Arab Reef - Arwakurra: Australia

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Arab Reef reef
Arabana Hill hill
Arabella Station railroad station
Arabella farm
Arable Creek stream
Arable populated place
Arabulga Waterhole water hole
Arabulja Waterhole water hole
Arabunka Waterhole water hole
Aracord Reef reef
Aragoro Reef reef
Arajoel populated place
Arakoon populated place
Aralaij Beach beach
Aralba Creek stream
Araluen Creek stream
Araluen West populated place
Araluen farm
Araluen populated place
Aramac Creek stream
Aramac Range mountains
Aramac populated place
Aramara populated place
Aramata Hill hill
Aranbanga Creek stream
Arangimpi Creek stream
Aranja Waterhole water hole
Aranju Waterhole water hole
Aranlabulca Swamp swamp
Arapiles populated place
Arapunga Creek stream
Ararat Creek stream
Ararat populated place
Aratula populated place
Arawata populated place
Arawee farm
Arc Reef reef
Arcacdia farm
Arcadia Bore well
Arcadia Creek stream
Arcadia farm
Arcadia farm
Arcadia populated place
Arcadia populated place
Arcadia populated place
Arcadian railroad siding
Arch Cliff cliff
Arch Cliffs cliff
Arch Island island
Arch Rock island
Arch Rock rock
Arch Rock rock
Archdale populated place
Archdeacon Ledge shoal
Arched Island island
Archer Bay bay
Archer Creek stream
Archer Hill hill
Archer Point point
Archer River stream
Archer Rock rock
Archer Shoal shoal
Archer Siding populated place
Archer populated place
Archers Hill hill
Archerton populated place
Archervale farm
Archie Creek stream
Archie Soak intermittent wetland
Archie Well well
Archies Creek populated place
Archies Creek stream
Archies Creek stream
Archipelago of the Recherche islands
Archookoora railroad station
Archville railroad station
Arckaringa Creek stream
Arckaringa Station farm
Arckaringa farm
Arcoona Bluff cliff
Arcoona Caves cave
Arcoona Creek stream
Arcoona Hill hill
Arcoona Lake lake
Arcoona farm
Arcoordaby Out Station ranch
Arcoordaby Rockhole rock
Arcturus Downs farm
Ard-na-ree farm
Ardagh Rocks rocks
Ardath populated place
Ardbrin Bore well
Ardbrin farm
Ardecoodnana Waterhole water hole
Ardeer Station railroad station
Arden Downs farm
Arden Island island
Arden Islet island
Arden Soak intermittent wetland
Ardglen populated place
Arding populated place
Ardingly Siding railroad siding
Ardlethan populated place
Ardlui farm
Ardmon populated place
Ardmona populated place
Ardmore Bore well
Ardmore farm
Ardno Bore well
Ardno farm
Ardno farm
Ardno populated place
Ardoch farm
Ardonachie farm
Ardrossan Harbour harbor
Ardrossan farm
Ardrossan populated place
Ardune farm
Ardwick farm
Areegra populated place
Arethusa Point point
Argadardada lake
Argadargada Billabong lake
Argadargada Bore well
Argadargada farm
Argalong populated place
Argea railroad station
Argents Hill populated place
Argoon populated place
Argoon populated place
Argus Creek stream
Argyle Creek stream
Argyle Downs farm
Argyle farm
Argyle farm
Argyle populated place
Argyle railroad station
Argyle railroad station
Argylla Creek stream
Ariah Park populated place
Ariel Bank bank
Arina Waterhole water hole
Arizona Homestead farm
Arizona farm
Arizona farm
Arizona farm
Arkaba Creek stream
Arkaba Hill hill
Arkaba farm
Arkara Creek stream
Arkaroola Creek stream
Arkaroola farm
Arkeeta Claypans pans
Arkendeith populated place
Arkhurst Island island
Arkhurst Islet island
Arkona populated place
Arkwright Shoal shoal
Arla Springs spring
Arlington Reef reef
Arlington farm
Arltunga Mission populated place
Arltunga Police Station populated place
Arltunga populated place
Armada Lake lake
Armadale Bore well
Armadale North section of populated place
Armadale populated place
Armadale section of populated place
Armadilla Creek stream
Armadilla farm
Armanda River stream
Armatree populated place
Armchair Bore well
Armdale Bore well
Armidale Municipality administrative division
Armidale populated place
Armistice Reef reef
Armit Creek stream
Armit Island island
Armitage Creek stream
Armoo railroad station
Armraynald Bore well
Armraynald farm
Armstrong Channel channel
Armstrong Creek populated place
Armstrong Creek stream
Armstrong Creek stream
Armstrong Creek stream
Armstrong Creek stream
Armstrong Hill hill
Armstrong Hill hill
Armstrong Passage channel
Armstrong Plain plain
Armstrong Point point
Armstrong Ridge hill
Armstrong River stream
Armstrong River stream
Armstrong Waterhole water hole
Armstrong populated place
Armstrong populated place
Armstrongs Hill hill
Armuna railroad station
Armytage populated place
Arncliffe railroad station
Arncott farm
Arnhem Bay bay
Arnhem Land region
Arnhem's Land region
Arno Bay bay
Arno Bay populated place
Arno Peak peak
Arno farm
Arnold Island island
Arnold Islet island
Arnold Islets island
Arnold Nob mountain
Arnold River stream
Arnold West populated place
Arnold populated place
Arnolds Creek stream
Arnon River stream
Arnott Well well
Aroo farm
Aroona Creek stream
Aroona Creek stream
Aroona farm
Aroona farm
Aroota Well well
Arquallah Well well
Arr Reef reef
Arra Hill hill
Arrabunda Creek stream
Arrabury Creek stream
Arrabury farm
Arranfield farm
Arranmore Bore well
Arranmore farm
Arrawatta Creek stream
Arrelumbercumma Hill hill
Arrilalah populated place
Arrimu Creek stream
Arrino populated place
Arrinthrunga Creek stream
Arrinthunga Creek stream
Arrolla Station Bore well
Arrota Creek stream
Arrow Lake lake
Arrow Point point
Arrow Soak intermittent wetland
Arrowie farm
Arrowroot Creek stream
Arrowsmith Hill hill
Arrowsmith Lake lake
Arrowsmith Point point
Arrowsmith River stream
Arruranna Waterhole water hole
Artaming Hill hill
Artaming Well well
Artarman populated place
Artarmon populated place
Artarmon railroad station
Arte River stream
Arteinna Hill hill
Artella Lagoon pool
Artesian Basin plain
Artesian Downs farm
Artesian Range mountains
Arthur Bay bay
Arthur Creek stream
Arthur Creek stream
Arthur Creek stream
Arthur Creek stream
Arthur Creek stream
Arthur Creek stream
Arthur Head point
Arthur Hill hill
Arthur Hills hills
Arthur Lakes lakes
Arthur Patches reef
Arthur Peak mountain
Arthur Point point
Arthur Range mountains
Arthur River Well well
Arthur River farm
Arthur River populated place
Arthur River stream
Arthur River stream
Arthur River stream
Arthur the Great Spit shoal
Arthur's Creek stream
Arthur's Hill hill
Arthur's Peak mountain
Arthur populated place
Arthurs Bluff mountain
Arthurs Creek populated place
Arthurs Creek stream
Arthurs Creek stream
Arthurs Head point
Arthurs Hill hill
Arthurs Hill hill
Arthurs Mount mountain
Arthurs Peak peak
Arthurs Seat hill
Arthurs Seat mountain
Arthurs Seat mountain
Arthurs Seat mountain
Arthurs Seat populated place
Arthurton populated place
Arthurville populated place
Artimore Creek stream
Artimore farm
Artipena Hill hill
Artists Hill mountain
Artmore farm
Artoonanna Hill hill
Artracoona Hill hill
Arubial Lagoon lake
Arumpo House farm
Arumpo Tank water tank
Arumpo farm
Arumvale populated place
Arundel farm
Arundel populated place
Arunta Desert desert
Arurine Bay bay
Arwakurra populated place

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