Ada Bank - Adventure Bay: Australia

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Ada Bank bank
Ada Bore well
Ada Bore well
Ada Creek stream
Ada Creek stream
Ada Point point
Ada Reef reef
Ada Spring spring
Ada Spring spring
Ada Tank water tank
Adabadana Kawa Island island
Adam Bay bay
Adam Creek stream
Adam Range mountains
Adam Range mountains
Adam River stream
Adam Rivulet stream
Adam Rock rock
Adaminaby populated place
Adams Peak peak
Adams Point point
Adams Well well
Adamsfield populated place
Adamstown administrative division
Adavale populated place
Adcock River stream
Adder Bore well
Adder Creek stream
Adder Waterhole water hole
Adder Waterhole water hole
Addington populated place
Addison Channel channel
Adelaide Brook stream
Adelaide Lead populated place
Adelaide Lead railroad station
Adelaide Point point
Adelaide Reef reef
Adelaide River populated place
Adelaide River stream
Adelaide Vale farm
Adelaide seat of a first-order administrative division
Adele Island Shoal shoal
Adele Island island
Adelina Bore well
Adelina Tank water tank
Adeline Creek stream
Adelong Creek stream
Adelong farm
Adelong populated place
Adelyne Creek stream
Adieu Point point
Adiew Point point
Adilyagba Point point
Adinna Hill hill
Adirel Downs farm
Adjenbilly Creek stream
Adjungbilly Creek stream
Adjungbilly populated place
Adla Hill mountain
Adlams Well well
Adler Hill mountain
Admiral Bay bay
Admiral Island island
Admiral hill
Admiralty Gulf gulf
Admiralty Island island
Admiralty Islands islands
Admiralty Islets islands
Adnalgowara Creek stream
Adnanta Water well
Adnera Gap pass
Adnunka Hill hill
Adolphus Channel channel
Adolphus Island island
Adrian Reef reef
Adroit Shoal shoal
Adthumaninbura Point point
Advancetown populated place
Adventure Bay bay
Adventure Bay populated place

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