Tel `Ali - Tel'kany - Geographical Names, map, geographic coordinates

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Country Feature class
Tel `Ali Iraq hill
Tel `Alil Israel ruin
Tel `Allush Syria populated place
Tel `Amal Israel populated place
Tel `Arad Israel ancient site
Tel `Artal Israel ancient site
Tel `Asfur Iraq abandoned populated place
Tel `Avdon Israel ruin
Tel `Azeqa Israel ancient site
Tel `Ebre Iraq locality
Tel `Eiton Israel ancient site
Tel `Eli Iraq populated place
Tel `En Hadda Israel mound
Tel `Erani Israel ancient site
Tel `Eter Israel mound
Tel `Eton Israel ancient site
Tel `Ewad Iraq populated place
Tel `Eziz Iraq populated place
Tel `Irit Israel mound
Tel `Umr Iraq hill
Tel `Umran Iraq hill
Tel Abou Jerade Syria hill
Tel Abu `Aqarab Iraq hill
Tel Abu al Tabul al Kabir Iraq hill
Tel Abu Dhahir Iraq populated place
Tel Abu Enmeda Syria hill
Tel Abu Fahad Iraq locality
Tel Abu Fara Syria hill
Tel Abu Hallawa Iraq hill
Tel Abu Haraza Israel mound
Tel Abu Hatim Iraq locality
Tel Abu Ithnash Iraq hill
Tel Abu Jalamid Iraq hill
Tel Abu Rakiba Iraq hill
Tel Abu Rawis Iraq hill
Tel Abu Shugga Iraq populated place
Tel Abu Subuh Iraq hill
Tel Abu Sud Iraq hill
Tel Abu Suqa Iraq locality
Tel Abu Tuneif Yemen populated place
Tel Abu Turaba Iraq populated place
Tel Abu Wanni Iraq observation point
Tel Abu Z`aitira Iraq hill
Tel ad Dair Iraq hill
Tel ad Dhiyab Iraq hill
Tel ad Dir Iraq hill
Tel Adami Israel hill
Tel adh Dh`e Iraq hill
Tel adh Dhahiriya Iraq hill
Tel Adhbai Iraq hill
Tel Afar Iraq populated place
Tel Afeq Israel mound
Tel Afeq Israel ancient site
Tel Agra Israel mound
Tel Ajban Iraq hill
Tel Ajur Gaza Strip hill
Tel Akhziv Israel ancient site
Tel al `Ahda Iraq populated place
Tel al Abyatar Iraq hill
Tel al Ahmar Iraq locality
Tel al Asmar Iraq hill
Tel al Aswad Iran hill
Tel al Buzagh Iraq hill
Tel al Gara Iraq abandoned populated place
Tel al Ghaddaf Iraq hill
Tel al Ghazal Iraq hill
Tel al Ghazal Iraq ruin
Tel al Ghazza Iraq ruin
Tel al Habbara Iraq hill
Tel al Haj Fawwad Iraq hill
Tel al Hamra Iraq hill
Tel al Hawesh Iraq hill
Tel al Hayit Iraq populated place
Tel al Ibn Hasan Iraq hill
Tel al Jal Iraq populated place
Tel al Jalamid Iraq hill
Tel al Kanisa Iraq hill
Tel al Khunaisar Iraq hill
Tel al Lahm Iraq railroad station
Tel al Lamm Iraq railroad station
Tel al Mahar Iraq populated place
Tel al Mansur Iraq hill
Tel al Matar Iraq abandoned populated place
Tel al Mudawwar Iraq hill
Tel al Mudower Iraq hill
Tel al Muhaijir Railroad Station Iraq railroad station
Tel al Qabr Iraq hill
Tel al Qasr Syria populated place
Tel al Warka Iraq ruin
Tel al Warka Iraq hill
Tel al-Megader Saudi Arabia hill
Tel an Naujah Iraq hill
Tel Anaharat Israel hill
Tel Anaten Mali marsh
Tel Anbari Iraq ruin
Tel ar Ramadi Iraq hill
Tel ar Rim Iraq populated place
Tel ar Rumalat Iraq hill
Tel Ar-Rumalat Iraq hill
Tel Arghoni Syria hill
Tel Aro Algeria locality
Tel Arshaf Israel ancient site
Tel Arubot Israel ancient site
Tel as Sumair Iraq hill
Tel Asga Iraq hill
Tel ash Shaikh Iraq hill
Tel ash Shaur Iraq populated place
Tel Ashdod Israel ancient site
Tel Asher Israel populated place
Tel Ashqelon Israel ancient site
Tel Aswad Iran populated place
Tel Aswad Iraq hill
Tel Avel Bet Ma`akha Israel ancient site
Tel Aviv District Israel first-order administrative division
Tel Aviv Region Israel first-order administrative division
Tel Aviv Israel section of populated place
Tel Aviv-Harbor Israel harbor
Tel Aviv-Jaffa Israel populated place
Tel Aviv-Yafo Israel populated place
Tel Awaija Iraq hill
Tel Bad Israel mound
Tel Baiyad Iraq hill
Tel Baiyat Iraq hill
Tel Balsatin Iraq hill
Tel Banat Iraq locality
Tel Barazat Iraq hill
Tel Baruch Israel populated place
Tel Barukh Israel populated place
Tel Basatin Iraq hill
Tel Basta Egypt ancient site
Tel Batash Israel ancient site
Tel Be'er Sheva` Israel ancient site
Tel Benat Iraq populated place
Tel Benat Iraq locality
Tel Benat Iraq locality
Tel Benjamin Israel section of populated place
Tel Benyamin Israel section of populated place
Tel Beror Israel mound
Tel Bet Mirsham Israel ancient site
Tel Bet She'an Israel ancient site
Tel Bet Shemesh Israel ancient site
Tel Bet Yerah Israel ancient site
Tel Bilad Iraq hill
Tel Binyamin Israel section of populated place
Tel Bisi Syria populated place
Tel Bleij Syria populated place
Tel Bub Iraq hill
Tel Buma Iran populated place
Tel Burdan Iraq hill
Tel Burna Israel ancient site
Tel Buwaita Iraq populated place
Tel Challab Iraq hill
Tel Charagh Pakistan populated place
Tel Chiragh Distributary Pakistan irrigation canal
Tel Chiragh Pakistan populated place
Tel Da`ok Israel mound
Tel Da`okh Israel mound
Tel Dan Israel mound
Tel Daraz Iraq hill
Tel Dhahab Iraq hill
Tel Dhahir Iraq hill
Tel Dhahiya Iraq hill
Tel Djedid Syria populated place
Tel Duda'im Israel mound
Tel ed Jeina Syria cone
Tel Eder Israel mound
Tel Efeq Israel mound
Tel Efrayim Israel section of populated place
Tel el `Auja Syria populated place
Tel el Gora Iraq abandoned populated place
Tel el Kebir Station Egypt railroad station
Tel El Kebir Zimbabwe farm
Tel El Kebir Zimbabwe mine
Tel el Kebir Egypt populated place
Tel el Khalidiye Syria populated place
Tel el Khem Iraq abandoned populated place
Tel el Nejileh Israel ancient site
Tel el Qady Israel mound
Tel el Qasile Israel ancient site
Tel el Qassile Israel ancient site
Tel el Qatifa Gaza Strip hill
Tel el Quneitira Israel ancient site
Tel el Uwainat Iraq populated place
Tel Elteqa Israel ancient site
Tel Elteqe Israel ancient site
Tel en Najila Israel ancient site
Tel Es Safi Israel ancient site
Tel es Shebab Syria populated place
Tel esh Shekara Syria mountain
Tel Esur Israel ancient site
Tel et Turmus Israel ruin
Tel Fordos West Bank hill
Tel Gador Israel mound
Tel Gama Israel ancient site
Tel Gamma Israel ancient site
Tel Gandalzar Iran mountain
Tel Garass Syria hill
Tel Garbi Iran hill
Tel Gat Hefer Israel mound
Tel Gat Israel ancient site
Tel Gat Israel populated place
Tel Gema Israel ancient site
Tel Gerar Israel ancient site
Tel Gerd Iran populated place
Tel Gerisa Israel ancient site
Tel Geva` Shemen Israel ancient site
Tel Gezer Israel ancient site
Tel Ghare Iraq hill
Tel Gharib Iraq hill
Tel Ghezal Iraq populated place
Tel Ghezal Iraq populated place
Tel Ghuraib Iraq hill
Tel Gibbeton Israel ancient site
Tel Gishron Israel ruin
Tel Goded Israel ancient site
Tel Govel Israel mound
Tel Haddad Syria populated place
Tel Haffar Iraq hill
Tel Hai Israel populated place
Tel Hajar Iraq hill
Tel Halail Iran populated place
Tel Halawa Iraq hill
Tel Halawa Syria populated place
Tel Halawah Iraq hill
Tel Halif Israel ancient site
Tel Halip Turkey populated place
Tel Hamadi Iraq hill
Tel Hamah Iraq populated place
Tel Hamid Israel mound
Tel Hamrani Iraq hill
Tel Hanan Israel populated place
Tel Hannaton Israel ancient site
Tel Harashim Israel hill
Tel Haraz Israel mound
Tel Harbi Iraq hill
Tel Haror Israel ancient site
Tel Hasar Iraq hill
Tel Hashomer Israel populated place
Tel Hasi Israel ancient site
Tel Hatin Mali dune
Tel Hatine Mali dune
Tel Hawajil Syria populated place
Tel Hawis Iraq hill
Tel Hay Israel populated place
Tel Hayim West Bank Israeli settlement
Tel Hazara Iraq hill
Tel Hazarah Iraq hill
Tel Hazir Israel mound
Tel Hazor Israel ancient site
Tel Hemer Israel hill
Tel Herodium West Bank ancient site
Tel Hodim Israel mound
Tel Hualfa Israel ancient site
Tel Hugna Iraq populated place
Tel Hugnah Iraq populated place
Tel Hur Iraq locality
Tel Ḧelawe Iraq locality
Tel Ḧemeṟesh Iraq populated place
Tel Iztaba Israel ancient site
Tel Iztabba Israel ancient site
Tel Jaddala Iraq hill
Tel Jadwala Iraq hill
Tel Jahch Iraq hill
Tel Jahch Syria hill
Tel Jalau Iraq hill
Tel Jaljul West Bank ruin
Tel Jauz Iraq mound
Tel Jedid Syria populated place
Tel Jimjima Iraq hill
Tel Jin Syria populated place
Tel Jujam Iraq hill
Tel Kaf al Imam `Ali Iraq hill
Tel Kaif Iraq populated place
Tel Katsir Syria populated place
Tel Katzir Syria populated place
Tel Kaw Iraq locality
Tel Kawara Israel mound
Tel Kelekh Israel mound
Tel Khamira Iraq hill
Tel Khawarnak Iraq hill
Tel Khazaf Iraq populated place
Tel Khoder Syria hill
Tel Kison Israel ancient site
Tel Kohna Afghanistan populated place
Tel Kohneh Afghanistan populated place
Tel Kure Iraq abandoned populated place
Tel Kure Iraq hill
Tel Lachish Israel ancient site
Tel Lailan Iraq hill
Tel Lakhish Israel ancient site
Tel Litvinski Israel populated place
Tel Litwinsky Israel populated place
Tel Lo Iraq hill
Tel Loh Iraq hill
Tel Luwa Iraq hill
Tel Luwangni Sudan well
Tel Madkh Iraq hill
Tel Maghar Iraq hill
Tel Mahoz Israel mound
Tel Mahus Iraq populated place
Tel Maidan Iraq hill
Tel Malak Iraq hill
Tel Malhata Israel ancient site
Tel Malhata Israel ancient site
Tel Malluah Israel mound
Tel Malot Israel ancient site
Tel Malqoah Israel mound
Tel Manathar Iraq hill
Tel Manjil Iraq populated place
Tel Mansur Iraq hill
Tel Manthar Iraq populated place
Tel Manzil Iraq hill
Tel Manzil Iraq hill
Tel Maresha Israel ancient site
Tel Marwa Israel mound
Tel Mas`ud Iraq hill
Tel Masos Israel ancient site
Tel Masud Iraq hill
Tel Me`ammer Israel ancient site
Tel Mefalesim Israel mound
Tel Mefallesim Israel mound
Tel Megiddo Israel ancient site
Tel Melda Iraq hill
Tel Melouk Syria hill
Tel Meter Iraq hill
Tel Meter Iraq populated place
Tel Meter Iraq populated place
Tel Mifsah Israel mound
Tel Milha Israel ancient site
Tel Miqne Israel ancient site
Tel Mond Israel populated place
Tel Mor Israel ancient site
Tel Moresan Israel hill
Tel Moreshet Gat Israel ancient site
Tel Mudawar Iraq hill
Tel Mufalliga Iraq hill
Tel Muhaijir Iraq locality
Tel Muhaijir Iraq railroad station
Tel Mujadid Iraq hill
Tel Mujari Iraq hill
Tel Musaid Iraq hill
Tel Musarif Iraq populated place
Tel Musharif Iraq populated place
Tel Mutlaq Iraq ruin
Tel Nagila Israel ancient site
Tel Nahal Israel mound
Tel Naharon Israel ancient site
Tel Nar Iran populated place
Tel Narbeta Israel ancient site
Tel Nawayat Iraq hill
Tel Nufar Israel mound
Tel Or Jordan populated place
Tel Par Israel mound
Tel Peha Israel ancient site
Tel Poran Israel mound
Tel Qabar Shaikhan Iraq hill
Tel Qadhi Iraq locality
Tel Qalam Afghanistan populated place
Tel Qana Israel ancient site
Tel Qashish Israel mound
Tel Qasila Israel ancient site
Tel Qazir Syria populated place
Tel Qedesh Israel ancient site
Tel Qeriyyot Israel ruin
Tel Qeshet Israel ancient site
Tel Qidda Israel mound
Tel Qirdishan Iraq hill
Tel Qiryat Ye`arim Israel ancient site
Tel Qishyon Israel hill
Tel Qoqsh Iraq ancient site
Tel Qutish Iraq ancient site
Tel Radana Niger intermittent stream
Tel Rafiah Gaza Strip hill
Tel Raiyash Iran hill
Tel Rak Egypt populated place
Tel Ramdhaniyah Iraq hill
Tel Ramz Iraq hill
Tel Raqqat Israel ancient site
Tel Rawija Iraq hill
Tel Raza Iraq hill
Tel Re`ala Israel mound
Tel Regev Israel ancient site
Tel Rehov Israel ancient site
Tel Rekhesh Israel mound
Tel Rim Iraq populated place
Tel River India stream
Tel Rosh Israel mound
Tel Roumelane Serhir Syria hill
Tel Rufha Iraq hill
Tel Rufhah Iraq locality
Tel Ruihah Iraq locality
Tel Rumalat Iraq hill
Tel Sakhar Iraq hill
Tel Salwim Israel mound
Tel Senek Syria populated place
Tel Sera' Israel ancient site
Tel Sha`ar Israel mound
Tel Shaharit Israel mound
Tel Shaiyalah Iraq hill
Tel Shalem Israel ancient site
Tel Shalwim Israel mound
Tel Sharif Iraq populated place
Tel Sharuhen Israel ancient site
Tel Shem Israel mound
Tel Sheqafim Israel mound
Tel Sheqef Israel ancient site
Tel Shihan Israel mound
Tel Shiqmona Israel ancient site
Tel Shoqeq Israel mound
Tel Shoqet Israel mound
Tel Shor Iraq hill
Tel Sibley Plaza Shopping Center United States Locale
Tel Sinan Iraq hill
Tel Sinan Iraq locality
Tel Sirwal Iraq populated place
Tel Sokha Israel ancient site
Tel Subbah Iraq locality
Tel Sumayir Iraq populated place
Tel Susita Israel hill
Tel Suwan Iraq hill
Tel Tabiya Iraq hill
Tel Tahain Iraq hill
Tel Tahin Iraq hill
Tel Tamdar Iraq hill
Tel Tar Iraq locality
Tel Taragai Iraq hill
Tel Tashi Iraq populated place
Tel Tauqat Iraq hill
Tel Taxil Iraq hill
Tel Te'omim Israel mound
Tel Telia Iran populated place
Tel Temes Israel hill
Tel Tsafit Israel ancient site
Tel Tsiqlag Israel ancient site
Tel Tsofim Israel populated place
Tel Tsur Israel populated place
Tel Turmus Israel mound
Tel Tuwaiba Iraq hill
Tel Ulaan Shalcha Serten Mongolia mountains
Tel Ulaan Shalchaa Mongolia area
Tel Ulaan Shalchaa Mongolia mountains
Tel Umm Hisan Iraq hill
Tel Umm Jarathim Iraq locality
Tel Umm Thaya Iraq hill
Tel Uskof Iraq populated place
Tel Uthman Iraq hill
Tel Uwainat Iraq populated place
Tel Wai Iraq populated place
Tel Warak Iraq hill
Tel Wndar Iraq populated place
Tel Ya`oz Israel mound
Tel Yarmut Israel ancient site
Tel Yeshua` Israel mound
Tel Yin`am Israel mound
Tel Yishma`el Israel mound
Tel Yits-haq Israel populated place
Tel Yizhaq Israel populated place
Tel Yizre`el Israel ancient site
Tel Yona Israel mound
Tel Yoqne`am Israel ancient site
Tel Yosef HaYeshana Israel ancient site
Tel Yosef Israel populated place
Tel Zafit Israel ancient site
Tel Zaharon Israel hill
Tel Zavat Israel mound
Tel Zavdon West Bank ruin
Tel Zayit Israel mound
Tel Zehara Israel hill
Tel Zehavi Israel mound
Tel Zeror Israel mound
Tel Zeton Israel mound
Tel Ziklag Israel ancient site
Tel Zippor Israel mound
Tel Ziqlag Israel ancient site
Tel Zor`a Israel ancient site
Tel Zoran Israel mound
Tel Zuhra Iraq locality
Tel Zur Israel populated place
Tel' Russia stream
Tel'-Kokhna Afghanistan populated place
Tel'ba Afghanistan populated place
Tel'ba Russia destroyed populated place
Tel'ba Russia stream
Tel'bankur Russia stream
Tel'bes Russia populated place
Tel'bes Russia populated place
Tel'bes Russia stream
Tel'bess Russia populated place
Tel'besskaya Baza Russia populated place
Tel'bovichi Russia populated place
Tel'ch'ye Russia populated place
Tel'cha Russia populated place
Tel'che Ukraine populated place
Tel'cheme Turkey populated place
Tel'garnum Russia stream
Tel'gaza Russia stream
Tel'gi Russia stream
Tel'iova Russia populated place
Tel'kabin Turkey populated place
Tel'kany Russia populated place

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