Vattharn - Vatuvuto Rock
SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Country Feature class
Vattharn Sweden populated place
Vattholma Sweden populated place
Vatti Kulam Sri Lanka reservoir
Vatti Kulam Sri Lanka reservoir
Vatti Finland populated place
Vattiainen Finland populated place
Vattila Finland populated place
Vattin Norway mountain
Vattina Serbia populated place
Vattind Norway mountain
Vattinge Sweden farm
Vattingen Finland rock
Vattingen Finland rock
Vattingen Sweden island
Vattingen Sweden reef
Vattingsbrotten Finland rocks
Vattingsgronnan Sweden rocks
Vattirayan Sri Lanka populated place
Vattis Switzerland populated place
Vattjan Finland rock
Vattjom Sweden populated place
Vattjom Sweden populated place
Vattkast Finland island
Vattkast Finland populated place
Vattkastviken Finland lake
Vattklubben Sweden rock
Vattkobbarna Finland rocks
Vattlaks Finland populated place
Vattland Sweden populated place
Vattlandsan Sweden stream
Vattlang Sweden populated place
Vattlangsjon Sweden lake
Vattlangssjon Sweden lake
Vattlax Finland populated place
Vattlaxviken Finland bay
Vattlefjall Sweden hills
Vattlosa Sweden populated place
Vattman Cemetery United States Cemetery
Vattman Park United States Park
Vattman United States Populated Place
Vattmannville United States Populated Place
Vattmyren Sweden farm
Vattnas Sweden populated place
Vattneberg Sweden populated place
Vattnebole Sweden populated place
Vattnet Sweden farm
Vattnet Sweden stream
Vatto-Ozero Russia lake
Vattoglie Slovenia populated place
Vattorarna Sweden rocks
Vattrang Sweden populated place
Vattrangi Sweden populated place
Vattrangsby Sweden railroad stop
Vattrup Denmark populated place
Vattsa Russia stream
Vattserod Sweden populated place
Vattsgard Sweden farm
Vattsta Sweden populated place
Vattsy Russia populated place
Vattu Pakistan populated place
Vattuaho Finland populated place
Vattuback Sweden stream
Vattubrinken Sweden populated place
Vattudalsbergen Sweden hills
Vattugarden Sweden populated place
Vattugrunden Sweden reef
Vattuhon Sweden stream
Vattukyla Finland populated place
Vattula Finland house
Vattula Finland house
Vattula Finland house
Vattumyrberget Sweden hill
Vattumyren Sweden bog
Vattungarna Finland rocks
Vattungarna Sweden islands
Vattungarna Sweden rocks
Vattungen Sweden farm
Vattungen Sweden island
Vattungen Sweden island
Vattungen Sweden rock
Vattuniemi Finland house
Vattuniemi Finland section of populated place
Vattuoren Finland rocks
Vattuoren Finland rock
Vattuoren Finland rocks
Vattuors Sodergrundet Finland reef
Vattupera Finland house
Vatturupallepalem India populated place
Vattuvalla Sweden populated place
Vattviken Sweden populated place
Vatty Ground United Kingdom sound
Vatu Creek Fiji stream
Vatu Davani Fiji reef
Vatu Dawani Fiji reef
Vatu Ithake Fiji island
Vatu Kanji Solomon Islands locality
Vatu Kocha Solomon Islands locality
Vatu Lailai Fiji island
Vatu Leile Reefs Fiji reef
Vatu Leile Fiji island
Vatu Leile Fiji populated place
Vatu Levu Fiji island
Vatu Mbulo Island Fiji island
Vatu Miala Vanuatu rock
Vatu Na Pi Solomon Islands ancient site
Vatu Ndavani Reef Fiji reef
Vatu Plantation Solomon Islands estate
Vatu Randi Vanuatu island
Vatu Rhandi Vanuatu island
Vatu Toku Fiji peak
Vatu Vara Island Fiji island
Vatu Vara Fiji island
Vatu Vera Fiji island
Vatu Vula Island Fiji reef
Vatu Angola populated place
Vatu Fiji island
Vatu Fiji populated place
Vatu Solomon Islands estate
Vatu-i-cake Fiji island
Vatu-i-Ra Channel Fiji marine channel
Vatu-i-Ra Island Fiji island
Vatu-i-Ra Fiji reef
Vatu-i-ra Fiji reef
Vatu-i-Thake Fiji island
Vatu-lei-le Fiji populated place
Vatua Creek Fiji stream
Vatua Island Solomon Islands island
Vatua Karasa Fiji anchorage
Vatuakauwawa Islands Fiji islands
Vatualae Solomon Islands populated place
Vatuanea Point Solomon Islands point
Vatuarandra Creek Fiji stream
Vatubaba Afghanistan cemetery
Vatubora Solomon Islands populated place
Vatubota Point Solomon Islands point
Vatuchichi River Solomon Islands stream
Vatudamu Fiji point
Vatudamu Fiji point
Vatudavala Point Solomon Islands point
Vatueta Creek Fiji anabranch
Vatugahi Rock Solomon Islands rock
Vatughahi Rock Solomon Islands rock
Vatughai Solomon Islands populated place
Vatughori Point Solomon Islands point
Vatugori Point Solomon Islands point
Vatuguili Timor-Leste populated place
Vatuguma Point Solomon Islands point
Vatuhila Solomon Islands abandoned populated place
Vatui Point Fiji point
Vatui Point Fiji point
Vatuivua Point Fiji point
Vatuiwai Island Fiji island
Vatuiyanga Fiji stream
Vatuka Fiji island
Vatukaka Creek Fiji stream
Vatukali Point Fiji point
Vatukali Fiji locality
Vatukalikali Fiji mountain
Vatukalo Fiji locality
Vatukalo Fiji populated place
Vatukalo Fiji stream
Vatukaloko Creek Fiji stream
Vatukalova Point Fiji point
Vatukalovo Creek Fiji stream
Vatukamba Creek Fiji stream
Vatukangakanga Solomon Islands ancient site
Vatukapi River Solomon Islands stream
Vatukapicha Solomon Islands populated place
Vatukarasa Harbour Fiji anchorage
Vatukarasa Fiji populated place
Vatukarasa Fiji populated place
Vatukaroa Bay Fiji cove
Vatukaroa Fiji locality
Vatukarusia Fiji mountain
Vatukasauthua Creek Fiji stream
Vatukata Fiji stream
Vatukathevatheva Fiji populated place
Vatukatolu Island Fiji island
Vatukatovu Point Fiji point
Vatukavika Point Fiji point
Vatukesa Creek Fiji stream
Vatuki Island Fiji island
Vatuki Sand bar Fiji island
Vatukia Creek Fiji stream
Vatukimbau Fiji stream
Vatukolaa Solomon Islands populated place
Vatukolahe Solomon Islands locality
Vatukolane Solomon Islands locality
Vatukori Island Solomon Islands island
Vatukori Point Solomon Islands point
Vatukoro Creek Fiji stream
Vatukoro Fiji mountain
Vatukorosole Fiji stream
Vatukoula Fiji populated place
Vatukovuru Reef Solomon Islands reef
Vatukulau Solomon Islands populated place
Vatukulita Rocks Solomon Islands rocks
Vatukuro Creek Fiji stream
Vatukuro Creek Fiji stream
Vatukuro Fiji estate
Vatukusova Rock Fiji rock
Vatukutha Fiji populated place
Vatul India populated place
Vatula Creek Fiji stream
Vatula Finland populated place
Vatulailai Island Fiji island
Vatulami Island Fiji island
Vatulami Point Fiji point
Vatulangi Creek Fiji stream
Vatulasawa Point Fiji point
Vatulasawa Fiji hill
Vatulatha Creek Fiji stream
Vatulatha Rock Fiji rock
Vatulatha Fiji stream
Vatulati Creek Fiji stream
Vatulati Solomon Islands locality
Vatulatui Fiji stream
Vatulau Point Fiji point
Vatulaulau Rocks Fiji rocks
Vatulava River Solomon Islands stream
Vatulava Solomon Islands populated place
Vatulava Solomon Islands populated place
Vatulawa Fiji stream
Vatulele Island Fiji island
Vatulele Lighthouse Fiji lighthouse
Vatulele Reefs Fiji reef
Vatulele Fiji populated place
Vatulele Fiji populated place
Vatulele-Light Fiji lighthouse
Vatulemba Fiji mountain
Vatuleurai Timor-Leste populated place
Vatulevu Island Fiji island
Vatulewa Fiji stream
Vatuli Fiji mountain
Vatulimalima-i-Ra Fiji stream
Vatulino Russia populated place
Vatulinskaya Russia populated place
Vatuliwa Island Fiji island
Vatuliwa Rock Fiji rock
Vatulje Montenegro island
Vatulma Russia populated place
Vatuloa Passage Fiji inlet
Vatuloa Point Fiji point
Vatuloa Fiji populated place
Vatuloaloa Creek Fiji stream
Vatuloaloa Creek Fiji stream
Vatuloki Solomon Islands populated place
Vatuloki Solomon Islands populated place
Vatulovo Solomon Islands populated place
Vatulovona Fiji populated place
Vatulovona Fiji stream
Vatulowa Island Fiji island
Vatuluma Point Solomon Islands point
Vatulumalolongguha Solomon Islands mountain
Vatulutu Island Fiji island
Vatulutu Fiji hill
Vatuma Creek Fiji stream
Vatuma Point Fiji point
Vatumadoli Point Solomon Islands point
Vatumadoli Point Solomon Islands point
Vatumalaivi Fiji stream
Vatumalawa Rock Fiji rock
Vatumalawe Rock Fiji rock
Vatumandali Island Solomon Islands island
Vatumandoli Point Solomon Islands point
Vatumandoli Point Solomon Islands point
Vatumanivo Solomon Islands populated place
Vatumanu Island Fiji island
Vatumatai Fiji hill
Vatumatainandi Fiji mountain
Vatumatau Bay Fiji bay
Vatumatau Fiji hill
Vatumbaghea Solomon Islands populated place
Vatumbala River Solomon Islands stream
Vatumbalavu Island Fiji island
Vatumbalavu Fiji populated place
Vatumbalavu Fiji stream
Vatumbalavu Fiji stream
Vatumbari Point Fiji point
Vatumbasanga Creek Fiji stream
Vatumbau Point Solomon Islands point
Vatumbimbi Creek Fiji stream
Vatumbina Fiji stream
Vatumbongimbongi Fiji estate
Vatumbora Solomon Islands populated place
Vatumboro Point Fiji point
Vatumboromboro Creek Fiji stream
Vatumboromboro Point Fiji point
Vatumbughoromate Reef Solomon Islands reef
Vatumbuli Island Fiji island
Vatumbuli Point Solomon Islands point
Vatumbulou Island Fiji island
Vatumbulu Solomon Islands ancient site
Vatumbuni Point Solomon Islands point
Vatumburu Creek Fiji stream
Vatumburumburu Fiji peak
Vatumbutho Island Fiji island
Vatumbutho Fiji mountain
Vatumoli River Solomon Islands stream
Vatumori Timor-Leste populated place
Vatumudremudre Point Fiji point
Vatumundremundre Point Fiji point
Vatuna Fiji hill
Vatunahahano River Solomon Islands stream
Vatunakuvukuvu Solomon Islands populated place
Vatunandi River Solomon Islands stream
Vatunandi Solomon Islands populated place
Vatunaremba Fiji mountain
Vatunatowa Fiji stream
Vatunau Timor-Leste populated place
Vatunaunga Fiji hill
Vatunawanawa Point Fiji point
Vatundakandaka Creek Fiji stream
Vatundamu Creek Fiji stream
Vatundamu Creek Fiji stream
Vatundamu Creek Fiji stream
Vatundamu Island Fiji island
Vatundamu Point Fiji point
Vatundamu Point Fiji point
Vatundamu Point Fiji point
Vatundamu Fiji hill
Vatundamu Fiji locality
Vatundamu Fiji locality
Vatundamu Fiji stream
Vatundamu Fiji stream
Vatundamu Fiji stream
Vatundara Fiji stream
Vatundavala Point Solomon Islands point
Vatundave Point Fiji point
Vatundawa Point Fiji point
Vatundele Creek Fiji stream
Vatundeni Point Fiji point
Vatundeniika Island Fiji rock
Vatundiri Creek Fiji stream
Vatundirikoso Point Fiji point
Vatundrandra Point Fiji point
Vatundrasindrasi Creek Fiji stream
Vatundratia Creek Fiji stream
Vatundraundrau Fiji hill
Vatundravua Island Fiji island
Vatundrevula Creek Fiji stream
Vatundreyaka Falls Fiji waterfall
Vatundruma Bay Fiji cove
Vatunga Sweden farms
Vatungata Creek Fiji stream
Vatungata Fiji stream
Vatungga Fiji stream
Vatungge Creek Fiji stream
Vatunggeli Creek Fiji stream
Vatunggumutia Point Fiji point
Vatunggusua Creek Fiji stream
Vatunginnokka Finland point
Vatungorichu River Solomon Islands stream
Vatuniika Rocks Fiji rocks
Vatunilevaleva Fiji mountain
Vatuniloka Point Fiji point
Vatunimakandre Creek Fiji stream
Vatunimanumanu Creek Fiji stream
Vatunimaoli Creek Fiji stream
Vatunimbalambala Creek Fiji stream
Vatunimbalangi Island Fiji island
Vatunimbali Island Fiji island
Vatunimbuke Rock Fiji rock
Vatunimbusa Island Fiji island
Vatunindrika Point Fiji point
Vatuningata Fiji stream
Vatuninggangga Point Fiji point
Vatunisokana Fiji stream
Vatunitambu Fiji stream
Vatuniura Solomon Islands populated place
Vatunivivili Creek Fiji stream
Vatuniwali Creek Fiji stream
Vatuniyambula Creek Fiji stream
Vatunki Finland peninsula
Vatunki Finland island
Vatunki Finland populated place
Vatunki Finland section of peninsula
Vatununu Island Solomon Islands island
Vatuolalai Fiji populated place
Vatuoso Creek Fiji stream
Vatuoso Creek Fiji stream
Vatupambi River Solomon Islands stream
Vatupilei Solomon Islands populated place
Vatupiu Solomon Islands point
Vatupola Rock Solomon Islands rock
Vatupota Point Solomon Islands point
Vatupura Solomon Islands populated place
Vatuputi River Solomon Islands stream
Vaturairai Island Fiji island
Vaturambo Rock Fiji rock
Vaturamburambu Creek Fiji stream
Vaturanga Solomon Islands area
Vaturau Fiji stream
Vaturivo Point Solomon Islands point
Vaturokombe Island Fiji rock
Vaturova Creek Fiji stream
Vaturova Creek Fiji stream
Vaturova River Fiji stream
Vaturova Fiji locality
Vaturua Island Fiji island
Vaturua Rock Fiji rock
Vaturua Fiji populated place
Vaturuarua Island Fiji island
Vaturuayalewa Fiji hill
Vatururu Point Solomon Islands point
Vatusanggoi Fiji stream
Vatusava Fiji island
Vatusavu Island Fiji island
Vatuseikiyasawa Fiji populated place
Vatushey Lithuania populated place
Vatushino Russia populated place
Vatusiai Lithuania populated place
Vatusii Solomon Islands populated place
Vatusikoa Island Fiji island
Vatusikosikoa Fiji stream
Vatusinahava River Solomon Islands stream
Vatusiu Lithuania populated place
Vatusoma Point Solomon Islands point
Vatusomi Creek Fiji stream
Vatusomi Fiji stream
Vatusomia Fiji stream
Vatusomuna Point Fiji point
Vatusongosongo Fiji populated place
Vatusulua Solomon Islands stream
Vatusungu Creek Fiji stream
Vatusuri Creek Fiji stream
Vatutaghataluna Island Solomon Islands island
Vatutagotaluna Island Solomon Islands island
Vatutandova Fiji populated place
Vatutangani Point Fiji point
Vatutaranggau Solomon Islands populated place
Vatutavui Point Fiji point
Vatutavui Fiji populated place
Vatuteko Solomon Islands populated place
Vatuthakandara Island Fiji island
Vatuthala Bay Fiji bay
Vatuthala Island Fiji island
Vatuthathawa Island Fiji rocks
Vatutherevuka Island Fiji island
Vatuthiri Point Fiji point
Vatuthithila Island Fiji island
Vatutho Fiji stream
Vatuthokiviwa Point Fiji point
Vatuthoko Point Fiji point
Vatuthou Fiji hill
Vatuthu Cross Fiji hill
Vatutine Ukraine populated place
Vatutinki Russia populated place
Vatutino Russia populated place
Vatutino Russia populated place
Vatutino Russia populated place
Vatutino Russia populated place
Vatutino Russia populated place
Vatutino Russia section of populated place
Vatutino Russia populated place
Vatutino Russia abandoned populated place
Vatutino Ukraine populated place
Vatutiola Solomon Islands rock
Vatutoka Fiji mountain
Vatutoka Fiji peak
Vatutokatoka Fiji hill
Vatutokotoko Creek Fiji stream
Vatutoro Fiji stream
Vatutu Fiji populated place
Vatutuimbekana Island Fiji island
Vatututu Solomon Islands locality
Vatuu Timor-Leste populated place
Vatuulo Fiji estate
Vatuvako Fiji mountain
Vatuvalavala Fiji stream
Vatuvalavala Fiji stream
Vatuvale Point Fiji point
Vatuvasa Fiji stream
Vatuvatara Point Solomon Islands point
Vatuvatu Creek Fiji stream
Vatuvatu Creek Fiji stream
Vatuvatuloa Island Fiji island
Vatuvatuloa Island Fiji island
Vatuvatuloa Point Fiji point
Vatuvavala Point Solomon Islands point
Vatuvei Timor-Leste populated place
Vatuveitokai Fiji stream
Vatuvelevele Point Solomon Islands point
Vatuvisuweni Creek Fiji stream
Vatuvonu Creek Fiji stream
Vatuvonu Island Fiji island
Vatuvonu Mission School Fiji school
Vatuvonu Fiji populated place
Vatuvonu Solomon Islands abandoned populated place
Vatuvua Creek Fiji stream
Vatuvua Solomon Islands populated place
Vatuvuaka Fiji hill
Vatuvula Creek Fiji stream
Vatuvula Fiji mountain
Vatuvula Fiji peak
Vatuvula Fiji populated place
Vatuvure Island Fiji island
Vatuvuso Creek Fiji stream
Vatuvute Point Fiji point
Vatuvuto Rock Fiji rock

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