Maba - Mazrreku: Albania

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Maba populated place
Mabe populated place
Macaj stream
Macikak populated place
Macite stream
Macrigim peak
Macuklli populated place
Macukuli populated place
Macukull third-order administrative division
Macukull populated place
Macukulli populated place
Macurisht populated place
Macurishta populated place
Macurishti populated place
Madhesh populated place
Madheshi populated place
Madhesi populated place
Madhesi populated place
Mafsheq populated place
Mafsheqi populated place
Magellara populated place
Magellare populated place
Magiari populated place
Magile populated place
Magjat populated place
Magulj mountain
Mahall' e Dervishajt populated place
Mahall' e Kryethuit populated place
Mahall' e Qafes populated place
Mahall' e Stenit populated place
Mahall' e Ures populated place
Mahall' e Vnit populated place
Mahalla e Haxhareve populated place
Mahalla e Jakajt populated place
Mahalla e Kolejt populated place
Mahalla e Pale Lalejt populated place
Mahalla e Ures populated place
Mahalla Viles populated place
Mahalle e Mucajt populated place
Mahija e Made mountain
Mahje-e Vogel populated place
Mai e Chieparoit mountain
Mai e Lievanit peak
Mai e' Culsit mountain
Mai Papathia mountain
Maia e Pikeses peak
Maia e' Luces mountain
Maia Lopsit mountain
Mailica populated place
Maj a Miceku peak
Maj e Ghughes cape
Maj e Runja mountain
Maj e Tok peak
Maj Elias mountain
Maj Eljias mountain
Maj Gjate populated place
Maj Kuljfit mountain
Maj' e Alajsit mountain
Maj' e Araisit peak
Maj' e Arsit mountain
Maj' e Arstit mountain
Maj' e Bajrakut peak
Maj' e Balaces peak
Maj' e Balravit peak
Maj' e Bataces peak
Maj' e Bathishtes hill
Maj' e Benes peak
Maj' e Benes peak
Maj' e Berisdoles mountain
Maj' e Berishdol mountain
Maj' e Bidos peak
Maj' e Bidos peak
Maj' e Biges peak
Maj' e Bocanit mountain
Maj' e Bockes peak
Maj' e Bogonices peak
Maj' e Bojse peak
Maj' e Bojses peak
Maj' e Bokes mountain
Maj' e Boshit mountain
Maj' e Boshit peak
Maj' e Bredashes mountain
Maj' e Burgut ridge
Maj' e Bushis mountain
Maj' e Bushit mountain
Maj' e Cereshnikut peak
Maj' e Cikes peak
Maj' e Cikes peak
Maj' e Cipes peak
Maj' e Dervenit mountain
Maj' e Dhembellit peak
Maj' e Dhines peak
Maj' e Dhive peak
Maj' e Dhogzit peak
Maj' e Domgjonit peak
Maj' e Dreles peak
Maj' e Dubines mountain
Maj' e Elbunit mountain
Maj' e Ershelit peak
Maj' e Fezes peak
Maj' e Frasherit peak
Maj' e Fushes Ymer Beut mountain
Maj' e Galisit peak
Maj' e Gat peak
Maj' e Gerxhines peak
Maj' e Gjamit peak
Maj' e Gjarpenit peak
Maj' e Gjipalit peak
Maj' e Gjugjes cape
Maj' e Glazhnices peak
Maj' e Gobellit mountain
Maj' e Golishit peak
Maj' e Golishit peak
Maj' e Gradishtes mountain
Maj' e Grebenit peak
Maj' e Grefes peak
Maj' e Greshes peak
Maj' e Haramis mountain
Maj' e Harapit peak
Maj' e Hekurave peak
Maj' e Herdhegris peak
Maj' e Hithit peak
Maj' e Hitit peak
Maj' e Hulit peak
Maj' e Ilqes peak
Maj' e Kalazarit peak
Maj' e Kalorit peak
Maj' e Kameroses ridge
Maj' e Kaprolles peak
Maj' e Kaprollit peak
Maj' e Kaptenes peak
Maj' e Karavit mountain
Maj' e Karvagit peak
Maj' e Karvaqit peak
Maj' e Kashit peak
Maj' e Kashtes peak
Maj' e Katrafilit peak
Maj' e Kersit Kocajit peak
Maj' e Kertolit peak
Maj' e Keshajit peak
Maj' e Kishes mountain
Maj' e Kistenit peak
Maj' e Kjores mountain
Maj' e Kollovdckes peak
Maj' e Kollovockes peak
Maj' e Korates peak
Maj' e Korbit mountain
Maj' e Koret mountain
Maj' e Korinotit peak
Maj' e Krepit mountain
Maj' e Kreshtes peak
Maj' e Ksherres peak
Maj' e Kshtenit peak
Maj' e Ksulit peak
Maj' e Kujke mountain
Maj' e Kujkes mountain
Maj' e Kules mountain
Maj' e Kulthit mountain
Maj' e Kunores peak
Maj' e Kunores mountain
Maj' e Lajthit peak
Maj' e Larter peak
Maj' e Lepurit peak
Maj' e Leshnices mountain
Maj' e Leshnices peak
Maj' e Levrushkut peak
Maj' e Lises peak
Maj' e Ljebrit peak
Maj' e Ljeprit peak
Maj' e Lodertunes hill
Maj' e Lopsit mountain
Maj' e Luces mountain
Maj' e Lughiet peak
Maj' e Lunqit hill
Maj' e Majanit mountain
Maj' e Malsit peak
Maj' e Malsit peak
Maj' e Malthit peak
Maj' e Markveles peak
Maj' e Marlules peak
Maj' e Marlulis peak
Maj' e Maroc peak
Maj' e Maroces peak
Maj' e Mazharit mountain
Maj' e Mblerezes peak
Maj' e Mecit peak
Maj' e Megulle mountain
Maj' e Mellanit peak
Maj' e Mertensit mountain
Maj' e Mesimerit mountain
Maj' e Mietes peak
Maj' e Mogulles mountain
Maj' e Mullefigit peak
Maj' e Mulles peak
Maj' e Munelles peak
Maj' e Ortunes peak
Maj' e Ortunes peak
Maj' e Osojt peak
Maj' e Ostrovices peak
Maj' e Papingut peak
Maj' e Pecmares peak
Maj' e Piecit peak
Maj' e Pilinardes peak
Maj' e Pilinates peak
Maj' e Pishkalit peak
Maj' e Pistes peak
Maj' e Pjeshkes peak
Maj' e Plashit peak
Maj' e Plathit peak
Maj' e Plikut peak
Maj' e Pllumes peak
Maj' e Policanit peak
Maj' e Poshtremit peak
Maj' e Potit mountain
Maj' e Prestomanit peak
Maj' e Priskes peak
Maj' e Qifarishtes peak
Maj' e Qorres mountain
Maj' e Radohines peak
Maj' e Rencit peak
Maj' e Rind peak
Maj' e Rogamit peak
Maj' e Rrabes peak
Maj' e Rragamit peak
Maj' e Rrahit peak
Maj' e Rroshit mountain
Maj' e Runes peak
Maj' e Runjes mountain
Maj' e Rupes peak
Maj' e Sacit peak
Maj' e Sales mountain
Maj' e Saravit peak
Maj' e Shales s' Vogel peak
Maj' e Sharres peak
Maj' e Shelbumit mountain
Maj' e Shelbumit mountain
Maj' e Shemilit mountain
Maj' e Shen Mertirit headland
Maj' e Shendenikut mountain
Maj' e Shenikut mountain
Maj' e Sheshi Valit peak
Maj' e Shlonit peak
Maj' e Shoksomes hill
Maj' e Shpates peak
Maj' e Shpjetrit peak
Maj' e Shtogut peak
Maj' e Shullanit mountain
Maj' e Shullanit peak
Maj' e Shullinit peak
Maj' e Shyt peak
Maj' e Sinan Dukes peak
Maj' e Skanderbeut peak
Maj' e Skenderbeut peak
Maj' e Skurres peak
Maj' e Smokthines hill
Maj' e Sokolit mountain
Maj' e Sopotit peak
Maj' e Stercit peak
Maj' e Strapit peak
Maj' e Strugarit peak
Maj' e Sturos peak
Maj' e Sukit mountain
Maj' e Surdhes mountain
Maj' e Tartarit mountain
Maj' e Tatarit mountain
Maj' e Tatuit hill
Maj' e Temles mountain
Maj' e Thanasit peak
Maj' e Thanes peak
Maj' e Tomorrices peak
Maj' e Tomorrit peak
Maj' e Trebloves peak
Maj' e Trokusit mountain
Maj' e Troshanit mountain
Maj' e Valikardhit mountain
Maj' e Valit peak
Maj' e Vashes peak
Maj' e Vidhnavet peak
Maj' e Viles peak
Maj' e Volpules peak
Maj' e Zagonit peak
Maj' e Zebes mountain
Maj' e Zez peak
Maj' e Zgorrit mountain
Maj' e Zinit peak
Maj' e Zogut mountain
Maj' e Zorjet mountain
Maj' e Zorzit mountain
Maj'a e Kujka mountain
Maj'a e Mgulle mountain
Maj'a e Sals mountain
Maj'a Gruk e Hapt peak
Maj'a Marlules peak
Maj'e Alojsit mountain
Maj'e Fangut peak
Maj'e Kreges peak
Maj'e Markofces peak
Maj'e Qiramanges mountain
Maja Ahishtes Geges mountain
Maja Biga e Shales peak
Maja Bljiec hill
Maja Bocanit mountain
Maja Bogicaj peak
Maja Bojse peak
Maja Bredashes mountain
Maja Bukanik peak
Maja But' e Korites mountain
Maja Cereshnikut peak
Maja Cet Harushe peak
Maja Coban peak
Maja Drugomirit peak
Maja e Korbit mountain
Maja e Agrenit peak
Maja e Agrit peak
Maja e Ahishtes mountain
Maja e Alajthit mountain
Maja e Aldekut hill
Maja e Alojsit mountain
Maja e Arajsit peak
Maja e Arithit peak
Maja e Arstit mountain
Maja e Ashkes peak
Maja e Bajrakut peak
Maja e Bajsit peak
Maja e Bakis mountain
Maja e Bakullines peak
Maja e Bales peak
Maja e Bales peak
Maja e Ballezes peak
Maja e Ballishtes peak
Maja e Baltushit peak
Maja e Balusit peak
Maja e Bardhe peak
Maja e Barkaneshit peak
Maja e Bastarit peak
Maja e Bataces peak
Maja e Bathishtes hill
Maja e Baticit peak
Maja e Batres Madhe peak
Maja e Batres peak
Maja e Batres peak
Maja e Batrit peak
Maja e Begajve mountain
Maja e Benes peak
Maja e Benes peak
Maja e Berishdolit mountain
Maja e Berizhdolit mountain
Maja e Bidos peak
Maja e Bidos peak
Maja e Biges se Gimajt peak
Maja e Biges peak
Maja e Biges peak
Maja e Biges peak
Maja e Bishkazit peak
Maja e Bitret peak
Maja e Bocanit mountain
Maja e Bockes peak
Maja e Bogdanit mountain
Maja e Bogicaj peak
Maja e Bogonices peak
Maja e Bojes peak
Maja e Bojses peak
Maja e Bokes mountain
Maja e Bokes hill
Maja e Boshit mountain
Maja e Boshit peak
Maja e Bostanckes mountain
Maja e Bradoshnices peak
Maja e Brarit peak
Maja e Bratajes peak
Maja e Bratajt peak
Maja e Breut peak
Maja e Brevines peak
Maja e Brezhanit mountain
Maja e Bridashes mountain
Maja e Brinja e Vicit peak
Maja e Bris i Arnit peak
Maja e Bris i Arrnit peak
Maja e Brumbullit peak
Maja e Buallit peak
Maja e Buellit peak
Maja e Bukanikut peak
Maja e Bullit peak
Maja e Bunges peak
Maja e Burgjes hill
Maja e Burgut ridge
Maja e Burgutarit peak
Maja e Bushis mountain
Maja e Bushit peak
Maja e Bushit peak
Maja e Butrojes mountain
Maja e Buze Derrit peak
Maja e Buzmadhit peak
Maja e Car peak
Maja e Cardakut peak
Maja e Care peak
Maja e Cekes peak
Maja e Ceprit peak
Maja e Cesles peak
Maja e Cet-Harushes peak
Maja e Cikes peak
Maja e Cikes peak
Maja e Cikokut peak
Maja e Cilikokut peak
Maja e Ciorres mountain
Maja e Cuka-Halilaj peak
Maja e Cukalit peak
Maja e Cukit peak
Maja e Dajtit mountain
Maja e Dajtit peak
Maja e Dakucit peak
Maja e Darcit peak
Maja e Dardhes peak
Maja e Dejes se Vogel peak
Maja e Dejes peak
Maja e Dejes hill
Maja e Dellinjes peak
Maja e Dema mountain
Maja e Dervenit mountain
Maja e Dhembelit peak
Maja e Dhines peak
Maja e Dhive peak
Maja e Dhivrovinit mountain
Maja e Dhogzit peak
Maja e Dhoksit peak
Maja e Djamit peak
Maja e Doborgashit peak
Maja e Dobreit peak
Maja e Dobrejt peak
Maja e Domgjonit peak
Maja e Dranesit peak
Maja e Drenes peak
Maja e Drenit peak
Maja e Drites peak
Maja e Dubines mountain
Maja e Dushkut hill
Maja e Dutetit peak
Maja e Dzaramis peak
Maja e Elbunit mountain
Maja e Eremecit hill
Maja e Ernices peak
Maja e Ershelit peak
Maja e Ershellit peak
Maja e Erzes peak
Maja e Fagut peak
Maja e Fangut peak
Maja e Fangut peak
Maja e Fekenit peak
Maja e Ferres peak
Maja e Fezes peak
Maja e Frasherit peak
Maja e Fraveshit peak
Maja e Funarsit peak
Maja e Fushajve peak
Maja e Fushave peak
Maja e Fushavet peak
Maja e Fushes s' Ymer Beut mountain
Maja e Fushes se Gjere peak
Maja e Fushes Ymer Beut mountain
Maja e Gaferit peak
Maja e Gajashes peak
Maja e Gajrepit mountain
Maja e Galushit peak
Maja e Gamtitit mountain
Maja e Gashit peak
Maja e Gat peak
Maja e Gatakut peak
Maja e Gayrepit mountain
Maja e Gerxhines peak
Maja e Gipsit mountain
Maja e Gjalices peak
Maja e Gjamit peak
Maja e Gjarperit peak
Maja e Gjarprit peak
Maja e Gjat peak
Maja e Gjate peak
Maja e Gjate peak
Maja e Gjate peak
Maja e Gjate peak
Maja e Gjate peak
Maja e Gjates peak
Maja e Gjeres peak
Maja e Gjipalit peak
Maja e Gjombitrit hill
Maja e Gjonmit peak
Maja e Gjymtit peak
Maja e Gjytezes peak
Maja e Glazhnices peak
Maja e Gllazhnices peak
Maja e Gobellit mountain
Maja e Gojres peak
Maja e Golishit peak
Maja e Golishit peak
Maja e Gollobices peak
Maja e Goxhos hill
Maja e Gradishtes mountain
Maja e Gramit peak
Maja e Granit hill
Maja e Grebenit peak
Maja e Grefes peak
Maja e Gretes peak
Maja e Greves peak
Maja e Grikilit peak
Maja e Grobovices peak
Maja e Groshavet peak
Maja e Guri i Cikit peak
Maja e Guri i Cukes mountain
Maja e Guri i Kallitollit peak
Maja e Guri i Kuq peak
Maja e Guri i Mekut rock
Maja e Guri i Mjeksit peak
Maja e Guri i Varrit Lekes peak
Maja e Guri Kuvendit hill
Maja e Gurit Bardhe peak
Maja e Gurit Gjon peak
Maja e Gurit te Dejes peak
Maja e Gurit te Gjate peak
Maja e Gurit te Kallfit peak
Maja e Gurit te Macos peak
Maja e Gurit te Mlluqit mountain
Maja e Gurit te Muzhaqit peak
Maja e Gurit peak
Maja e Gurit peak
Maja e Gurrat e Zeza peak
Maja e Gurvet te Zij peak
Maja e Gzhepres peak
Maja e Haderet peak
Maja e Haishtes mountain
Maja e Haramis mountain
Maja e Harapit peak
Maja e Havanit hill
Maja e Hekuraves peak
Maja e Helmetit peak
Maja e Hijes se Madhe peak
Maja e Hithit peak
Maja e Hitit peak
Maja e Hulit peak
Maja e Hutit peak
Maja e Ieserce mountain
Maja e Ilkes peak
Maja e Ilqes peak
Maja e Jeserce mountain
Maja e Jezerces mountain
Maja e Jezhidalit mountain
Maja e Kacilit peak
Maja e Kafrit peak
Maja e Kakinjes peak
Maja e Kakis peak
Maja e Kakise peak
Maja e Kal Gjergjit peak
Maja e Kalaja e Skenderbeut mountain
Maja e Kalaja e Skenderbeut peak
Maja e Kalase peak
Maja e Kalases peak
Maja e Kalazanit peak
Maja e Kalazarit peak
Maja e Kalibit peak
Maja e Kaljazarit peak
Maja e Kallmishtes peak
Maja e Kallogjerit peak
Maja e Kalorit peak
Maja e Kalurit peak
Maja e Kameroses ridge
Maja e Kaminije mountain
Maja e Kanqit hill
Maja e Kaprolles peak
Maja e Kaprollit peak
Maja e Kaptenes peak
Maja e Kaptina e Domgjonit peak
Maja e Kaptines peak
Maja e Karapit peak
Maja e Karavit mountain
Maja e Karikeve peak
Maja e Karrekes peak
Maja e Karthnekes peak
Maja e Karvaqit peak
Maja e Kashit peak
Maja e Kashtes peak
Maja e Kashtylles peak
Maja e Kashtyllit peak
Maja e Katrafilit peak
Maja e Kavaise peak
Maja e Kavanijes peak
Maja e Kavanjes peak
Maja e Kazajakut peak
Maja e Kendervices peak
Maja e Kendrevice peak
Maja e Kendrevices peak
Maja e Kepit peak
Maja e Kercelles peak
Maja e Kerrshi i Kocaje peak
Maja e Kershi i Djegur peak
Maja e Kershit te Zi ridge
Maja e Kertolit peak
Maja e Keshajit peak
Maja e Keshtenit peak
Maja e Kishes mountain
Maja e Kistenit peak
Maja e Kjors mountain
Maja e Koders peak
Maja e Kodres peak
Maja e Kok peak
Maja e Kokojkes peak
Maja e Kollates peak
Maja e Kollcit peak
Maja e Kolloveckes peak
Maja e Kollovockes peak
Maja e Kollovosit peak
Maja e Kollovozit peak
Maja e Koltit peak
Maja e Konajt peak
Maja e Kondacit peak
Maja e Korates peak
Maja e Kores peak
Maja e Koret mountain
Maja e Koretes mountain
Maja e Korinotit peak
Maja e Koritave peak
Maja e Kormatit peak
Maja e Korres mountain
Maja e Koshtices peak
Maja e Koshticit peak
Maja e Kosices peak
Maja e Kostanit peak
Maja e Kostenjes peak
Maja e Kozelit mountain
Maja e Kozelit peak
Maja e Krasniqes peak
Maja e Krasta e Madhe hill
Maja e Krepit mountain
Maja e Kreshtes peak
Maja e Kroit Skylfere peak
Maja e Kryqi i Vakut peak
Maja e Kryqi Mjet peak
Maja e Kseres peak
Maja e Kserves mountain
Maja e Ksherres peak
Maja e Ksules peak
Maja e Ksulit peak
Maja e Kucit peak
Maja e Kudemishit peak
Maja e Kudenishtit peak
Maja e Kui Dakashit peak
Maja e Kui i Vermoshit peak
Maja e Kujkes mountain
Maja e Kules mountain
Maja e Kulla e Mbretit peak
Maja e Kulles peak
Maja e Kullollit peak
Maja e Kulmakes peak
Maja e Kulsit mountain
Maja e Kulthit mountain
Maja e Kumashit mountain
Maja e Kunjes peak
Maja e Kunora e Dardhes mountain
Maja e Kunora e Lures peak
Maja e Kunores peak
Maja e Kunores mountain
Maja e Kunores peak
Maja e Kunores peak
Maja e Kurriles mountain
Maja e Kusit Vogel peak
Maja e Lajthise peak
Maja e Lajthises peak
Maja e Lajthizes peak
Maja e Lajthizes peak
Maja e Laknishtes peak
Maja e Lalucit peak
Maja e Larte peak
Maja e Larter peak
Maja e Lavanit peak
Maja e Lefunjes peak
Maja e Lenikut peak
Maja e Leparthit peak
Maja e Lepietres peak
Maja e Lepietres peak
Maja e Lepurit peak
Maja e Lera e Canit peak
Maja e Leshnices mountain
Maja e Letanit peak
Maja e Levrushkut peak
Maja e Ligu i Bukur peak
Maja e Liqenit peak
Maja e Lisecit peak
Maja e Lisit peak
Maja e Livadhit peak
Maja e Llapes peak
Maja e Llapushit peak
Maja e Lnertit peak
Maja e Lobcit peak
Maja e Lodertunes hill
Maja e Lokofit mountain
Maja e Lopes peak
Maja e Lopsit mountain
Maja e Love peak
Maja e Lterit peak
Maja e Lugjeve peak
Maja e Lugu Bukur peak
Maja e Lugut peak
Maja e Lunqit hill
Maja e Lunxhes peak
Maja e Lures peak
Maja e Lushet peak
Maja e Luzit peak
Maja e Madhe mountain
Maja e Madhe peak
Maja e Madhe peak
Maja e Madhe peak
Maja e Madhe peak
Maja e Madhe peak
Maja e Madhe peak
Maja e Madhe peak
Maja e Madhe peak
Maja e Madhe peak
Maja e Madhe mountain
Maja e Madhe peak
Maja e Madhe peak
Maja e Majanit mountain
Maja e Majazit peak
Maja e Makit peak
Maja e Mali i Mirakes mountain
Maja e Malit Ibarl peak
Maja e Malit peak
Maja e Malit mountain
Maja e Malsit peak
Maja e Malthit peak
Maja e Manapjetras peak
Maja e Maranajt peak
Maja e Marashit peak
Maja e Marcinajt peak
Maja e Marcipajt peak
Maja e Mardomit mountain
Maja e Margjeles peak
Maja e Marjathit peak
Maja e Markofces peak
Maja e Markut peak
Maja e Markveles peak
Maja e Marlules peak
Maja e Maroces peak
Maja e Marsheit peak
Maja e Marshejzit peak
Maja e Marshezit peak
Maja e Mathit peak
Maja e Mazharit mountain
Maja e Mbilqethit peak
Maja e Mblerezes peak
Maja e Mbrezhanit mountain
Maja e Mecekut te Shengjergjit peak
Maja e Mecit peak
Maja e Megulles mountain
Maja e Megulles mountain
Maja e Megulles mountain
Maja e Megulles mountain
Maja e Melecikut peak
Maja e Mellanit peak
Maja e Mellezes peak
Maja e Mellezit peak
Maja e Mendrese peak
Maja e Mengles peak
Maja e Menkshit peak
Maja e Meriensit mountain
Maja e Merqies peak
Maja e Mertensit mountain
Maja e Mertenst mountain
Maja e Merturit mountain
Maja e Meshtjerres peak
Maja e Mesimerit mountain
Maja e Messimerit mountain
Maja e Metohis peak
Maja e Mexhitit peak
Maja e Micekut te Shemerise peak
Maja e Micekut peak
Maja e Mides peak
Maja e Midhes peak
Maja e Miletit mountain
Maja e Milletit mountain
Maja e Mkushit mountain
Maja e Mleses peak
Maja e Mljeses peak
Maja e Mllezez peak
Maja e Mogulle mountain
Maja e Mogulles mountain
Maja e Molles peak
Maja e Molles peak
Maja e Molles peak
Maja e Mridzit peak
Maja e Mucalit peak
Maja e Muleqithit peak
Maja e Mulles peak
Maja e Munelles peak
Maja e Murges peak
Maja e Muzit peak
Maja e Ndermajnave peak
Maja e Nenes peak
Maja e Nikgjonit peak
Maja e Nushaj mountain
Maja e Optasit peak
Maja e Orlivarit peak
Maja e Ortunes peak
Maja e Osojt peak
Maja e Osojt peak
Maja e Ostrovices peak
Maja e Ostrovices peak
Maja e Ozojes peak
Maja e Palamanit peak
Maja e Palermos peak
Maja e Pallckes peak
Maja e Papatit mountain
Maja e Papatit peak
Maja e Papazhines peak
Maja e Papingut peak
Maja e Paqes peak
Maja e Paradhukes peak
Maja e Pashtrezes mountain
Maja e Paskurit peak
Maja e Pecmares peak
Maja e Pejes peak
Maja e Peles peak
Maja e Pellumbit peak
Maja e Pellumit peak
Maja e Pelpenikut mountain
Maja e Pentarit hill
Maja e Perecanit peak
Maja e Perportit peak
Maja e Pianes peak
Maja e Picrrages peak
Maja e Piecit peak
Maja e Pikellimes peak
Maja e Pikses peak
Maja e Pilinardes peak
Maja e Pishes peak
Maja e Piskalit peak
Maja e Pistes peak
Maja e Pjeshkes peak
Maja e Pjeskes peak
Maja e Plak peak
Maja e Plakthit peak
Maja e Plerinatit peak
Maja e Plikut peak
Maja e Plizes peak
Maja e Pllumbit peak
Maja e Pllumes peak
Maja e Pocit peak
Maja e Podit peak
Maja e Polemit peaks
Maja e Policanit peak
Maja e Porecanit peak
Maja e Poshtremit peak
Maja e Potit mountain
Maja e Prekujkes peak
Maja e Prestomanit peak
Maja e Priskes peak
Maja e Pujkes hill
Maja e Purthiqit peak
Maja e Pusit mountain
Maja e Qaf-Korb peak
Maja e Qafa e Buallit peak
Maja e Qafa e Shtylles peak
Maja e Qarrishtes peak
Maja e Qelqes peak
Maja e Qelqezes peak
Maja e Qershise hill
Maja e Qershizes peak
Maja e Qetit peak
Maja e Qifarishtes peak
Maja e Qiramanges mountain
Maja e Qokaj peak
Maja e Qorres mountain
Maja e Qypi i Gracit mountain
Maja e Qytetes hill
Maja e Qytetit peak
Maja e Qytezes peak
Maja e Qytezes peak
Maja e Rabes peak
Maja e Radeshes mountain
Maja e Radohimes peak
Maja e Radohines peak
Maja e Radonit ridge
Maja e Ragamit peak
Maja e Rahit peak
Maja e Rakshanit peak
Maja e Ramies peak
Maja e Rases peak
Maja e Rases peak
Maja e Recit hill
Maja e Rencit peak
Maja e Rensit peak
Maja e Reschepit peak
Maja e Retones peak
Maja e Rexhepit peak
Maja e Rinise mountain
Maja e Rojes peak
Maja e Rojes peak
Maja e Rones peak
Maja e Roshit mountain
Maja e Roshit peak
Maja e Rosit peak
Maja e Rrabes peak
Maja e Rrafshes se Bunarit peak
Maja e Rrafshtines peak
Maja e Rragamit peak
Maja e Rrases peak
Maja e Rrases peak
Maja e Rrases peak
Maja e Rrepes peak
Maja e Rrushkullise peak
Maja e Rsases peak
Maja e Rujes peak
Maja e Runes se Kukesit peak
Maja e Runes peak
Maja e Runja e Lures mountain
Maja e Runjes mountain
Maja e Runjes peak
Maja e Runsit peak
Maja e Rupes peak
Maja e Ruveshit peak
Maja e Sacit peak
Maja e Sales mountain
Maja e Samanikes peak
Maja e Samarthit mountain
Maja e Saravit peak
Maja e Shakpes peak
Maja e Shala e Vogel peak
Maja e Shales s' Vogel peak
Maja e Shallave peak
Maja e Shamit peak
Maja e Sharres se Madhe peak
Maja e Sharres peak
Maja e Shebenikut peak
Maja e Shelbumit mountain
Maja e Shelbumit mountain
Maja e Shemilit mountain
Maja e Shen Iliut mountain
Maja e Shen Mertirit headland
Maja e Shendenikut mountain
Maja e Shengjergjit peak
Maja e Shenikut mountain
Maja e Sheshi Dellenjes peak
Maja e Sheshit te Veles peak
Maja e Sheshit Valite peak
Maja e Sheshit Velise peak
Maja e Shikajve peak
Maja e Shilorit peak
Maja e Shipshajve peak
Maja e Shites mountain
Maja e Shiut peak
Maja e Shkalles peak
Maja e Shkelles peak
Maja e Shkelzenit peak
Maja e Shkembi i Korbit peak
Maja e Shkembit te Gropave peak
Maja e Shkembit peak
Maja e Shkuqezes mountain
Maja e Shllimit peak
Maja e Shllumi i Merturtit peak
Maja e Shmilit mountain
Maja e Shnikut mountain
Maja e Shpates peak
Maja e Shpates peak
Maja e Shpates peak
Maja e Shpatit peaks
Maja e Shpatit peak
Maja e Shpiragrit mountain
Maja e Shpjetrit peak
Maja e Shqipes peak
Maja e Shtashit peak
Maja e Shtocices peak
Maja e Shtogut peak
Maja e Shtrazes peak
Maja e Shtrazes peak
Maja e Shtylles peak
Maja e Shulices peak
Maja e Shullanit Gjate peak
Maja e Shullanit te Gjate peak
Maja e Shullanit te Madh peak
Maja e Shullanit mountain
Maja e Shullanit peak
Maja e Shullerit peak
Maja e Shullinit peak
Maja e Shverit peak
Maja e Shyt peak
Maja e Sinan Dukes peak
Maja e Skajes mountain
Maja e Skenderbeut peak
Maja e Skures peak
Maja e Skurres peak
Maja e Sllazhnices peak
Maja e Smokthines hill
Maja e Smurthit peak
Maja e Sokolit mountain
Maja e Sollomanit peak
Maja e Sones peak
Maja e Sorres peak
Maja e Spalit peaks
Maja e Spikut mountain
Maja e Spiles peak
Maja e Spones peak
Maja e Sqepit peak
Maja e Stanit mountain
Maja e Sternikut mountain
Maja e Stervecit peak
Maja e Stogut peak
Maja e Stolit peak
Maja e Strapit peak
Maja e Strungs e Gurit peak
Maja e Sturos peak
Maja e Sturosit peak
Maja e Suk Peles peak
Maja e Suka e Boshinjes peak
Maja e Suka e Boshnjes peak
Maja e Suka e Bukures mountain
Maja e Suka e Dajcit peak
Maja e Suka e Holeces mountain
Maja e Suka e Javorit peak
Maja e Suka e Madhe peak
Maja e Sukajt hill
Maja e Suke Peles peak
Maja e Sukes peak
Maja e Sukes ridge
Maja e Sukes peak
Maja e Sukes peak
Maja e Sukes peak
Maja e Sukes mountain
Maja e Sukes peak
Maja e Sukf peak
Maja e Sukit mountain
Maja e Suksit peak
Maja e Sules mountain
Maja e Surtes mountain
Maja e Sutjelit hill
Maja e Sykathit peak
Maja e Tabia e Vogel peak
Maja e Tafes peak
Maja e Taljanit mountain
Maja e Tanes peak
Maja e Taraboshit peak
Maja e Tartarit mountain
Maja e Tatiqit hill
Maja e Tatuit hill
Maja e Terkuzit mountain
Maja e Thacit peak
Maja e Thakanes peak
Maja e Thanasit peak
Maja e Thanes peak
Maja e Thanes peak
Maja e Thanes mountain
Maja e Thanzes peak
Maja e Tingellimes peak
Maja e Tocit peak
Maja e Tomorit peak
Maja e Tomorrices peak
Maja e Trebeshines peak
Maja e Trebloves peak
Maja e Tregtanit peak
Maja e Trojanit peak
Maja e Trokusit mountain
Maja e Trungut peak
Maja e Tujanit peak
Maja e Tuls peak
Maja e Turres hill
Maja e Ujazes peak
Maja e Ulojthit peak
Maja e Ulokut peak
Maja e Urishtes peak
Maja e Valamares peak
Maja e Valikardhes mountain
Maja e Valikardhit mountain
Maja e Valit peak
Maja e Valit peak
Maja e Vashes peak
Maja e Velecikut mountain
Maja e Veles mountain
Maja e Venikes mountain
Maja e Vertopit peak
Maja e Vervotit mountain
Maja e Vidhnave peak
Maja e Vidhnavet peak
Maja e Viles peak
Maja e Visit peak
Maja e Vjervakut peak
Maja e Vleshes mountain
Maja e Volit peak
Maja e Volpules peak
Maja e Vorbtines peak
Maja e Vrumbullakes peak
Maja e Vukes hill
Maja e Yngjerit peak
Maja e Zagonit peak
Maja e Zbucit peak
Maja e Zebes mountain
Maja e Zefjanes hill
Maja e Zefjas hill
Maja e Zez peak
Maja e Zez mountain
Maja e Zeze mountain
Maja e Zeze peak
Maja e Zeze peak
Maja e Zeze peak
Maja e Zeze peak
Maja e Zeze peak
Maja e Zeze peak
Maja e Zezes peak
Maja e Zezi peak
Maja e Zezit mountain
Maja e Zgarit peak
Maja e Zgurit peak
Maja e Zhihoves peak
Maja e Zinit peak
Maja e Zithit peak
Maja e Zjepit peak
Maja e Zogut mountain
Maja e Zorrit mountain
Maja e Zorzit mountain
Maja e Zvitit peak
Maja e Zylit peak
Maja e Zymit peak
Maja Elbunit mountain
Maja Fanasit peak
Maja Glazhnices peak
Maja Gobellit mountain
Maja Gur i Keq peak
Maja Guri Kec peak
Maja Guri Keg peak
Maja Gurii Kuq peak
Maja Gurit peak
Maja Gurizi mountain
Maja Hulit peak
Maja i Gurra e Zeze peak
Maja i Qafa e Kumbulles peak
Maja i Toplanes peak
Maja Ismet Sali Brucaj peak
Maja Jezerce mountain
Maja Jezerces mountain
Maja Kalase peak
Maja Kaljazarit peak
Maja Kalorit peak
Maja Kaptine peak
Maja Kashtes peak
Maja Katrafilit peak
Maja Kozel mountain
Maja Kudenisht peak
Maja Kufla e Sina mountain
Maja Kunora Lures peak
Maja Kunore peak
Maja Kunores peak
Maja Linersit peak
Maja Livadhasi peak
Maja Livrosa hill
Maja Madhe peak
Maja Madhe peak
Maja Madhe peak
Maja Malsit peak
Maja Markofces peak
Maja Mazrek peak
Maja Megulles mountain
Maja Mellani peak
Maja Melleze mountain
Maja Merqin peak
Maja Metohise peak
Maja Mguls mountain
Maja Mlleze peak
Maja Molles peak
Maja Mucalit peak
Maja Noj i Madh peak
Maja Ostrovices peak
Maja Pallaverces peak
Maja Pjeshkes peak
Maja Plikut peak
Maja Pllumes peak
Maja Plumb peak
Maja Qeparoit mountain
Maja Quma mountain
Maja Rencit peak
Maja Rrabes peak
Maja Rradeshes mountain
Maja Rrasa e Qerretit peak
Maja Rrasa te Gjadrit mountain
Maja Rrases peak
Maja Rrases peak
Maja Runs peak
Maja Rupes peak
Maja Scanberbegut ridge
Maja Sebenik peak
Maja Shilbumit mountain
Maja Shkelzeni peak
Maja Shpjetrit peak
Maja Skuk mountain
Maja Skurres peak
Maja Snikut mountain
Maja Sokolit mountain
Maja Spalit peaks
Maja Spatit peaks
Maja Sucel peak
Maja Sucelit peak
Maja Suka e Kunores mountain
Maja Surd mountain
Maja Trosanit mountain
Maja Ujeza peak
Maja Veles mountain
Maja Velicik mountain
Maja Vels mountain
Maja Vrumbullake peak
Maja Zgorri mountain
Maja' e Gjemit peak
Maja, e Kocimares peak
Majac populated place
Majalli populated place
Majallia populated place
Maje Arselit peak
Maje Bliec hill
Maje Bredase mountain
Maje Darpen peak
Maje e Ershalit peak
Maje e Grepit mountain
Maje e Kasit peak
Maje e Toroshanit mountain
Maje e Tregtanit peak
Maje Jezerce Pupvuks mountain
Maje Lavan peak
Maje Lbunit mountain
Maje Lefunje peak
Maje Lepieter peak
Maje Markovcit peak
Maje Papingut peak
Maje Radohins peak
Maje Ruja Lures mountain
Maje Surz mountain
Maje Tacuh hill
Maje Ture hill
Maje Zurz mountain
Majegjate populated place
Majet e Sals peak
Majgjishikutjes peak
Maji i Kasarajt peak
Majli Krepit mountain
Majnisht populated place
Majtara populated place
Majtare populated place
Makaj populated place
Makaj populated place
Makelari populated place
Maknor section of populated place
Maknor populated place
Maknor-Caush populated place
Maknor-Caushi populated place
Maknora section of populated place
Maknori section of populated place
Makrigim peak
Makrikambo mountain
Makrikambos mountain
Mal Aderait peak
Mal Allaman mountains
Mal Barbullush mountain
Mal Begaj mountain
Mal Begjanit spur
Mal Beshishtit peak
Mal Beshistit peak
Mal Bidos peak
Mal Bofnje mountain
Mal Bureto mountain
Mal Bus Devrit peak
Mal Cajup mountain
Mal Cfir hill
Mal Cika mountain
Mal Cirme mountain
Mal Cukal mountain
Mal Cukal peak
Mal Dajt mountain
Mal Deje mountains
Mal Dhembel mountain
Mal Faqiakuqit peak
Mal Gjalice e Lumes peak
Mal Grabove mountain
Mal Grame mountain
Mal Gramoz mountain
Mal Gran hill
Mal Gribe mountains
Mal i Araisit peak
Mal i Arzes peak
Mal i Bales peak
Mal i Barbullushit mountain
Mal i Bardhe populated place
Mal i Barl populated place
Mal i Barzezes peak
Mal i Batrit peak
Mal i Begianit spur
Mal i Berarit peak
Mal i Berdashes mountain
Mal i Berrarit peak
Mal i Bitret peak
Mal i Brarrit peak
Mal i Bratai peak
Mal i Bratajes peak
Mal i Brezanit hill
Mal i Bultices peak
Mal i Burdit peak
Mal i Cerckes mountain
Mal i Cerkes mountain
Mal i Cikes peak
Mal i Cipes peak
Mal i Cukaraves peak
Mal i Dajtit mountain
Mal i Debushes ridge
Mal i Debushes mountain
Mal i Dejes mountains
Mal i Dhivrovunit mountain
Mal i Drugomirit peak
Mal i Dubines mountain
Mal i Durishtit mountain
Mal i Durresit hill
Mal i Elbunit mountain
Mal i Fakut peak
Mal i Finikut hill
Mal i Finiqut hill
Mal i Firtit peak
Mal i Gamlet mountain
Mal i Gamtit mountain
Mal i Gargulit peak
Mal i Gjalices peak
Mal i Gjamtit populated place
Mal i Gjances mountain
Mal i Gjinovecit mountain
Mal i Gjymtit populated place
Mal i Gorices hill
Mal i Graboves mountain
Mal i Grames mountain
Mal i Gzezes peak
Mal i Hajsht mountain
Mal i Homeshit mountain
Mal i Ilkes peak
Mal i Iltes peak
Mal i Irsit mountain
Mal i Jaranishtit mountain
Mal i Jaronishtes mountain
Mal i Joranishtit mountain
Mal i Jushit populated place
Mal i Kacivelit mountain
Mal i Kaculit peak
Mal i Kakaricit ridge
Mal i Kakariqit ridge
Mal i Kakariqit section of populated place
Mal i Kakarrigit ridge
Mal i Kakarriqit ridge
Mal i Kakarriqit section of populated place
Mal i Kallogjerit peak
Mal i Kaptines peak
Mal i Karborrit hill
Mal i Karpenit hill
Mal i Karthnekes hill
Mal i Kasharajt peak
Mal i Kavanijes peak
Mal i Kavanjez peak
Mal i Kercokes mountain
Mal i Komjanit mountain
Mal i Korbavet mountain
Mal i Koret mountain
Mal i Korres mountain
Mal i Kozares hill
Mal i Krashoves mountain
Mal i Kreshit peak
Mal i Krujes mountain
Mal i Kug stream
Mal i Kurriles mountain
Mal i Lehnikut mountain
Mal i Lenit peak
Mal i Leskovikut mountain
Mal i Letanit peak
Mal i Liqenit peak
Mal i Llunxheries ridge
Mal i Lugjet peak
Mal i Lukoves peak
Mal i Lunikut peak
Mal i Lunxheries ridge
Mal i Lunxherise ridge
Mal i Lushnjes hill
Mal i Makillaqit peak
Mal i Mandres hill
Mal i Manes mountain
Mal i Menerit mountain
Mal i Merqinjes peak
Mal i Mesit mountain
Mal i Metohijes peak
Mal i Micanit peak
Mal i Mirakes mountain
Mal i Mirdites mountains
Mal i Mnerit mountain
Mal i Molishtit hill
Mal i Molles mountain
Mal i Mucal peak
Mal i Murzines peak
Mal i Muzhenckes peak
Mal i Muzhllit hills
Mal i Muzines peak
Mal i Nec mountain
Mal i Ostrenit i Vogl mountain
Mal i Palanik peak
Mal i Pejes peak
Mal i Pentarit hill
Mal i Perqarkes peak
Mal i Petreles peak
Mal i Picrrages ridge
Mal i Pikes peak
Mal i Pizrrages ridge
Mal i Policanit peak
Mal i Polisit mountains
Mal i Postenanit mountain
Mal i Potit mountain
Mal i Progonices mountain
Mal i Pupatit peak
Mal i Pusit mountain
Mal i Qelqes mountain
Mal i Qinamit mountain
Mal i Radhimes mountain
Mal i Radohines peak
Mal i Radomit ridge
Mal i Recit hill
Mal i Renxit populated place
Mal i Renxit mountain
Mal i Reshonit peak
Mal i Robit hill
Mal i Romesit mountain
Mal i Romzit mountain
Mal i Rrencit mountain
Mal i Runja mountain
Mal i Rzdohines peak
Mal i Sashit peak
Mal i Shales peak
Mal i Shelbumit mountain
Mal i Shenjit mountains
Mal i Shenjte mountains
Mal i Shmarais mountain
Mal i Shpiragrit mountain
Mal i Shtepanzes peak
Mal i Sinanit peak
Mal i Sines peak
Mal i Skanderbeut ridge
Mal i Sternikut mountain
Mal i Sukes ridge
Mal i Temlis mountain
Mal i Tervolit mountain
Mal i That peak
Mal i Tltes peak
Mal i Tomorrit mountain
Mal i Toplanes peak
Mal i Topojanit peak
Mal i Traktanit peak
Mal i Tregtanit peak
Mal i Tujanit peak
Mal i Tules peak
Mal i Ungjerit peak
Mal i Veles mountain
Mal i Veliki peak
Mal i Veljes mountain
Mal i Velmishtit hill
Mal i Vodices mountain
Mal i Volpupes peak
Mal i Zaloshnjes mountains
Mal i Zejmenit hill
Mal i Zhabokikes peak
Mal i Zhitomit peak
Mal i Zhorahit mountain
Mal i Zonjes mountain
Mal i Zullit peak
Mal Ivan mountain
Mal Izvor peak
Mal Izvorit peak
Mal j'e Shendenikut mountain
Mal Kacil peak
Mal Kacinar mountain
Mal Kakariq ridge
Mal Kamjan mountain
Mal Kamje mountain
Mal Kaptine peak
Mal Kasharaj peak
Mal Kazanej peak
Mal Kazanje peak
Mal Kolesjan mountain
Mal Komjan mountain
Mal Koqinolithar peak
Mal Krab mountain
Mal Krabbe mountain
Mal Krabe mountain
Mal Kullgjate mountain
Mal Kurile mountain
Mal Kuzolat peak
Mal Laluco Spilie peak
Mal Lavan peak
Mal Lepietres peak
Mal Lepusce peak
Mal Lofke mountain
Mal Lopes peak
Mal Luce mountain
Mal Lungare mountains
Mal Luz peak
Mal Manez mountain
Mal Mangull mountain
Mal Marata peak
Mal Messit mountain
Mal Mete mountain
Mal Metohis peak
Mal Mican peak
Mal Molisht hill
Mal Morave ridge
Mal Munelle mountain
Mal Munelle peak
Mal Munelles mountain
Mal Murzine peak
Mal Murzines peak
Mal Nemercke mountains
Mal Nicolachi peak
Mal Oron peak
Mal Ostrovice ridge
Mal Piskal peak
Mal Pjec populated place
Mal Plashnik mountain
Mal Postenan mountain
Mal Progonice mountain
Mal Progoniz mountain
Mal Prosil peak
Mal Pus mountain
Mal Pusit mountain
Mal Ramies peak
Mal Renc mountain
Mal Rrenc mountain
Mal Rungaje peak
Mal Runje mountain
Mal Saraqin mountain
Mal Shejte mountains
Mal Shendelli peak
Mal Shenik mountain
Mal Shiroke mountain
Mal Shkujke hill
Mal Shpat ridge
Mal Shpirag mountain
Mal Shpot peak
Mal Shtreze mountain
Mal Skafed peak
Mal Sucel peak
Mal Suke ridge
Mal Sukover peak
Mal Sulove mountain
Mal Tarabosh peak
Mal Taron peak
Mal Tartar mountain
Mal Tartari mountain
Mal Tljes peak
Mal Tomor mountain
Mal Topojan peak
Mal Trebeshine ridge
Mal Tregtan peak
Mal Tremlisht mountain
Mal Ulok peak
Mal Vaches peak
Mal Vaches peak
Mal Valamare mountain
Mal Vele mountain
Mal Velik peak
Mal Vocopolit peak
Mal Vuzhe peak
Mal Zajs mountain
Mal Zaloshnje mountains
Mal Zebe mountain
Mal Zepe mountain
Mal Zhitom peak
Mal Zhur mountain
Mal' e Skajes mountain
Mal' i Balljes peak
Mal' i Barda populated place
Mal' i Bardhe mountain
Mal' i Bardhe peak
Mal' i Bishkazit peak
Mal' i Buellit peak
Mal' i Gjate peak
Mal' i Gjere mountains
Mal' i Grykes hill
Mal' i Hajderajes peak
Mal' i Kecokes mountain
Mal' i Kishes peak
Mal' i Kolajt populated place
Mal' i Kug populated place
Mal' i Kug peak
Mal' i Kurores peak
Mal' i Lugut Kualit peak
Mal' i Maranajt peak
Mal' i Piskalit peak
Mal' i Shenjt mountains
Mal' i Shkamit peak
Mal' i Shullanit peak
Mal' i Sucelit peak
Mal' i Thate peak
Mal' i Thate peak
Mal' i Viles peak
Mal' i Zi mountain
Mal' Ishpatit ridge
Mal'e Cukalit mountain
Mal-Bardh populated place
Mal-Bardhi populated place
Mal-Gjepal populated place
Mal-Milot populated place
Mal-Miloti populated place
Mala Bregu populated place
Mala Reka stream
Malagaj hill
Malagj section of populated place
Malagj-Kajvall populated place
Malagji section of populated place
Malagji-Kajvall populated place
Malagji-Kajvalli populated place
Malagjikajvali populated place
Malaj i Eperm populated place
Malaj administrative division
Malaj populated place
Malakastra populated place
Malalar populated place
Malanxhi section of populated place
Malas Brek populated place
Malas Dajas populated place
Malas Raya populated place
Malas populated place
Malas populated place
Malas populated place
Malas populated place
Malas-Breg populated place
Malas-Bregas populated place
Malas-Bregu populated place
Malas-Gropa populated place
Malas-Grope populated place
Malasej populated place
Malaseja populated place
Malaseje populated place
Malaseji populated place
Malaseni populated place
Malasenj populated place
Malasgrop populated place
Malasi populated place
Malavec populated place
Malaveci populated place
Malaxh section of populated place
Malaxhi populated place
Malay-Dils populated place
Malcan populated place
Malcani populated place
Malcene populated place
Malchec populated place
Malciani populated place
Malcke populated place
Malcutsi populated place
Malear populated place
Malecaj populated place
Maleija e Madhe upland
Malelar populated place
Maleshov populated place
Maleshova populated place
Maleshove populated place
Malesi e Madhe upland
Malesi e Madhe second-order administrative division
Malesia e Cermenikes upland
Malesia e Gashit upland
Malesia e Gjakoves upland
Malesia e Krujes upland
Malesia e Lezhes upland
Malesia e Madhe upland
Malesia e Martan Eshit upland
Malesia e Polisit mountains
Malesia e Tiranes upland
Malesija e Krujes upland
Malet e Faqekuqit peak
Malet Marshejt mountain
Mali Arab peak
Mali Arcovole mountain
Mali Begai mountain
Mali Belaj hill
Mali Berishdol mountain
Mali Beshishtit peak
Mali Blinz peak
Mali Boden populated place
Mali Boss hill
Mali Brars peak
Mali Brezhdan hill
Mali Brumbulinit peak
Mali Bukaniku peak
Mali Burgit peak
Mali Buzemadhe mountain
Mali Cacoica peak
Mali Calafa ridge
Mali Carei peak
Mali Cerke mountain
Mali Chessibessit peak
Mali Chiarista ridge
Mali Cike mountain
Mali Cikes peak
Mali Cioret mountain
Mali Cirmes mountain
Mali Crabi mountain
Mali Cresciovas mountain
Mali Cucicsk mountain
Mali Cuzolat peak
Mali Daitit mountain
Mali Dejse peak
Mali Dhembellit peak
Mali Djaljices peak
Mali Dures hill
Mali Durres e Suhodolit hill
Mali Dzoret mountain
Mali e Pilinates peak
Mali e Qeparojt mountain
Mali e Xhoret mountain
Mali Eremetz hill
Mali Fenichis hill
Mali Galigasi mountain
Mali Gargullit peak
Mali Gionemi peak
Mali Giuge mountains
Mali Gjaliqes peak
Mali Gjat peak
Mali Gjer mountains
Mali Gjonemi peak
Mali Grad island
Mali Guribardhe valley
Mali Gurigomares hill
Mali Hebaj populated place
Mali i Allamanit mountains
Mali i Arapit peak
Mali i Arjthit peak
Mali i Armenit hill
Mali i Arzes peak
Mali i Bakiles peak
Mali i Baklit peak
Mali i Bales mountain
Mali i Bales peak
Mali i Balgjajt mountains
Mali i Baljes peak
Mali i Ballgjajt mountains
Mali i Barbullushit mountain
Mali i Bardhe mountain
Mali i Bardhe populated place
Mali i Bardhe populated place
Mali i Bardhej populated place
Mali i Barzezit peak
Mali i Batvit peak
Mali i Bega mountain
Mali i Begajt mountain
Mali i Begajve mountain
Mali i Bestroves hill
Mali i Biges mountain
Mali i Bishkazit peak
Mali i Bitret peak
Mali i Bofnjes mountain
Mali i Bostanckes mountain
Mali i Brarrit peak
Mali i Bratajt peak
Mali i Brezanit hill
Mali i Bukanikut peak
Mali i Bultices peak
Mali i Burdit te Vogel peak
Mali i Cajupit mountain
Mali i Carei peak
Mali i Cfirit hill
Mali i Cikes mountain
Mali i Cikes peak
Mali i Ciores mountain
Mali i Cioret mountain
Mali i Cipes peak
Mali i Corajt mountain
Mali i Cukalit mountain
Mali i Cukaraves peak
Mali i Dajtit mountain
Mali i Dejes mountains
Mali i Dejs peak
Mali i Denjes peak
Mali i Dervenit ridge
Mali i Dhembelit mountain
Mali i Dhemblanit peak
Mali i Dhines peak
Mali i Dhivrit mountain
Mali i Dinovecit mountain
Mali i Dragotit mountain
Mali i Drugomirit peak
Mali i Durishkit mountain
Mali i Durishtit mountain
Mali i Durresit hill
Mali i Durrsit hill
Mali i Elbunit mountain
Mali i Elez Kurtit mountain
Mali i Eremecit hill
Mali i Faqekuqit peak
Mali i Finiqit hill
Mali i Firtit peak
Mali i Gaferit peak
Mali i Gamnit mountain
Mali i Gamtit mountain
Mali i Gargulit peak
Mali i Gerckes mountain
Mali i Gjalices se Lumes peak
Mali i Gjalices peak
Mali i Gjallices peak
Mali i Gjances mountain
Mali i Gjer mountains
Mali i Gjere mountains
Mali i Gjinovecit mountain
Mali i Gjonemi peak
Mali i Gjymtit populated place
Mali i Golikut peak
Mali i Golishit peak
Mali i Golishit peak
Mali i Gorices hill
Mali i Gostenckes mountain
Mali i Gostivishtit mountain
Mali i Graboves mountain
Mali i Gradishtes hill
Mali i Grames mountain
Mali i Gramosit mountain
Mali i Greve peak
Mali i Greves peak
Mali i Gribes mountains
Mali i Haisht mountain
Mali i Hajmelit mountain
Mali i Hekurave peak
Mali i Homeshit mountain
Mali i Hutit peak
Mali i Ivanit mountain
Mali i Izvorit peak
Mali i Jaravishit mountain
Mali i Jaronishtit mountain
Mali i Jushit populated place
Mali i Jushit hill
Mali i Jushit populated place
Mali i Kacilit peak
Mali i Kacivelit mountain
Mali i Kakariqit section of populated place
Mali i Kakarriqit ridge
Mali i Kalivacit hill
Mali i Kallogjerit peak
Mali i Kalosjanit mountain
Mali i Kaltanit mountain
Mali i Kaminijes mountain
Mali i Kamjes mountain
Mali i Kaptines peak
Mali i Karpenit hill
Mali i Karvaqit peak
Mali i Kasharanit peak
Mali i Kazanjes peak
Mali i Kercokes mountain
Mali i Kerthnekut hill
Mali i Kishes peak
Mali i Kodrulles mountain
Mali i Kokojka peak
Mali i Kolaj populated place
Mali i Kolajt hill
Mali i Kolesjan te mountain
Mali i Kolesjanit mountain
Mali i Kolesjanite mountain
Mali i Kolosjanit mountain
Mali i Komjanit mountain
Mali i Konajt peak
Mali i Koqinolitharit peak
Mali i Koravit mountain
Mali i Korbavet mountain
Mali i Korres mountain
Mali i Kostarit hill
Mali i Kotorit mountain
Mali i Kozares hill
Mali i Krabit mountain
Mali i Krafshes peak
Mali i Kroj Bardhe mountain
Mali i Krrabi mountain
Mali i Krrabit mountain
Mali i Krujes mountain
Mali i Kullgjates mountain
Mali i Kulmakes mountains
Mali i Kunores mountain
Mali i Kunores peak
Mali i Kunores peak
Mali i Kuq populated place
Mali i Kuq peak
Mali i Kurores peak
Mali i Kurriles mountain
Mali i Kuzozajt peak
Mali i Lavanit peak
Mali i Lehnikut mountain
Mali i Leklit mountain
Mali i Lekuresit hill
Mali i Lenies mountain
Mali i Lenit peak
Mali i Letanit peak
Mali i Lipec peak
Mali i Lipes peak
Mali i Ljepetes mountain
Mali i Lopes peak
Mali i Luces mountain
Mali i Lukoves peak
Mali i Lungares mountains
Mali i Lunikut peak
Mali i Lunxheries ridge
Mali i Lunxherise ridge
Mali i Lushnjes hill
Mali i Luzit peak
Mali i Madh peak
Mali i Madh hill
Mali i Magullit mountain
Mali i Makillaqit peak
Mali i Makrikambos mountain
Mali i Mamezit mountain
Mali i Mandres hill
Mali i Manes mountain
Mali i Maranajt peak
Mali i Mardomit mountain
Mali i Marlules peak
Mali i Mazharit mountain
Mali i Melesinit mountain
Mali i Mercinjs peak
Mali i Merqinjes peak
Mali i Merturit mountain
Mali i Mesit mountain
Mali i Metes mountain
Mali i Metohijes peak
Mali i Micanit peak
Mali i Mietes peak
Mali i Milese peak
Mali i Mirakes mountain
Mali i Mitomorrit peak
Mali i Mnerit mountain
Mali i Molishtit hill
Mali i Molles mountain
Mali i Moraves ridge
Mali i Mrixi peak
Mali i Mucalit peak
Mali i Munelles mountain
Mali i Muzhenckes peak
Mali i Muzhllit hills
Mali i Muzines peak
Mali i Muzines peak
Mali i Nemerckes mountains
Mali i Nikollaqit peak
Mali i Nisis hill
Mali i Nushajt mountain
Mali i Orenit peak
Mali i Ostrenit i Madhe peak
Mali i Pashkasheshit mountain
Mali i Patokut mountain
Mali i Pentarit hill
Mali i Perecanit peak
Mali i Perollet mountain
Mali i Perqarkes peak
Mali i Petreles peak
Mali i Picrages ridge
Mali i Picrrages ridge
Mali i Pilloit mountain
Mali i Piskallit peak
Mali i Pjeshkes peak
Mali i Plashnikut mountain
Mali i Pleshevices peak
Mali i Pleshovices mountain
Mali i Polisit mountains
Mali i Postenanit mountain
Mali i Potit mountain
Mali i Priskes se Vogel mountain
Mali i Proganices mountain
Mali i Propas mountain
Mali i Pupatit peak
Mali i Qarrishtes ridge
Mali i Qelizes mountain
Mali i Qelqezes mountain
Mali i Qinamit mountain
Mali i Radeshes mountain
Mali i Radhimes mountain
Mali i Radimishtit peak
Mali i Radomit ridge
Mali i Radonishtit peak
Mali i Rdites mountains
Mali i Rencit mountain
Mali i Rencit populated place
Mali i Renxit populated place
Mali i Robit hill
Mali i Romesit mountain
Mali i Roshit mountain
Mali i Rosit mountain
Mali i Rrencit mountain
Mali i Rungajes peak
Mali i Runjes mountain
Mali i Saraqinit mountain
Mali i Serakolit peak
Mali i Shanderbegut ridge
Mali i Shejtit mountains
Mali i Shelbumit mountain
Mali i Shelegurit mountain
Mali i Shendellise peak
Mali i Shendellise ridge
Mali i Shenderbeut ridge
Mali i Shengjinit populated place
Mali i Shengjinit mountain
Mali i Shenikut mountain
Mali i Shenjit mountains
Mali i Shenjt mountains
Mali i Shentit mountains
Mali i Shkelzenit peak
Mali i Shkujkes hill
Mali i Shmarais mountain
Mali i Shpatit ridge
Mali i Shpikut mountain
Mali i Shpiragut mountain
Mali i Shqerrave mountain
Mali i Shtepazes peak
Mali i Shtreza mountain
Mali i Shytit mountain
Mali i Sinanit peak
Mali i Sines peak
Mali i Skafedise peak
Mali i Skanderbegut ridge
Mali i Skanderbeut ridge
Mali i Skenderbegut ridge
Mali i Skenderbeut ridge
Mali i Skorovotit mountain
Mali i Snikut mountain
Mali i Sogorit mountain
Mali i Spikut mountain
Mali i Sternikut mountain
Mali i Strakavecit peak
Mali i Strakoavecit peak
Mali i Strenes peak
Mali i Strugarit peak
Mali i Sucelit peak
Mali i Sukes peak
Mali i Sukes mountain
Mali i Sukes ridge
Mali i Sukoverit peak
Mali i Suloves mountain
Mali i Sumlit peak
Mali i Taborit peak
Mali i Taroninit peak
Mali i Taronit peak
Mali i Tartaneve mountain
Mali i Tartarit mountain
Mali i Terpanit peak
Mali i Tervolit mountain
Mali i Thanes mountain
Mali i Thate peak
Mali i Tomorrit peak
Mali i Toplanes peak
Mali i Trebeshines ridge
Mali i Trebloves peak
Mali i Trektanit peak
Mali i Tremlishtit mountain
Mali i Trushnices mountain
Mali i Tujanit peak
Mali i Tules peak
Mali i Ulokut peak
Mali i Ungjerit peak
Mali i Varrit peak
Mali i Veles mountain
Mali i Veliki peak
Mali i Veljes mountain
Mali i Veljs mountain
Mali i Velmishtit hill
Mali i Venikes mountain
Mali i Viles peak
Mali i Viles peak
Mali i Vlushes mountain
Mali i Vuzhes peak
Mali i Zajsit mountain
Mali i Zaloshnjes mountains
Mali i Zejmenit hill
Mali i Zepes mountain
Mali i Zgurit mountain
Mali i Zhabokikes peak
Mali i Zhapokikes peak
Mali i Zhitomit peak
Mali i Zhurit mountain
Mali i Zhuritit mountain
Mali i Zi mountain
Mali i Zojmenit hill
Mali i Zonjes mountain
Mali i Zorzit mountain
Mali i Zulit peak
Mali i Zullit peak
Mali i Zurz mountain
Mali i Zurzit mountain
Mali Iteras peak
Mali Kaltajt mountain
Mali Kaptines peak
Mali Karciveci mountain
Mali Keremenarit hill
Mali Kolaj populated place
Mali Kolaj mountain
Mali Krujs mountain
Mali Kulmake peak
Mali Kunores i Kishtes peak
Mali Lavan peak
Mali Liapoi peak
Mali Liapori peak
Mali Liundarids ridge
Mali Lobc peak
Mali Lokof mountain
Mali Lucotel peak
Mali Macrigim peak
Mali Makrigim peak
Mali me Gropa valley
Mali me Grope valley
Mali Micianit peak
Mali Mugjenska peak
Mali Munelles peak
Mali Murxhinjes peak
Mali Mushqeta peak
Mali Muzlit hills
Mali Niscites peak
Mali Nissoit peak
Mali Oddra peak
Mali Oddria peak
Mali Ormova peak
Mali Pasare hill
Mali Passare hill
Mali Perpanit peak
Mali Pilurit peak
Mali Plak peak
Mali Prushit peak
Mali Rencit mountain
Mali Rencit populated place
Mali Renzit mountain
Mali Robit populated place
Mali Rrencit populated place
Mali Rrungais peak
Mali Saloshnjes mountains
Mali Scemri Bastar peak
Mali Scindeli ridge
Mali Scorovotit mountain
Mali Selbunit mountain
Mali Sen Dinit populated place
Mali Shejt mountains
Mali Shengjinit populated place
Mali Shpozes peak
Mali Shtrez mountain
Mali Sternezzit ridge
Mali Taborg peak
Mali Taborj peak
Mali Taronine peak
Mali Tcerkes mountain
Mali That peak
Mali Tomor peak
Mali Tomorrit peak
Mali Topaianit peak
Mali Trebescines ridge
Mali Trebeshinj ridge
Mali Trebloves peak
Mali Ulok peak
Mali Vacca mountain
Mali Velusces mountain
Mali Venike mountain
Mali Zefnjans hill
Mali Zejmanit hill
Mali Zelicoit peak
Mali-Bardhe populated place
Mali-Leza populated place
Mali-Leze populated place
Malibardh populated place
Maliben populated place
Malican populated place
Malij Nishanit hill
Malik See swamp
Malina populated place
Malinat populated place
Malinati populated place
Malind administrative division
Malind populated place
Malindi populated place
Maline populated place
Malinit populated place
Malinj populated place
Malino populated place
Maliq i Oparit populated place
Maliq Muco populated place
Maliq Opar populated place
Maliq populated place
Maliq populated place
Maliq third-order administrative division
Maliq-Fshat populated place
Maliqi i Oparit populated place
Maliqi populated place
Maliqi populated place
Maliqi populated place
Malishova populated place
Malishove populated place
Malishti hill
Malisiotes populated place
Malit Taronine peak
Malj i Barzez peak
Malj i Giss peak
Malj i Krcoks mountain
Malj i Kuc populated place
Malji Armenit hill
Malji Bicerit peak
Malji Cica peak
Malji Gran hill
Malji i Bratajs peak
Malji i Golemit hill
Malji i Gurdezes hill
Malji i Harbolit hill
Malji i Ilks peak
Malji i Ljusnes hill
Malji i Murtajes peak
Malji i Progonics mountain
Malji i Prusit peak
Malji i Romzit mountain
Malji Robit hill
Malji Treblovs peak
Maljkec populated place
Malka populated place
Malkaj populated place
Malke populated place
Malkec populated place
Malkeq populated place
Malkeqi populated place
Malla e Lures stream
Mallaj populated place
Mallakaster populated place
Mallakaster region
Mallakaster second-order administrative division
Mallakastra populated place
Mallakastra region
Mallanxa populated place
Mallas populated place
Mallasi populated place
Mallcan populated place
Mallkeq populated place
Mallkeqi populated place
Mallkuc populated place
Mallkuce populated place
Mallkuci populated place
Mallograd island
Mallonza populated place
Mallqet-Pete populated place
Mallunca populated place
Mallunxa populated place
Mallunxe populated place
Mallunze populated place
Malluxe populated place
Malmneri populated place
Malo Grad island
Malok populated place
Maloku populated place
Malqene populated place
Malshova populated place
Malsija e Madhe upland
Malsis stream
Malsisse Madhe upland
Malung ridge
Malusej populated place
Malzi third-order administrative division
Mamaj populated place
Mamajes populated place
Mamaliaga populated place
Mamaliaj populated place
Mamel populated place
Mamel populated place
Mameli populated place
Mameli populated place
Mameli populated place
Mamez populated place
Mameza populated place
Mamezi populated place
Maminas third-order administrative division
Maminas populated place
Maminasi populated place
Mamli populated place
Mamogjinaj populated place
Mamuras populated place
Mamurasi populated place
Mamuraz populated place
Mamurras populated place
Mamurras third-order administrative division
Mamurrasi populated place
Mamz populated place
Mamza populated place
Manaj populated place
Manaj populated place
Manaj populated place
Manastir Ajt Prodhomu monastery
Manastir i Catishtes monastery
Manastir Panajas monastery
Manastir populated place
Manastirasi populated place
Manastirec i Mokres populated place
Manastirec Mokra populated place
Manastirec populated place
Manastirec section of populated place
Manastireci populated place
Manastireci section of populated place
Manastiredi populated place
Manastiri i Shengjergj monastery
Manasufaj populated place
Manati populated place
Manatia populated place
Manatija populated place
Manatja populated place
Manazdre populated place
Mancurisht populated place
Mancurishti populated place
Mande peak
Mandra hill
Mandrak populated place
Mandraka populated place
Manes populated place
Manesi populated place
Manez third-order administrative division
Manez populated place
Manez populated place
Maneza populated place
Maneza populated place
Maneze populated place
Mangell populated place
Mangelli populated place
Manguli populated place
Mangull populated place
Mangulli populated place
Manshqani populated place
Manskur populated place
Manskuri populated place
Manskuria populated place
Manskurie populated place
Manskurija populated place
Mansmins populated place
Mansmyns populated place
Manth populated place
Manushtir populated place
Manxit populated place
Manza populated place
Manze populated place
Manzkuri populated place
Maqellara populated place
Maqellare third-order administrative division
Maqellare populated place
Maqellari populated place
Maqllara populated place
Maraci populated place
Marate peak
Marcinet populated place
Mardicaj populated place
Mare stream
Marez populated place
Marezi populated place
Margegaj third-order administrative division
Margegaj populated place
Margellec populated place
Margellic populated place
Margellici populated place
Marghekaj populated place
Margjonaj populated place
Marglic populated place
Margllic populated place
Margllici populated place
Marhugjina populated place
Mari Kej populated place
Maria peak
Mariani populated place
Maricaj administrative division
Maricaj populated place
Marice populated place
Marice populated place
Marice populated place
Marijan populated place
Marikaj populated place
Marikay populated place
Marin populated place
Marina Sheq populated place
Marina populated place
Marina populated place
Marina populated place
Marinaj populated place
Marinaj populated place
Marinas Mesheq populated place
Marinas Mesheqi populated place
Marinas populated place
Marine e Beratit populated place
Marine Sheqi populated place
Marine populated place
Marinez populated place
Marineza populated place
Marineze populated place
Marish populated place
Marishti populated place
Marizai populated place
Marizaj populated place
Marize populated place
Marizej populated place
Marjan populated place
Marjan populated place
Marjani populated place
Marjani populated place
Markai populated place
Markaj populated place
Markaj populated place
Markat populated place
Markati populated place
Markcokaj populated place
Markndonaj populated place
Markokaj populated place
Markolaj populated place
Marmodhe Maja peak
Marmodhe peak
Marqinet populated place
Marqineti populated place
Marrjani populated place
Marskat populated place
Marta pass
Martalloz populated place
Martalloz populated place
Martallozi Tasli populated place
Martallozi populated place
Martalos populated place
Martanesh third-order administrative division
Martanesh populated place
Martanesh region
Martaneshi populated place
Martaneshi region
Martin populated place
Martina populated place
Martindrejaj populated place
Martine populated place
Martine populated place
Martini populated place
Martirai populated place
Martoka populated place
Martoke populated place
Marvukaj populated place
Mas populated place
Masaresh populated place
Masculori populated place
Masel populated place
Mash populated place
Mashaj populated place
Mashan administrative division
Mashan populated place
Mashani populated place
Mashciani populated place
Mashe populated place
Mashjani populated place
Mashkulleri populated place
Mashkullor populated place
Mashkullor ridge
Mashkullor populated place
Mashkullora populated place
Mashkullore administrative division
Mashkullore populated place
Mashkullori ridge
Mashna populated place
Mashne populated place
Mashqan populated place
Mashqani populated place
Mashterkor populated place
Mashterkora populated place
Mashterkori populated place
Mashtrokora populated place
Mashtrokore populated place
Maskaresh populated place
Maskarth populated place
Maskollate populated place
Maslac populated place
Masterkora populated place
Mat Rreth second-order administrative division
Mat depression
Mat stream
Mat second-order administrative division
Matalaj populated place
Matallaj populated place
Matallija populated place
Matera populated place
Materaj populated place
Matere populated place
Mathis stream
Mati Presciovas mountain
Mati second-order administrative division
Mati stream
Matice stream
Matishove populated place
Matja stream
Matka Dhespot populated place
Matka populated place
Matka populated place
Matkaj populated place
Matke Dhespoti populated place
Matke Mal populated place
Matke populated place
Matkes populated place
Matkeza populated place
Matkeze populated place
Matkize populated place
Matmilj populated place
Matmilje populated place
Mato Asanaj populated place
Mato Assanai populated place
Matodjini populated place
Matogjin populated place
Matogjine populated place
Matogjini populated place
Matohasanaj populated place
Matollare populated place
Matrani populated place
Matransh populated place
Matranxh populated place
Matranxhi populated place
Matraxh populated place
Matraxhi i Cajes populated place
Matrice stream
Maulas populated place
Maure populated place
Maveshe populated place
Mavri Petra mountain
Mavro hill
Mavrojer populated place
Mavrojeri populated place
Mavropul populated place
Mavropull populated place
Mavropulli populated place
Mavropulo populated place
Mavropulon populated place
Mavros populated place
Mavrova populated place
Mavrove administrative division
Mavrove populated place
Mavsec populated place
Mavsheq populated place
Mavsheqi populated place
Maxhaj i Vogel populated place
Maxhej e Vogel populated place
May' e Gjarpenit peak
May' e Rupes peak
Maya Nermayna peak
Mazani populated place
Mazar populated place
Mazari populated place
Mazarrek section of populated place
Mazarrek stream
Mazdre populated place
Mazereke section of populated place
Mazha e Madhe populated place
Mazha e Vogel populated place
Mazhaj e Madhe populated place
Mazhaj e Vogel populated place
Mazhaj i Madh populated place
Mazhaj i Vogel populated place
Mazhaj populated place
Mazhan populated place
Mazhani populated place
Mazhanj populated place
Mazhanji populated place
Mazhar populated place
Mazhar populated place
Mazhar populated place
Mazhar-Lapardha populated place
Mazhar-Lapardhaj populated place
Mazhar-Lapardhaja populated place
Mazhar-Sevaster populated place
Mazhar-Sevasteri populated place
Mazhari populated place
Mazhari populated place
Mazhe e Madhe populated place
Mazhe e Vogel populated place
Mazhej Vogel populated place
Mazhica populated place
Mazhice populated place
Mazhje-e madhe populated place
Mazhje-e vogel populated place
Mazhzaj populated place
Mazj e Male populated place
Mazj e Vogelj populated place
Mazrek peak
Mazrek populated place
Mazrek populated place
Mazrek populated place
Mazrek populated place
Mazreka section of populated place
Mazreke section of populated place
Mazreke stream
Mazreke populated place
Mazreke populated place
Mazreke-Opar populated place
Mazreku populated place
Mazreku section of populated place
Mazreku populated place
Mazreku populated place
Mazreku populated place
Mazrrek populated place
Mazrreka section of populated place
Mazrreku populated place

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