Ouana Waterhole - Ouyen: Australia

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Ouana Waterhole water hole
Oublier Reef reef
Ouchy Bore well
Oudabunna Rockhole rock
Oudabunna farm
Oudaburna Rockhole rock
Oueue Reef reef
Ouinda Downs farm
Ouldburra Hill hill
Oulilla Lake lake
Oulnina Hill mountain
Oulnina Park farm
Oulnina farm
Oulnina railroad station
Oumel mountain
Ounbourbie farm
Our Brook stream
Our Hill mountain
Oura populated place
Ouranee Creek stream
Ourimbah Creek stream
Ourimbah populated place
Ournie populated place
Ouse populated place
Ousedale Creek stream
Outalpa Hill mountain
Outalpa farm
Outalpa farm
Outalpa railroad station
Outee Hill hill
Outer Banks bank
Outer Banks tidal flat
Outer Bar Cutting navigation channel
Outer Bar Reach navigation channel
Outer Bar bar
Outer Freeman Channnel navigation channel
Outer Harbour section of harbor
Outer King Shoal shoal
Outer Knoll shoal
Outer Newry Island island
Outer North Head point
Outer North Head point
Outer Northwest Patch shoal
Outer Reef reef
Outer Reef reef
Outer Reef reef
Outer Rip Shoal shoal
Outer Rock rocks
Outer Rock rock
Outer Rocks rocks
Outer Rocks rocks
Outer Seven Foot Rock rock
Outer Shoal shoal
Outer South Head point
Outlet Creek stream
Outouie Hill hill
Outounya Creek stream
Outrim Patches reef
Outside Creek stream
Outtrim North Station railroad station
Outtrim Patches reef
Outtrim populated place
Outungutuinna Soak intermittent wetland
Outurra Creek stream
Ouyen populated place

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