Facing Channel - Fays Well: Australia

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Facing Channel navigation channel
Facing Island island
Fadden Tier mountain
Fahey Reef reef
Faheys Creek stream
Faheys Lane railroad siding
Failand Lodge farm
Failford populated place
Faint Point point
Fair Cape cape
Fair Hill hill
Fair View Creek stream
Fair View farm
Fairbrae farm
Fairbridge Bluff promontory
Fairdale populated place
Fairey Reef reef
Fairfax Island island
Fairfax Island island
Fairfax Islands island
Fairfax Islet island
Fairfax Rock rock
Fairfax populated place
Fairfield Creek stream
Fairfield Homestead radio station
Fairfield Park railroad station
Fairfield administrative division
Fairfield farm
Fairfield farm
Fairfield farm
Fairfield farm
Fairfield populated place
Fairfield radio station
Fairhaven populated place
Fairholme populated place
Fairlea Bore well
Fairlea farm
Fairley populated place
Fairlie farm
Fairlies Knob hill
Fairlight Rock rock
Fairlight farm
Fairlight farm
Fairney Brook Creek stream
Fairney Brook stream
Fairneyview populated place
Fairthlough Ridge reef
Fairview Creek stream
Fairview Creek stream
Fairview Hill hill
Fairview Out Station ranch
Fairview Plantations farm
Fairview Station railroad station
Fairview Tank water tank
Fairview farm
Fairview farm
Fairview farm
Fairview farm
Fairview farm
Fairview farm
Fairview farm
Fairview farm
Fairview populated place
Fairview railroad station
Fairway Bank shoal
Fairway Channel marine channel
Fairway Islands islands
Fairway Islets islands
Fairway Reef reef
Fairway Reef reef
Fairway Rock rock
Fairway Rocks rock
Fairway Shoals shoal
Fairways Islands islands
Fairwigs Well well
Fairy Creek stream
Fairy Dell populated place
Fairy Ground Creek stream
Fairy Hill hill
Fairy Hill populated place
Fairy Meadow section of populated place
Fairy Mount mountain
Fairyland Creek stream
Fairyland populated place
Fairylands populated place
Fairymead farm
Fairymead populated place
Fairymount farm
Faith Island island
Faith Reef reef
Faithful Tank water tank
Faithfull Tank water tank
Faithfuls Creek stream
Fal Brook stream
Falcon Bay bay
Falcon Island island
Falcon Island island
Falcon bay
Falcondale populated place
Falkirk Farm farm
Fall Creek stream
Fall Hill hill
Fall Point point
Falloch Creek stream
Falls Creek populated place
Falls Creek stream
Falls Creek stream
Falls Creek stream
Falls Hill hill
Falls of Forth rapids
Falmouth populated place
False Bay bay
False Cape Bossut cape
False Cape Creek inlet
False Cape cape
False Cape cape
False Entrance channel
False Entrance bay
False House Roof Hill mountain
False Island Point point
False Island island
False Island island
False Islet island
False Man hill
False Mount Russell mountain
False Orfordness cape
False Pera Head headland
False Point point
False Saddle Hill hill
Fame Cove cove
Fame Point point
Fame Point point
Fame Range mountains
Family Islands islands
Family Rocks rock
Fannells Creek stream
Fannie Bay bay
Fannie Bay populated place
Fanning Creek stream
Fanning Downs farm
Fanning River farm
Fanning River stream
Fanning Shoal shoal
Fanning populated place
Fanny Bay bay
Fanny Cove cove
Fanny Creek stream
Fanny Creek stream
Fantome Island island
Fantome Passage channel
Fantome Reef reef
Fantome Rock rocks
Fantome Rocks rocks
Fantome Shoal shoal
Far Beach beach
Far Creek stream
Far View Peak hill
Far Well well
Faraday Creek stream
Faraday Reef reef
Faraday populated place
Faraway Hill farm
Faraway Hill hill
Farawell Creek stream
Farewell Bore well
Farewell Creek stream
Farewell Island island
Farewell Point point
Farilie Bore well
Farina Town populated place
Farina populated place
Farleigh populated place
Farley populated place
Farleys Waterhole water hole
Farm Cove bay
Farm Cove cove
Farm Creek stream
Farm Shoal shoal
Farmeadow populated place
Farmer Island island
Farmer Islet island
Farmer Point point
Farmers Point point
Farmers Reef reef
Farnborough populated place
Farnham populated place
Farnon Bore well
Farquesons Lagoon pool
Farquhar Inlet inlet
Farquhar Park populated place
Farquharson Creek stream
Farquharson Reef reef
Farr Island island
Farrar Creek stream
Farrar railroad siding
Farrars Creek stream
Farrel Rivulet stream
Farrell Flat railroad station
Farrell Junction railroad station
Farrell Rivulet stream
Farrell railroad station
Farrells Flat railroad station
Farrendale Tank water tank
Farrers Crossing ford
Farrier Island island
Fassifern Valley populated place
Fassifern populated place
Fat Fellows Creek stream
Fat Hen Creek stream
Father of Marshes marsh
Fathom Rock rock
Fattorini Island island
Faulconbridge populated place
Faulkner Hill hill
Faulkners Rivulet stream
Fauna Park farm
Faure Flat mud flat
Faure Island farm
Faure Island island
Faure farm
Favell Creek stream
Favell Hole water hole
Favell Waterhole water hole
Favorite Island island
Favorite Island island
Fawcett populated place
Fawcetts Creek stream
Fawkner populated place
Fawn Head headland
Faynes Knob hill
Fays Well well

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