Prahan East - Prye Creek: Australia

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Prahan East administrative division
Prahran East administrative division
Prahran populated place
Praire Vale Homestead farm
Prairie Bore well
Prairie Bore well
Prairie Creek Bore well
Prairie Creek stream
Prairie Creek stream
Prairie Creek stream
Prairie Creek stream
Prairie Creek stream
Prairie Creek stream
Prairie Dam water tank
Prairie Downs farm
Prairie Flat stream
Prairie Hill hill
Prairie Peak peak
Prairie Vale farm
Prairie farm
Prairie populated place
Prairie populated place
Pramamee Creek stream
Pranjip Creek stream
Pranjip populated place
Prarie Hill hill
Pratt Rock rock
Pratten populated place
Pratts Hill hill
Prawn Reef reef
Preamimma Creek stream
Precipice Creek stream
Precipice Range mountains
Prelinna farm
Premaydena populated place
Premelon Bore well
Premer populated place
Premier Peak mountain
Prenslau populated place
Prentice Lake lake
Prenzlau populated place
Preolenna populated place
Preservation Bay bay
Preservation Island island
Preservation Rock rock
Preston Bore well
Preston East administrative division
Preston Island island
Preston Islet island
Preston Point point
Preston Point point
Preston River stream
Preston South administrative division
Preston South railroad station
Preston Spit spit
Preston West administrative division
Preston farm
Preston populated place
Preston railroad station
Prestons Creek stream
Prestons Well well
Prestwood farm
Preta Hill hill
Pretakoornoo Hill hill
Pretlove Promontory promontory
Pretty Beach populated place
Pretty Gully populated place
Pretty Hill hill
Pretty Johnnys Waterhole water hole
Pretty Pine populated place
Pretty Plains Creek stream
Pretty Point Bay bay
Pretty Point point
Pretty Valley farm
Price Bay bay
Price Creek stream
Price Creek stream
Price Hill hill
Price Hill hill
Price Hill mountain
Price Island island
Price Knoll reef
Price Mountain hill
Price Point point
Price Spring spring
Price populated place
Prices Bore well
Prices Creek stream
Prices Hill mountain
Prickley Bush Bore well
Prickly Bush Bore well
Prickly Creek stream
Prickly Point point
Priddles Tank water tank
Priest Gully stream
Priestdale Lagoons populated place
Primpun Bore well
Primrose Downs farm
Primrose Hill hill
Primrose Point point
Primrose Tank water tank
Prince Frederick Harbour bay
Prince George Bank shoal
Prince of Wales Bay bay
Prince of Wales Bay bay
Prince of Wales Channel marine channel
Prince of Wales Island island
Prince of Wales Range mountains
Prince Reef reef
Prince Regent River stream
Prince Terry Shoal shoal
Prince William Henry Bay bay
Princes Bridge Station railroad station
Princes Lake lake
Princes Pier pier
Princess Charlotte Bay bay
Princess Creek stream
Princess May Ranges mountains
Princess Range mountains
Princess Ranges mountains
Princess River stream
Princess Rivulet stream
Princess Royal Harbour harbor
Princess Royal populated place
Princess Tank water tank
Princetown populated place
Princhester Creek stream
Princhester populated place
Pring Creek Bore well
Pring Creek stream
Pringle Downs Bore well
Pringles Rocky Gully stream
Prinsep Well well
Prion Bay bay
Prion Lake lake
Prior Lake lake
Prior Point point
Priors Well well
Priory Tank water tank
Priory populated place
Priscilla Creek stream
Prism Hill hill
Prismoid Hill hill
Pritchards Creek stream
Pritchards Creek stream
Pritchards Well well
Proa farm
Probable Island island
Proctor Range mountain
Proctors Range mountain
Professor Mountain mountain
Progress Siding railroad siding
Promise Bay bay
Promise Creek stream
Promise Creek stream
Pronghilla Rockhole rock
Prongnilla Rockhole rock
Prooinga populated place
Proper Bay bay
Proserpine Plain plain
Proserpine River stream
Proserpine farm
Proserpine populated place
Prospect Creek stream
Prospect Creek stream
Prospect Creek stream
Prospect Creek stream
Prospect Creek stream
Prospect Creek stream
Prospect Hill hill
Prospect Hill hill
Prospect Hill hill
Prospect Hill hill
Prospect Hill populated place
Prospect Peak mountain
Prospect Reservoir reservoir
Prospect populated place
Prospector Creek stream
Prospectors Well well
Prosperity Point peak
Prosser Bay bay
Prosser River stream
Prossers Sugar Loaf mountain
Proston farm
Proston populated place
Proudfoot Shoal shoal
Providence Bay bay
Providence Creek stream
Providence Hill hill
Providence Knoll hill
Providence Shoal shoal
Providential Channel channel
Prowaka Siding railroad siding
Prowse Gap pass
Prubi Station railroad station
Prudhoe Channel channel
Prudhoe Island island
Prudhoe Islands islands
Prudhoe Islets islands
Prudhoe Rocks rocks
Prudhoe Shoal shoal
Prunevale railroad station
Prungle Tank water tank
Prungle farm
Prye Creek stream

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