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    NCEP - National Centers for Environmental Prediction; the modernized version of NMC.

    Negative-tilt Trough - An upper level system which is tilted to the west with increasing latitude (i.e., with an axis from southeast to northwest). A negative-tilt trough often is a sign of a developing or intensifying system.

    NEXRAD - NEXt-Generation Weather RADar. Technologically-advanced weather radar being deployed to replace WSR-57 and WSR-74 units. NEXRAD is a high-resolution Doppler radar with increased emphasis on automation, including use of algorithms and automated volume scans. NEXRAD units are known as WSR-88D.

    NGM - Nested Grid Model; one of the operational forecast models run at NCEP. The NGM is run twice daily, with forecast output out to 48 hours.

    NMC - National Meteorological Center, with headquarters near Washington D.C.; now known as NCEP.

    NOAA - National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration.

    Nocturnal - Related to nighttime, or occurring at night.

    Nowcast - A short-term weather forecast, generally out to six hours or less.

    NSSFC - National Severe Storms Forecast Center, in Kansas City MO; now known as SPC.

    NSSL - National Severe Storms Laboratory, in Norman OK. (Sometimes pronounced NES-sel.)

    NWP - Numerical Weather Prediction.

    NWS - National Weather Service.

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