Igo Somalia populated place
Bulo Alio Daio Somalia populated place
Bulo Alio Somalia populated place
Bulo Ambasse Somalia populated place
Bulo Assanei Somalia populated place
Bulo Au Osman Somalia populated place
Bulo Auculom Somalia populated place
Bulo Avor Somalia populated place
Bulo Baccal Somalia populated place
Bulo Bahier Somalia populated place
Bulo Baina Somalia populated place
Bulo Balamal Somalia populated place
Bulo Balcier Somalia populated place
Bulo Ballei Somalia populated place
Bulo Banoi Somalia populated place
Bulo Bardere Somalia populated place
Bulo Berde Somalia populated place
Bulo Biliscai Somalia populated place
Bulo Boda Somalia populated place
Bulo Bullo Somalia populated place
Bulo Burti Somalia populated place
Bulo Caitei Somalia populated place
Bulo Caitet Somalia populated place
Bulo Calaf Somalia populated place
Bulo Calangi Somalia populated place
Bulo Caro Somalia populated place
Bulo Coro Somalia populated place
Bulo Cugno Somalia populated place
Bulo Daio Somalia populated place
Bulo Daro Somalia populated place
Bulo Derou Somalia populated place
Bulo Dodai Somalia populated place
Bulo Donfurur Somalia populated place
Bulo Drueil Somalia populated place
Bulo El Aile Somalia populated place
Bulo Er Ueber Somalia populated place
Bulo Erillo Somalia populated place
Bulo Failegoi Somalia populated place
Bulo Failogoi Somalia populated place
Bulo Fara Somalia populated place
Bulo Fert Dole Somalia populated place
Bulo Fiada Somalia populated place
Bulo Gafei Somalia populated place
Bulo Gai Adde Somalia area
Bulo Galole Somalia populated place
Bulo Garangaro Somalia populated place
Bulo Gasei Somalia populated place
Bulo Gasei Somalia populated place
Bulo Ghedudo Somalia populated place
Bulo Gheremei Somalia populated place
Bulo Gian Somalia populated place
Bulo Godut Somalia populated place
Bulo Gof Adde Somalia populated place
Bulo Gudud Somalia populated place
Bulo Haldid Somalia populated place
Bulo Hared Somalia well
Bulo Harran Somalia populated place
Bulo Hascle Somalia populated place
Bulo Hasile Somalia populated place
Bulo Hauen Somalia populated place
Bulo Hirso Somalia populated place
Bulo Iach Dolet Somalia populated place
Bulo Iach Somalia populated place
Bulo Iacunta Somalia populated place
Bulo Jach Somalia populated place
Bulo Mada Morodi Somalia populated place
Bulo Mallable Somalia populated place
Bulo Medina Somalia populated place
Bulo Merer Somalia populated place
Bulo Merere Somalia populated place
Bulo Mererta Somalia populated place
Bulo Mererta Somalia populated place
Bulo Merertoi Somalia populated place
Bulo Messer Somalia populated place
Bulo Mintana Somalia populated place
Bulo Moddei Somalia populated place
Bulo Mofa Somalia populated place
Bulo Muniassa Somalia populated place
Bulo Muniassa Somalia populated place
Bulo Naharo Somalia populated place
Bulo Nassib Somalia populated place
Bulo Nassib Somalia populated place
Bulo Nefle Somalia populated place
Bulo Nur Somalia populated place
Bulo Nurbadi Somalia populated place
Bulo Obliko Somalia populated place
Bulo Omar Somalia water hole
Bulo Raina Somalia populated place
Bulo Rer Scec Abdulla Somalia populated place
Bulo Rer Scek Abdulla Somalia populated place
Bulo Saga Somalia populated place
Bulo Saile Somalia populated place
Bulo Samaniar Somalia populated place
Bulo Samantar Somalia populated place
Bulo Scecal Somalia populated place
Bulo Scevelo Somalia populated place
Bulo Sehia Somalia populated place
Bulo Selei Somalia populated place
Bulo Sellei Somalia populated place
Bulo Sigalei Somalia populated place
Bulo Subta Somalia populated place
Bulo Togon Somalia populated place
Bulo Tugar Somalia populated place
Bulo Tumas Somalia populated place
Bulo Uaiama Somalia populated place
Bulo Uar Uen Somalia populated place
Bulo Uarbo Somalia populated place
Bulo Uen Somalia estate
Bulo Ul Dai Somalia locality
Bulo Uslei Somalia populated place
Bulo Somalia populated place
Buloboda Somalia populated place
Bulollicunta Somalia populated place
Bulta Somalia wadi
Bultarrig Somalia area
Bulto Hari Somalia tomb
Bulto Somalia tomb
Bulu Nuru Somalia populated place
Bulukaato Somalia well
Bulukey Somalia populated place
Bun Mudulow Somalia hill
Bunay Nunay Somalia water hole
Bunei Nuni Somalia water hole
Bunkay Somalia populated place
Bunkay Somalia well
Bunle Somalia populated place
Bunnyooc Somalia well
Buntuq Jebiye Somalia wadi
Buq `aled Somalia wadi
Buq Afyar Somalia locality
Buq Atoti Somalia populated place
Buq Bari Somalia well
Buq Cabdille Cali Somalia well
Buq Caleed Somalia wadi
Buq Catooti Somalia populated place
Buq Dameer Somalia well
Buq Darmed Somalia well
Buq Dheer Somalia well
Buq Dhurwaa Somalia well
Buq Dhuurrey Somalia well
Buq Dofar Somalia water hole
Buq Gaal Somalia spring
Buq Gorayo Somalia well
Buq Goreyo Somalia well
Buq Hagar Somalia water hole
Buq Ileed Somalia well
Buq Odabijo Somalia well
Buq Qallooq Somalia well
Buq Shanleh Somalia well
Buq Shariif Somalia wells
Buq Shiraar Somalia well
Buq Sugulle Somalia spring
Buq Timir Somalia well
Buq Tuugo Somalia well
Buq Xagar Somalia slope
Buq Xagar Somalia water hole
Buq Xereed Somalia well
Buq Somalia area
Buq Somalia populated place
Buq Somalia populated place
Buq Somalia wadi
Buq Somalia well
Buq Somalia well
Buq Somalia well
Buq Somalia wadi
Buqafyar Somalia well
Buqcad Somalia well
Buqda `Aqable Somalia populated place
Buqda Caqable Somalia populated place
Buqda Koosaar Somalia populated place
Buqda Kosar Somalia populated place
Buqda Somalia populated place
Buqda Somalia water hole
Buqde Caqable Somalia populated place
Buqdhabiijo Somalia wadi
Buqdhada Ilkorey Somalia spring
Buqkoosaar Somalia populated place
Buqnintaallo Somalia well
Buqo Somalia water hole
Buqraas Somalia cemetery
Buqraas Somalia water hole
Buqsheenle Somalia wadi
Buqsheenle Somalia well
Bur `Adde Somalia populated place
Bur `o Somalia seat of a first-order administrative division
Bur Aas Somalia locality
Bur Abaleu Somalia hill
Bur Abduramo Somalia mountain
Bur Ablhais Somalia mountain
Bur Acaba Somalia populated place
Bur Ad Somalia mountain
Bur Adado Somalia hill
Bur Addimemet Somalia mountains
Bur Addoi Somalia mountain
Bur Aden Cohajen Somalia hill
Bur Aden Cu Aien Somalia hill
Bur Afmedo Somalia hill
Bur Afuugle Somalia locality
Bur Ag Hog Somalia hill
Bur Agaccar Somalia hill
Bur Agagar Somalia hill
Bur Ahlat Couri Somalia mountain
Bur Ahmed Cohu Somalia hill
Bur Aiadidabe Somalia hill
Bur Alad Somalia mountain
Bur Alami Somalia hill
Bur Alanle Somalia rock
Bur Ali Fachei Somalia populated place
Bur Ali Somalia hill
Bur Amar Uedda Somalia hill
Bur Ambar Somalia hill
Bur Amin Gab Somalia hill
Bur Ancochib Somalia mountain
Bur Ancollei Somalia hill
Bur Anod Somalia mountain
Bur Arale Somalia mountain
Bur Ararca Somalia hill
Bur Areb Somalia hill
Bur Arosio Somalia hill
Bur Arrabo Somalia hill
Bur Arrisimoh Somalia hill
Bur Audari Somalia mountain
Bur Bacalle Somalia hill
Bur Bacar Somalia locality
Bur Baccal Somalia hill
Bur Bach Uen Somalia hill
Bur Bacheli Somalia mountain
Bur Bacti Uein Somalia hill
Bur Badembedle Somalia hill
Bur Badet Somalia mountains
Bur Bagaful Somalia hill
Bur Bagnole Somalia hill
Bur Baharar Somalia hill
Bur Barbar Ad Somalia locality
Bur Barbar Hat Somalia locality
Bur Barcole Somalia hill
Bur Behid Somalia hill
Bur Beid Somalia hill
Bur Bissig Somalia hill
Bur Bitale Somalia hill
Bur Bucur Somalia hill
Bur Bulo Dudi Somalia hill
Bur Bur Somalia locality
Bur Cabai Somalia mountain
Bur Caider Somalia hill
Bur Cal Damigio Somalia mountain
Bur Calah Somalia hill
Bur Calangiap Somalia mountain
Bur Calauada Somalia hill
Bur Calowle Somalia locality
Bur Caramanle Somalia hill
Bur Cardale Somalia hill
Bur Carrowlay Somalia populated place
Bur Ciromo Somalia hill
Bur Cobohlle Somalia mountain
Bur Cobohlli Somalia mountain
Bur Cobolli Somalia mountain
Bur Codi Somalia hill
Bur Comoch Somalia mountain
Bur Coriaror Somalia hill
Bur Cudaile Somalia mountain
Bur Cudalle Somalia mountain
Bur Cur Egherta Somalia hill
Bur Cur Somalia hill
Bur Curfu Curfu Somalia hill
Bur Curis Somalia mountain
Bur Cutei Somalia hill
Bur Daar Somalia hill
Bur Dab Range Somalia mountains
Bur Dab Somalia mountains
Bur Dabab Somalia hill
Bur Dabaiot Somalia hill
Bur Dabanficic Somalia dune
Bur Dabder Somalia hill
Bur Dabdere Somalia hill
Bur Daddabo Somalia mountain
Bur Daga Gor Somalia hill
Bur Daga Iero Somalia hills
Bur Dahale Magolo Somalia hill
Bur Dahan Tucutoc Somalia hill
Bur Daien Somalia hill
Bur Dalandol Somalia mountains
Bur Dalanle Somalia mountain
Bur Damer Alais Somalia hill
Bur Damer Aleis Somalia hill
Bur Damer Omorr Somalia hill
Bur Damer Somalia hill
Bur Daneed Somalia locality
Bur Darrabo Somalia hill
Bur Dathal Somalia mountain
Bur Dauhali Somalia hill
Bur Davo Scille Somalia hill
Bur Dawaco Somalia locality
Bur Deddan Somalia hill
Bur Deg Garas Somalia mountain
Bur Degaiero Somalia hills
Bur Deghebed Somalia mountain
Bur Deghehet Somalia mountain
Bur Degis Somalia mountain
Bur Dehtal Somalia hill
Bur Del Erim Somalia hill
Bur Dera Somalia hill
Bur Dere Somalia hill
Bur Dere Somalia hill
Bur Dessa Godgod Somalia hill
Bur Dharrabo Somalia hill
Bur Dhayaado Somalia locality
Bur Dheere Somalia locality
Bur Dibidiviad Somalia hill
Bur Dibidividen Somalia hill
Bur Dighireule Somalia hill
Bur Dih Somalia mountain
Bur Diniah Somalia hill
Bur Dinle Somalia hill
Bur Dinsor Somalia mountain
Bur Diudumaddo Somalia hill
Bur Dorcumerzan Somalia mountain
Bur Duben Somalia hill
Bur Dublei Somalia hill
Bur Dubo Airfield Somalia airfield
Bur Dubo Somalia hill
Bur Dubo Somalia hill
Bur Dubou Somalia mountain
Bur Duddum Addo Somalia hill
Bur Duhun Dahot Somalia hills
Bur Duldir Somalia hill
Bur Dumat Somalia ridge
Bur Dur Somalia mountain
Bur Durcumerzan Somalia mountain
Bur Durcumerzan Somalia mountain
Bur Durcumerzan Somalia mountain
Bur Durundur Somalia hill
Bur Eden Somalia rock
Bur Edolei Somalia hill
Bur Eghidaret Somalia hill
Bur Ei Dur Somalia mountain
Bur Eibi Somalia mountain
Bur Eigil Somalia hills
Bur Eijl Somalia hills
Bur Eil Somalia hills
Bur El Las Somalia hill
Bur Elade Somalia hill
Bur Erig Somalia hill
Bur Eso Somalia hill
Bur Essocoro Somalia locality
Bur Faddisome Somalia mountains
Bur Fan Somalia mountain
Bur Fanuein Dar Somalia hill
Bur Fascir Somalia area
Bur Feera Cadde Somalia dune
Bur Feeraweyne Somalia locality
Bur Finjo Somalia mountain
Bur Fole Somalia populated place
Bur Folhia Somalia mountain
Bur Gaabo Somalia hill
Bur Gab Somalia mountain
Bur Gaban Somalia populated place
Bur Gabo Somalia populated place
Bur Gabo Somalia stream
Bur Gabo Somalia bay
Bur Gaerre Somalia mountain
Bur Gaider Idda Somalia hill
Bur Gaider Mogh Somalia mountain
Bur Gal Somalia mountain
Bur Galal Uadli Somalia mountain
Bur Galal Uedle Somalia mountain
Bur Galan Somalia rock
Bur Galim Somalia hill
Bur Gamo Tir Somalia hill
Bur Ganei Somalia hill
Bur Gap Somalia populated place
Bur Gar Saha Somalia hill
Bur Gar Salad Somalia hill
Bur Garab Addo Somalia hills
Bur Garab Ghello Somalia hill
Bur Garaba Gois Somalia hill
Bur Garangar Somalia well
Bur Garas Bulo Somalia hill
Bur Garas Somalia hill
Bur Gardascia Somalia hill
Bur Gassli Somalia mountain
Bur Gavo Somalia populated place
Bur Gavo Somalia hill
Bur Gedin Somalia hill
Bur Geget Somalia hill
Bur Geneb Somalia mountain
Bur Germa Somalia hill
Bur Ghedef Somalia mountain
Bur Ghedude Somalia hill
Bur Gheiden Somalia hill
Bur Ghel Aren Somalia area
Bur Ghel Dabio Somalia mountain
Bur Gheli San Ti Somalia mountain
Bur Ghellei Somalia hill
Bur Gheluai Somalia hill
Bur Gher Somalia hill
Bur Gheri Fud Somalia mountain
Bur Ghibi Somalia populated place
Bur Giabe Somalia hill
Bur Giefeile Somalia hill
Bur Giefelle Somalia hill
Bur Gif Der Somalia hill
Bur Gif Der Somalia hill
Bur Ginni Faras Ful Somalia hill
Bur Girrigo Somalia hill
Bur Gitamo Somalia hill
Bur Gobai Somalia hill
Bur God Uarabe Somalia hill
Bur Goddoch Tuc Somalia hill
Bur Goddoch Tuo Somalia hill
Bur Gol Somalia hill
Bur Goran Somalia hill
Bur Gorei Somalia hill
Bur Gorio Guban Somalia hill
Bur Gosc Ara Uen Somalia mountain
Bur Gosei Somalia hill
Bur Gossia Somalia hill
Bur Gudud Somalia hill
Bur Gudud Somalia mountain
Bur Gudud Somalia mountain
Bur Gududen Somalia mountains
Bur Gududo Somalia hill
Bur Gulo Somalia populated place
Bur Guran Somalia mountain
Bur Hacaba Somalia populated place
Bur Hagaccar Somalia hill
Bur Hagerin Somalia hills
Bur Hamac Cohuo Somalia hill
Bur Hamacco Somalia hill
Bur Hamrada Somalia mountain
Bur Harisso Somalia hill
Bur Heibi Somalia mountain
Bur Heren Somalia hill
Bur Hisse Somalia hill
Bur Hogor Dobli Somalia mountain
Bur Horre Somalia hill
Bur Huroio Somalia hill
Bur Iacoe Somalia hill
Bur Iadaio Somalia hill
Bur Ido Somalia hill
Bur Iug Somalia mountain
Bur Jirib Somalia locality
Bur Joho Somalia hill
Bur Kansa Somalia hills
Bur Kara-Aba-Gifto Somalia hill
Bur Khansa Somalia hills
Bur Khoula Somalia island
Bur Ki Duiot Somalia hills
Bur Kor-I-Sar Somalia hill
Bur Laba Cadamo Somalia hill
Bur Laf Magda Somalia hill
Bur Lafichi Ibrahim Urei Somalia hill
Bur Lafwein Somalia mountain
Bur Lamalloin Somalia mountain
Bur Lebeli Somalia hill
Bur Lebi Ad Somalia hill
Bur Ledit Somalia mountain
Bur Liban Somalia hill
Bur Load Somalia wadi
Bur Lug Samantaro Somalia hill
Bur Mada Marodi Somalia mountains
Bur Mada Uil Somalia hill
Bur Madah Marodi Somalia hills
Bur Madoobe Somalia locality
Bur Madove Somalia dune
Bur Madu Somalia mountains
Bur Magale Somalia hill
Bur Magarot Somalia hill
Bur Mahago Somalia populated place
Bur Mahago Somalia hill
Bur Malahav Somalia hill
Bur Manferg Somalia hill
Bur Maro Adei Somalia hill
Bur Medou Somalia hill
Bur Meirale Somalia populated place
Bur Meirale Somalia hill
Bur Meirale Somalia hill
Bur Meiran Somalia hill
Bur Meldac Somalia hill
Bur Merer Somalia hill
Bur Merero Somalia hill
Bur Midgan Somalia hill
Bur Mogolo Somalia hill
Bur Mohorro Somalia mountain
Bur Muduleu Somalia hill
Bur Mudulow Somalia hill
Bur Mufale Somalia mountain
Bur Mugdile Somalia hill
Bur Naag Somalia mountain
Bur Nasable Somalia hill
Bur Nohle Somalia mountain
Bur Ohojale Somalia mountain
Bur Oiun Garone Somalia hill
Bur Ojun Garone Somalia hill
Bur Ololob Somalia hill
Bur Omoh Diherin Somalia hill
Bur Rahole Somalia hill
Bur Ramagalo Somalia hill
Bur Riafonleh Somalia mountain
Bur Rorti Ali Gis Somalia hill
Bur Salauein Somalia mountain
Bur Samesa Der Somalia hill
Bur Samhamdu Somalia hill
Bur Scebel Somalia hill
Bur Scebel Somalia hills
Bur Scel Ass Somalia hill
Bur Scevelli Somalia hill
Bur Sciarcadol Somalia hill
Bur Scimbirale Somalia mountain
Bur Scirscirre Somalia hill
Bur Sciunle Somalia mountain
Bur Shen Gilb Somalia mountain
Bur Sher Gib Somalia mountain
Bur Shunle Somalia mountain
Bur Sus Somalia hill
Bur Taganei Somalia hill
Bur Tibaccal Somalia hill
Bur Tidi Somalia hill
Bur Tilal Somalia hill
Bur Tinle Somalia hill
Bur Tinle Somalia mountain
Bur Tos Somalia hill
Bur Tug Somalia mountain
Bur Tugh Somalia mountain
Bur Tugo Somalia hill
Bur Tule Somalia hill
Bur Uacab Gudud Somalia hill
Bur Uach Dore Somalia hill
Bur Uama Iere Somalia mountains
Bur Uar Benli Somalia hill
Bur Uara u lehel Somalia hill
Bur Uarabale Somalia mountain
Bur Uargiadi Somalia hill
Bur Udalei Somalia mountain
Bur Ueb Somalia hill
Bur Ueren Somalia hill
Bur Ugfa Somalia mountain
Bur Ulenle Somalia mountain
Bur Uleule Somalia mountain
Bur Waba Somalia mountain
Bur Wadal Somalia hills
Bur Waraabo Somalia hill
Bur Wawa Somalia mountain
Bur Wein Somalia mountain
Bur Xalul Somalia locality
Bur Zehan Somalia hill
Bur Zehan Somalia hill
Bur Ziave Somalia hill
Bur-i Manga Somalia hills
Bur-ta Habarta Somalia mountain
Bur-ti Baccal Somalia hill
Bura Dheer Somalia locality
Bura Dheer Somalia water hole
Bura Somalia populated place
Bura Somalia wadi
Buraale Somalia populated place
Buraan Somalia populated place
Buraan Somalia wadi
Burader Somalia populated place
Buradleh Somalia well
Burado Somalia well
Burakha Shabellou Somalia hills
Burale Xaydh Somalia mountain
Buramo Boorama Somalia populated place
Buran Somalia populated place
Buran Somalia wadi
Burao Kibir Somalia locality
Burao Somalia first-order administrative division
Burao Somalia seat of a first-order administrative division
Buraokibir Somalia populated place
Burarcas Somalia locality
Burburgal Somalia hill
Burca Guduud Somalia hill
Burca Kibir Somalia locality
Burcaanlay Somalia locality
Burco Wanaagsan Somalia locality
Burco Somalia seat of a first-order administrative division
Burcoodinle Somalia sand area
Burcosera Somalia populated place
Burdar Somalia hill
Burdeere Somalia populated place
Burdere Somalia populated place
Burdharaareed Somalia locality
Burdho Somalia water hole
Burdi Somalia locality
Burdi Somalia wadi
Burdo Somalia water hole
Burehe Somalia wadi
Burey Mannas Somalia populated place
Burey Mannas Somalia populated locality
Burey Mannas Somalia populated locality
Burfule Somalia populated place
Burfule Somalia populated place
Burfule Somalia populated place
Burfuul Somalia populated place
Burfuule Somalia populated place
Burgaan Somalia locality
Burgaan Somalia populated place
Burgai Somalia locality
Burgal' Somalia peninsula
Burgao Somalia populated place
Burgao Somalia populated place
Burhakaba Somalia populated place
Burhiso Somalia mountain
Buri Ad Somalia well
Buri Ayle Somalia island
Buri Somalia pond
Buri Somalia water hole
Burjuma Dheen Somalia wadi
Burka Dhuuroolo Somalia hill
Burka Giibi Somalia populated place
Burka Qorta-Weinle Somalia area
Burkaan Somalia wadi
Burkaweina Somalia mountains
Burlaas Somalia well
Burlaz Somalia well
Burnado Somalia plain
Burnt Island Somalia island
Buro Cheliot Somalia hill
Buro Dar Somalia hill
Buro Ua Uein Somalia hill
Buro Ua Uen Somalia hill
Buro Somalia populated place
Buro Somalia populated place
Burogi Somalia populated place
Burqabaale Somalia locality
Burqo Somalia locality
Burr Somalia hill
Burrari Ardo Somalia well
Burscien Hot Somalia water hole
Burshinle Somalia locality
Buruc Somalia populated place
Buruuji Somalia populated place
Burwein Somalia mountain
Bus Somalia populated place
Busaar Somalia hill
Busaar Somalia pond
Busaar Somalia populated place
Busc Somalia stream
Buscbusc Somalia populated place
Bush Somalia hill
Bushbush Somalia stream
Bushbush Somalia well
Buska Somalia locality
Buska Somalia water hole
Busla Somalia locality
Busleey Somalia pond
Busleey Somalia populated place
Busleey Somalia populated locality
Busleey Somalia populated locality
Busleey Somalia populated locality
Buslei Somalia monument
Buslei Somalia populated place
Buslei Somalia populated place
Buslei Somalia populated place
Busley Somalia locality
Busley Somalia locality
Busley Somalia populated place
Busley Somalia populated place
Busley Somalia populated place
Busley Somalia populated place
Busley Somalia populated place
Busley Somalia populated place
Busley Somalia populated place
Busley Somalia populated place
Busley Somalia populated place
Buslow Somalia locality
Buslow Somalia populated place
Bussul Somalia well
Busta Somalia mountains
Busti Buuraha Somalia mountains
Busti Somalia mountains
Bustoole Somalia populated place
Butaweyne Somalia area
Butije Somalia area
Butijeh Somalia area
Butiji Somalia area
Butiyaalo Somalia inlet
Butiyaalo Somalia populated place
Buto Somalia wadi
Butta Somalia wadi
Buttaale Somalia locality
Butur Somalia wadi
Buubis Somalia populated place
Buudaal Somalia wadi
Buufo Danada Somalia populated place
Buufow Somalia populated place
Buuhoodle Somalia populated place
Buukoh Somalia populated place
Buul Cumur Somalia water hole
Buul Gaabo Somalia water hole
Buul Galoole Somalia populated place
Buul Somalia wadi
Buulaal Somalia populated place
Buulallow Somalia populated place
Buulayaal Somalia well
Buulcaas Somalia populated place
Buulle Somalia populated place
Buullo Marer Somalia populated place
Buullow Somalia populated place
Buulo Aas Somalia populated place
Buulo Afrax Somalia populated place
Buulo Amiin Somalia populated place
Buulo Balley Somalia populated place
Buulo Bardheere Somalia populated place
Buulo Barwaaqo Somalia well
Buulo Berde Somalia populated place
Buulo Bilaan Somalia populated place
Buulo Bille Somalia hill
Buulo Brudow Somalia pond
Buulo Bullow Somalia populated place
Buulo Burte Somalia populated place
Buulo Cabdi Somalia populated place
Buulo Cigalle Somalia populated place
Buulo Daaraf Somalia populated place
Buulo Dhaaya Somalia populated place
Buulo Dheer Somalia populated place
Buulo Dhenforur Somalia populated place
Buulo Dooday Somalia populated place
Buulo Duff Somalia populated place
Buulo Edeega Somalia populated place
Buulo Eelay Somalia populated place
Buulo Fajir Somalia populated place
Buulo Feermo Somalia populated place
Buulo Fulaay Somalia populated place
Buulo Ganaay Somalia populated place
Buulo Garas Somalia populated place
Buulo Garas Somalia populated place
Buulo Guduud Somalia populated place
Buulo Guduud Somalia populated place
Buulo Guduud Somalia populated place
Buulo Guduud Somalia populated locality
Buulo Gurundhow Somalia populated place
Buulo Hanyow Somalia populated place
Buulo Kuraari Somalia populated place
Buulo Macalim Somalia populated place
Buulo Macallim Somalia populated place
Buulo Madina Somalia populated place
Buulo Makiino Somalia populated place
Buulo Mareer Somalia populated place
Buulo Mareer Somalia populated place
Buulo Mareerto Somalia populated place
Buulo Mareertoi Somalia populated place
Buulo Maxamuud Aadan Somalia populated place
Buulo Mintaan Somalia populated place
Buulo Mintaan Somalia section of populated place
Buulo Moobleen Somalia populated place
Buulo Nasiib Somalia populated place
Buulo Noofe Somalia populated place
Buulo Obliko Somalia populated place
Buulo Oon Jirre Somalia populated place
Buulo Qalaf Somalia populated place
Buulo Reer Shiikh Cabdulle Somalia populated place
Buulo Risqi Somalia populated place
Buulo Sabar Somalia populated place
Buulo Shanta Somalia populated place
Buulo Shiikh Somalia populated place
Buulo Subto Somalia populated place
Buulo Togoro Somalia populated place
Buulo Uusla Somalia populated place
Buulo Warabe Somalia populated place
Buulo Warbe Somalia populated place
Buulo Warbo Somalia populated place
Buulo Warriiray Somalia populated place
Buulo Weyn Somalia estate
Buulo Xaaji Somalia populated place
Buulo Xaawiyow Somalia populated place
Buulo Xarar Somalia locality
Buulo Xasanow Somalia populated place
Buulo Yuusuf Somalia populated place
Buulo Somalia populated place
Buulo Somalia populated place
Buulo-Jannaay Somalia populated place
Buulobarde Somalia populated place
Buulocade Somalia locality
Buulohilowle Somalia populated place
Buuloole Somalia locality
Buuloxareed Somalia well
Buuntille Somalia swamp
Buuq Somalia well
Buur Abaarso Somalia mountain
Buur Abooto Somalia hill
Buur Afar Somalia hill
Buur Afuugle Somalia locality
Buur Anole Somalia hill
Buur Araaris Somalia hill
Buur Aroosyo Somalia hill
Buur Awordil Somalia mountain
Buur Baali Somalia hill
Buur Baan Somalia populated place
Buur Badeed Abooltooyo Somalia bank
Buur Bakale Somalia hill
Buur Bakaley Somalia hill
Buur Bakhti Weyn Somalia locality
Buur Balkooley Somalia hill
Buur Barbarcad Somalia locality
Buur Barowe Somalia hill
Buur Basle Somalia populated place
Buur Beere Somalia hill
Buur Bilcile Somalia hill
Buur Bill Cill Wareery Somalia hill
Buur Biniinbaale Somalia hill
Buur Bitaale Somalia hill
Buur Boobtaan Somalia hill
Buur Bukuur Somalia hill
Buur Caag Buuli Somalia hill
Buur Caanood Somalia hill
Buur Caanood Somalia mountain
Buur Cabaaddheer Somalia mountain
Buur Cabdi Ramoole Somalia hill
Buur Cad Somalia hill
Buur Cad Somalia hill
Buur Cadde Somalia populated place
Buur Caddey Somalia populated place
Buur Caddin Somalia hill
Buur Cado Somalia locality
Buur Cado Somalia well
Buur Cadooy Somalia mountain
Buur Cagwiyille Somalia mountain
Buur Caider Somalia hill
Buur Canood Somalia mountain
Buur Caro Somalia hill
Buur Ceel Gululuc Somalia hill
Buur Ceenya Saar Somalia hill
Buur Cowsguduudle Somalia mountain
Buur Cusbo Somalia hill
Buur Dab Somalia mountains
Buur Daban Fiidshe Somalia dune
Buur Dabdheer Somalia hill
Buur Dacar Somalia hill
Buur Dameek Somalia well
Buur Dameer Somalia mountain
Buur Dameerlays Somalia hill
Buur Deddan Somalia hill
Buur Deero Somalia locality
Buur Deero Somalia locality
Buur Degeb Somalia hill
Buur Dhaab Somalia mountains
Buur Dhabar Somalia hill
Buur Dhaber Somalia mountain
Buur Dhajis Somalia populated place
Buur Dhaxanley Somalia locality
Buur Dheem Xiito Somalia hill
Buur Dheer Xarshow Somalia hill
Buur Dheer Somalia hill
Buur Dheer Somalia hill
Buur Dheere Somalia populated place
Buur Dheere Somalia well
Buur Dheere Somalia hills
Buur Dhijis Somalia populated place
Buur Dhijis Somalia populated locality
Buur Dhir Rimaadle Somalia hill
Buur Dhitile Somalia hill
Buur Dhoftille Somalia hill
Buur Dhoofa Somalia hill
Buur Dhubbato Somalia mountain
Buur Dhuxun Doco Somalia hills
Buur Dhuxun Tuddi Somalia locality
Buur Dhuxunle Somalia populated place
Buur Doofaar Somalia hill
Buur Dubur Somalia hill
Buur Durlale Somalia mountain
Buur Duur Somalia mountain
Buur Ellaadhe Somalia hill
Buur Faafgumare Somalia hill
Buur Faro Somalia hills
Buur Fasaxaale Somalia hill
Buur Finyo Somalia mountain
Buur Fuul Somalia populated place
Buur Fuule Somalia populated place
Buur Fuule Somalia populated place
Buur Gaaban Somalia populated place
Buur Gaabo Somalia populated place
Buur Gaabo Somalia stream
Buur Gaabo Somalia bay
Buur Gaajo Somalia locality
Buur Gaal Somalia mountain
Buur Gaala Karoor Somalia locality
Buur Gabrare Somalia hill
Buur Gadhmoohle Somalia hill
Buur Gaduud Somalia populated place
Buur Gal Waay Somalia hill
Buur Galimaysle Somalia well
Buur Garweyne Somalia hill
Buur Gasle Somalia hill
Buur Gassle Somalia mountain
Buur Gavo Somalia hill
Buur Geelwanaaje Somalia mountain
Buur Geri Somalia hill
Buur Geydinie Somalia hill
Buur Geydinle Somalia hill
Buur Ghellei Somalia hill
Buur Gool Somalia hill
Buur Goray Somalia hill
Buur Gorey Somalia hill
Buur Guduud Somalia locality
Buur Guduud Somalia hill
Buur Guduud Somalia hill
Buur Guduudo Somalia hill
Buur Gumar Somalia hill
Buur Gunbri Somalia hill
Buur Gunburo Somalia mountain
Buur Habaw Waalan Somalia rock
Buur Hakkaba Somalia populated place
Buur Halab Somalia populated place
Buur Hanqaroole Somalia hill
Buur Haybe Somalia populated place
Buur Heerad Somalia hill
Buur Heybo Somalia populated place
Buur Howla Somalia island
Buur Hul Garaar Somalia hill
Buur Ina Qarboosh Somalia hill
Buur Jab Somalia wadi
Buur Jabay Somalia hill
Buur Jifaale Somalia hill
Buur Koy Somalia populated place
Buur Kumeersan Somalia mountain
Buur Kundhow Somalia locality
Buur Kurus Somalia hill
Buur Kuulow Somalia populated place
Buur Labaqarbidle Somalia hill
Buur Lama Degaan Somalia hill
Buur Leego Somalia hill
Buur Libaax Somalia hills
Buur Libaax Somalia hill
Buur Madax Wiyileed Somalia hill
Buur Madow Somalia locality
Buur Mayraale Somalia water hole
Buur Midgaan Somalia hill
Buur Muufaale Somalia mountain
Buur Muun Somalia hill
Buur Nasa Hablood Somalia mountain
Buur Oorastoob Somalia hill
Buur Qaadiyo Somalia hill
Buur Qodhi Somalia locality
Buur Qodhi Somalia hill
Buur Qoorgaab Somalia hill
Buur Raariile Somalia mountain
Buur Salaan Yare Somalia hill
Buur Salamdi Somalia hill
Buur Salauen Somalia mountain
Buur Samarole Somalia populated place
Buur Samaroole Somalia populated place
Buur Samays Somalia mountain
Buur Sararka Dulweyne Somalia cliff
Buur Shallowdheere Somalia mountain
Buur Shiid Somalia dune
Buur Shuun Somalia rock
Buur Shuunle Somalia mountain
Buur Tabantaab Somalia hill
Buur Ticiye Somalia wadi
Buur Tiflay Somalia locality
Buur Tilal Somalia hill
Buur Ugur Somalia hill
Buur Wabeyna Somalia hill
Buur Waddi Somalia water hole
Buur Waraabaley Somalia hill
Buur Waraaje Somalia hill
Buur Warajo Somalia hill
Buur Were Somalia hill
Buur Weyn Somalia locality
Buur Weyn Somalia populated place
Buur Xaano Somalia populated place
Buur Xaaxi Somalia hill
Buur Xagakur Somalia hill
Buur Xagar Somalia hill
Buur Xajiin Somalia mountain
Buur Xambi Agaflo Somalia mountain
Buur Xannan Somalia hill
Buur Xaraw Somalia populated place
Buur Xaraw Somalia hill
Buur Xasan Axmed Somalia hill
Buur Xin Somalia hill
Buur Xoosh Somalia hill
Buur Yaray Somalia hill
Buur Yarey Somalia hill
Buura Guduuday Somalia water hole
Buurah Beelyo Somalia mountains
Buuraha Aadan Birkaan Somalia mountains
Buuraha Aas Somalia hills
Buuraha Abaar Maag Somalia mountains
Buuraha Abaar Moog Somalia hills
Buuraha Abeelyo Somalia mountains
Buuraha Abeesalay Somalia hills
Buuraha Adeeryaale Somalia hills
Buuraha Adeeryaale Somalia mountains
Buuraha Adhi Boob Somalia hills
Buuraha Afaaro Somalia dune
Buuraha Afdugweyne Somalia mountains
Buuraha Alacad Somalia mountains
Buuraha Alam Iaadeed Somalia hills
Buuraha Aloog Somalia mountains
Buuraha Anjeela Somalia mountains
Buuraha Annayo Somalia hills
Buuraha Arabenle Somalia hills
Buuraha Araweelo Somalia hills
Buuraha Aroor Barde Somalia hills
Buuraha Aroor Somalia mountains
Buuraha Aroorkuda Somalia mountains
Buuraha Arooroob Somalia mountains
Buuraha Aroorseel Somalia mountains
Buuraha Awordil Somalia mountains
Buuraha Baar Madoobe Somalia hills
Buuraha Badeet Somalia mountains
Buuraha Badhi Gudud Somalia hills
Buuraha Bahale Somalia mountains
Buuraha Bar Ganni Somalia hills
Buuraha Bara Qurun Somalia hills
Buuraha Baraarboob Somalia hills
Buuraha Bardasaare Somalia mountains
Buuraha Bari Cad Somalia mountains
Buuraha Barka Hager Somalia mountains
Buuraha Basa Jibis Somalia hills
Buuraha Beliyo Subko Somalia mountains
Buuraha Biida Somalia mountains
Buuraha Bobole Somalia escarpment
Buuraha Bood Booda Somalia ridge
Buuraha Booli Diido Somalia hills
Buuraha Booramo Somalia mountains
Buuraha Bosaskacad Somalia mountains
Buuraha Bukurxura Somalia mountains
Buuraha Buur Cadher Somalia hills
Buuraha Buur Dabow Shille Somalia hills
Buuraha Buur Kacsan Somalia mountain
Buuraha Buur-Caanood Somalia mountains
Buuraha Buurcad Somalia hills
Buuraha Buurmadow Somalia mountains
Buuraha Buursagaar Somalia hills
Buuraha Caad Somalia hills
Buuraha Caado Somalia mountains
Buuraha Caal Raqar Somalia hills
Buuraha Caano Dhowe Somalia mountains
Buuraha Caanood Somalia mountains
Buuraha Cabaara Somalia mountains
Buuraha Cabaydh Somalia mountains
Buuraha Cadcadde Somalia hill
Buuraha Caddimemet Somalia mountains
Buuraha Cagasur Somalia mountains
Buuraha Cago Wiyileed Somalia hills
Buuraha Cal Eryo Somalia mountains
Buuraha Cal Madow Somalia mountains
Buuraha Cal Miskaat Somalia mountains
Buuraha Calween Somalia mountains
Buuraha Cansharaarad Somalia mountains
Buuraha Carabiyaha Somalia hills
Buuraha Caraqoolaab Somalia hills
Buuraha Carmo Somalia mountains
Buuraha Caroweyn Somalia hills
Buuraha Carro Gaduudsho Somalia hills
Buuraha Carro Somalia hills
Buuraha Cartalla Somalia hills
Buuraha Casa Furle Somalia hills
Buuraha Case Somalia mountains
Buuraha Cassa Somalia mountains
Buuraha Ceel Afweyn Somalia mountains
Buuraha Ceel Maraale Somalia hills
Buuraha Ceeryaan Somalia mountains
Buuraha Ciidley Somalia hills
Buuraha Ciin Somalia mountains
Buuraha Daalaale Somalia mountains
Buuraha Daalo Somalia mountains
Buuraha Daaso Somalia hills
Buuraha Daay Somalia hills
Buuraha Daba Labi Somalia mountains
Buuraha Daba Mugured Somalia mountains
Buuraha Daba Salweyn Somalia mountains
Buuraha Dabaan Somalia mountains
Buuraha Dabataalo Somalia mountains
Buuraha Dabdheer Somalia mountains
Buuraha Dabdheer Somalia mountains
Buuraha Dabdheero Somalia hills
Buuraha Dabo Somalia mountains
Buuraha Dacaar Somalia hills
Buuraha Dacarre Somalia hills
Buuraha Dagaamil Somalia mountains
Buuraha Damar Somalia mountains
Buuraha Dambasa Somalia mountains
Buuraha Danfure Somalia ridge
Buuraha Dangudban Somalia mountains
Buuraha Daralay Somalia hills
Buuraha Daraycadde Somalia ridge
Buuraha Dawole Somalia hills
Buuraha Dayeerre Somalia mountains
Buuraha Dhaadheere Somalia mountains
Buuraha Dhababoob Somalia mountain
Buuraha Dhabansaar Somalia hills
Buuraha Dhabar Mamac Somalia hills
Buuraha Dhabardalool Somalia hills
Buuraha Dhabarro Somalia hills
Buuraha Dhabiyo Somalia mountains
Buuraha Dhabiyo Somalia mountains
Buuraha Dhadhab Somalia mountains
Buuraha Dhadhihwaraabe Somalia hills
Buuraha Dhagaxgurguur Somalia hills
Buuraha Dhagaxma Somalia mountains
Buuraha Dhakabweyne Somalia mountains
Buuraha Dhaqane Somalia mountains
Buuraha Dharab Somalia hills
Buuraha Dharable Somalia mountains
Buuraha Dhariyo Somalia mountains
Buuraha Dhasa Godgod Somalia hill
Buuraha Dhaxsi Somalia hill
Buuraha Dheefdaryare Somalia hills
Buuraha Dheefo Somalia mountains
Buuraha Dhehle Somalia mountains
Buuraha Dhexroor Somalia mountains
Buuraha Dhibi Adad Somalia mountains
Buuraha Dhidhin Boocle Somalia mountains
Buuraha Dhooya Somalia mountains
Buuraha Dhudhu Somalia mountains
Buuraha Dhukukulo Somalia mountains
Buuraha Dhuudjmo Somalia hills
Buuraha Dhuuro Somalia escarpment
Buuraha Dibqarax Somalia hills
Buuraha Digdige Somalia hills
Buuraha Dinowlehe Somalia mountains
Buuraha Diroobo Somalia mountains
Buuraha Dobano Somalia hills
Buuraha Dubar Somalia mountain
Buuraha Duberi Somalia hills
Buuraha Dubino Somalia mountains
Buuraha Duburaha Somalia hills
Buuraha Dul Dhexaad Somalia mountains
Buuraha Dul Go'eed Somalia hills
Buuraha Dulaandul Somalia mountains
Buuraha Dulcaloolo Somalia hills
Buuraha Duldheexad Somalia mountains
Buuraha Dulgarra Somalia mountains
Buuraha Dulmadoobe Somalia hills
Buuraha Duuda Somalia dune
Buuraha Duudodoh Somalia hills
Buuraha Duula Gaduud Somalia hills
Buuraha Eeriile Somalia mountains
Buuraha Exdad Somalia ridge
Buuraha Faan Weyn Somalia hill
Buuraha Faaraxyo Somalia hills
Buuraha Fadhisame Somalia mountains
Buuraha Faliya Somalia mountain
Buuraha Farguudle Somalia ridge
Buuraha Farjicanyo Somalia hills
Buuraha Faro Somalia hills
Buuraha Farseeray Somalia hills
Buuraha Farseeray Somalia hills
Buuraha Farseeray Somalia hills
Buuraha Farwanaag Somalia mountains
Buuraha Fergorad Somalia mountains
Buuraha Feryo Somalia mountains
Buuraha Furi Somalia mountain
Buuraha Gaal Weyne Somalia hills
Buuraha Gaalkudhal Somalia hills
Buuraha Gabidheer Somalia hills
Buuraha Gabiibtiro Somalia hills
Buuraha Gaboobe Somalia mountains
Buuraha Gacanlibaax Somalia mountains
Buuraha Gadaare Somalia mountains
Buuraha Gahaydhle Somalia hills
Buuraha Gal Dhufaan Somalia mountains
Buuraha Gal Shiikh Somalia mountains
Buuraha Galfay Somalia hills
Buuraha Galgodon Somalia mountains
Buuraha Galool Somalia ridge
Buuraha Garab Cado Somalia hills
Buuraha Garab Somalia mountains
Buuraha Garab Somalia mountains
Buuraha Garabaad Somalia hills
Buuraha Garabcad Somalia mountains
Buuraha Garabka Jid Saalax Somalia hills
Buuraha Garabka Jid Saallax Somalia hills
Buuraha Garbacad Somalia hills
Buuraha Garbaddiir Somalia mountains
Buuraha Garcaale Somalia hills
Buuraha Garon Somalia hills
Buuraha Gayraar Somalia mountains
Buuraha Geedkaynadiide Somalia hills
Buuraha Geedmaraale Somalia mountains
Buuraha Geel Wanaaje Somalia mountains
Buuraha Geelcas Somalia mountains
Buuraha Geeso Gibi Somalia mountains
Buuraha Girdi Somalia mountains
Buuraha Girni Somalia mountains
Buuraha Gocondhaweyne Somalia hills
Buuraha God Waraabe Somalia hills
Buuraha Godgal Somalia hills
Buuraha Godmurkuc Somalia hills
Buuraha Godob Somalia mountains
Buuraha Godobay Somalia hills
Buuraha Gol Cali Gari Somalia hills
Buuraha Golweyn Somalia hills
Buuraha Goosanka Juft Somalia hills
Buuraha Goosanka Jufta Somalia hills
Buuraha Gubad Xaar Somalia hills
Buuraha Gubajada Somalia mountains
Buuraha Gubane Somalia mountains
Buuraha Gubane Somalia mountains
Buuraha Gubbo Faatoxo Somalia hills
Buuraha Gubboweyn Somalia hills
Buuraha Gubboweyn Somalia hills
Buuraha Gudhmaan Somalia hills
Buuraha Gudledar Somalia mountains
Buuraha Guduuddan Somalia mountains
Buuraha Guldheero Somalia hills
Buuraha Guri Cal Somalia mountains
Buuraha Guur Naab Somalia ridge
Buuraha Haar Cad Somalia mountains
Buuraha Habeeno Somalia mountains
Buuraha Hagabo Somalia mountains
Buuraha Hagare Somalia mountains
Buuraha Hal Yeelo Somalia hills
Buuraha Hawraartiro Somalia mountains
Buuraha Higlo Somalia mountains
Buuraha Hilo Ari Somalia hills
Buuraha Himirta Somalia hills
Buuraha Hiris Somalia hills
Buuraha Hiyilka Somalia dune
Buuraha Hiyilka Somalia dune
Buuraha Hog Somalia mountains
Buuraha Hooda Somalia mountains
Buuraha Hoolin Somalia escarpment
Buuraha Hulciinle Somalia hills
Buuraha Hunbeyle Somalia mountains
Buuraha Hursela Somalia mountains
Buuraha Iidle Adhi Somalia mountains
Buuraha Il-Hagar Somalia hills
Buuraha Ir Baar Somalia hills
Buuraha Iridda Alaji Somalia mountains
Buuraha Jabane Somalia hills
Buuraha Jafan Cadayo Somalia hills
Buuraha Jerey Somalia mountains
Buuraha Jexaad Somalia mountains
Buuraha Jid Caro Somalia ridge
Buuraha Jid Carro Somalia ridge
Buuraha Jidbannaan Somalia mountains
Buuraha Jifo Uuray Somalia hills
Buuraha Jiiroon Somalia ridge
Buuraha Jirar Somalia hills
Buuraha Jirba Somalia mountains
Buuraha Jirta Boorya Gooryaale Somalia mountains
Buuraha Jirta Galdeys Somalia mountains
Buuraha Kabaqoslay Somalia mountains
Buuraha Kago Somalia hills
Buuraha Kalagud Somalia hills
Buuraha Kalooba Somalia mountains
Buuraha Kar Kar Somalia hills
Buuraha Karaadh Somalia mountains
Buuraha Karam Somalia mountains
Buuraha Karimo Somalia hills
Buuraha Karimo Somalia mountains
Buuraha Karin Reer Lamamarshan Somalia hills
Buuraha Karin Somalia hills
Buuraha Karingorfood Somalia hills
Buuraha Kidiile Somalia hills
Buuraha Kiridh Somalia hills
Buuraha Kirmo Somalia mountains
Buuraha Kooray Somalia mountains
Buuraha Kudurdhuus Somalia mountains
Buuraha Kulaale Somalia hills
Buuraha Kuredka Somalia hills
Buuraha Laaleys Somalia hills
Buuraha Laamaloosh Somalia hills
Buuraha Laandhoqan Somalia hills
Buuraha Laaqbaar Somalia hills
Buuraha Laas Deero Somalia hills
Buuraha Laba Afle Somalia hills
Buuraha Laba Doorato Somalia hills
Buuraha Laba Suradle Somalia hills
Buuraha Labaa Somalia mountains
Buuraha Labadhaban Somalia hills
Buuraha Labagawrac Somalia hills
Buuraha Lamadago Somalia hills
Buuraha Laqaas Somalia mountains
Buuraha Lashiidha Somalia hills
Buuraha Libaaxley Somalia mountains
Buuraha Libaaxley Somalia mountains
Buuraha Lo'aad Somalia mountains
Buuraha Maango Somalia hills
Buuraha Mad Dhabi Somalia hills
Buuraha Madheedhlay Somalia hills
Buuraha Madheedho Somalia mountains
Buuraha Magool Somalia hills
Buuraha Mamac Gaaban Somalia hills
Buuraha Maneecooyin Somalia hills
Buuraha Maraale Somalia mountains
Buuraha Maranmeeri Somalia hills
Buuraha Mareer Somalia mountains
Buuraha Markableey Somalia hills
Buuraha Marmaregle Somalia mountains
Buuraha Marsin Somalia mountains
Buuraha Masaareeye Somalia dune
Buuraha Masloho Somalia ridge
Buuraha Maydhasaar Somalia ridge
Buuraha Miriye Somalia mountains
Buuraha Mogoro Somalia mountains
Buuraha Moxor Sooro Somalia mountains
Buuraha Muucules Somalia mountains
Buuraha Naasahablood Somalia hills
Buuraha Nacag Somalia mountain
Buuraha Num Idow Somalia dune
Buuraha Odayo Somalia hills
Buuraha Oodla Somalia hills
Buuraha Qaaqul Somalia hills
Buuraha Qaari Somalia hills
Buuraha Qaax Somalia mountains
Buuraha Qacab Somalia ridge
Buuraha Qalalow Somalia mountains
Buuraha Qamaadin Somalia mountains
Buuraha Qansax Somalia hills
Buuraha Qansaxley Somalia hills
Buuraha Qarsaarow Somalia hills
Buuraha Qaw Qaw Saare Somalia mountains
Buuraha Qayraah Somalia hills
Buuraha Qolqol Xabbo Somalia hills
Buuraha Qool Somalia ridge
Buuraha Qoow Somalia hills
Buuraha Qormooyin Somalia hills
Buuraha Qorof Somalia hills
Buuraha Qoton Kulaala Somalia hills
Buuraha Qudhacjiir Somalia hills
Buuraha Qulquul Shubal Somalia mountains
Buuraha Qurdacawo Somalia hills
Buuraha Quufle Somalia mountains
Buuraha Raamo Shabeel Somalia mountains
Buuraha Raamoshalimay Somalia hills
Buuraha Raasane Somalia mountains
Buuraha Reebi Somalia hills
Buuraha Sabardheero Somalia mountains
Buuraha Sabarro Somalia hills
Buuraha Sabawanaag Somalia hills
Buuraha Saddexfarmood Somalia hills
Buuraha Salaad Weerar Somalia hills
Buuraha Salal Maco Somalia hills
Buuraha Saldhabe Somalia hills
Buuraha Saley Somalia mountains
Buuraha Salla Cibraan Somalia hills
Buuraha Samaadka Taagan Somalia mountains
Buuraha Sanlibow Somalia mountains
Buuraha Sanweyne Somalia mountains
Buuraha Sardheer Somalia mountains
Buuraha Sarta Xarinka Somalia hills
Buuraha Sarti Goofo Somalia hills
Buuraha Shabeello Somalia hill
Buuraha Shabeellow Somalia hills
Buuraha Shabeelow Somalia hills
Buuraha Shaf Googe Somalia hills
Buuraha Shaleyley Somalia hills
Buuraha Shamad Somalia mountains
Buuraha Shanta Somalia hills
Buuraha Shesheho Somalia mountain
Buuraha Shiilcad Somalia ridge
Buuraha Shiilowmadow Somalia mountains
Buuraha Shilomadow Somalia mountains
Buuraha Shimbiraale Somalia mountain
Buuraha Siigdoor Somalia mountains
Buuraha Singalay Somalia mountains
Buuraha Siraadley Somalia mountains
Buuraha Sumodi Somalia mountains
Buuraha Suradle Somalia mountains
Buuraha Surud Cad Somalia mountains
Buuraha Surud Mado Somalia mountains
Buuraha Surud Madow Somalia mountains
Buuraha Suugaale Somalia mountains
Buuraha Tabca Somalia mountains
Buuraha Urgumo Somalia hills
Buuraha Waamo Yarey Somalia mountains
Buuraha Wadal Somalia hills
Buuraha Wadamago Somalia hills
Buuraha Wagar Somalia mountains
Buuraha Wakab Somalia hills
Buuraha Waraabaale Somalia mountains
Buuraha Waraabakayar Somalia mountains
Buuraha Warabaley Somalia hills
Buuraha Warcilaan Somalia hills
Buuraha Wisisha Somalia mountains
Buuraha Xaabaale Somalia mountains
Buuraha Xabaal Qabad Somalia mountains
Buuraha Xabal Reeran Somalia hills
Buuraha Xadhan Somalia hills
Buuraha Xagare Somalia mountains
Buuraha Xagrin Somalia hills
Buuraha Xaliimododheer Somalia mountains
Buuraha Xamar Somalia hills
Buuraha Xamaro Somalia hills
Buuraha Xamaroy Somalia mountains
Buuraha Xayid Somalia mountains
Buuraha Xaysimo Dhirow Somalia mountains
Buuraha Xaysimo Somalia mountains
Buuraha Xaysimo Somalia mountains
Buuraha Xeedho Somalia escarpment
Buuraha Xero Warsangeli Somalia mountains
Buuraha Xidhgalool Somalia hills
Buuraha Xidideley Somalia hills
Buuraha Xogfaras Somalia mountains
Buuraha Xonkod Somalia mountains
Buuraha Xoogidaad Somalia mountains
Buuraha Xoorweyne Somalia mountains
Buuraha Xulaaya Somalia hills
Buuraha Xundhur Gaal Somalia mountains
Buuraha Xuruyo Somalia hill
Buuraha Xuseen Somalia mountains
Buuraha Yiroowe Somalia hills
Buurane Somalia populated place
Buuray Shunle Somalia populated place
Buuray Shunle Somalia mountain
Buurbiciid Somalia hill
Buurbishaaro Somalia populated place
Buurcada Geedcadadeed Somalia locality
Buurdheer Somalia populated place
Buurdheere Somalia hill
Buurdo Somalia water hole
Buurfule Somalia populated place
Buurfuule Somalia area
Buurfuule Somalia populated place
Buurfuule Somalia populated place
Buurgaal Somalia peninsula
Buurgasle Somalia locality
Buurhakaba Somalia populated place
Buuri Caile Somalia island
Buuri Calle Somalia island
Buurka Cana Xarer Somalia locality
Buurka Ceele Somalia well
Buurka Dhuunyocoot Somalia hills
Buurka Dhuuroolo Somalia hill
Buurka Qoortaweyne Somalia area
Buurka Weyn Somalia water hole
Buurka Somalia populated place
Buurki Doocoled Somalia hill
Buuro Bahale Somalia populated place
Buuro Barbar Cad Somalia hills
Buuro Cadaawe Somalia locality
Buuro Faashiro Somalia area
Buuro Jeerin Somalia hills
Buuro Magacleh Somalia locality
Buuro Tarrooxaad Somalia hills
Buuro Tiinle Somalia locality
Buuro Xeero Gorayo Somalia hills
Buurodiidow Somalia locality
Buurodiidow Somalia wadi
Buurow Muge Somalia wadi
Buurraska Somalia shoal
Buursagaar Somalia locality
Buursagaar Somalia wadi
Buurta Cad Somalia point
Buurweyn Somalia locality
Buuryaqab Somalia populated place
Buuryo Qabo Somalia hills
Buuska Somalia locality
Buuska Somalia water hole
Buusleey Somalia populated place
Buux Haliil Somalia wadi
Buux Haliil Somalia well
Buuxiso Somalia mountain
Buuxow Somalia populated place
Buwein Somalia mountain

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