Riana - Rivoli Waterhole: Australia

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Riana populated place
Rib Reef reef
Ribbon Reef reef
Riccartoon farm
Rice Rocks rocks
Rich Avon West populated place
Rich Hill hill
Rich River stream
Rich Rock rock
Rich Rocks rock
Rich Rocks rocks
Richards Creek stream
Richards Island island
Richards Island island
Richards Point point
Richards Point point
Richardson Point point
Richardson Pool pool
Richardson Range mountains
Richardson Reef reef
Richardson River stream
Richardson railroad siding
Richardsons Hill hill
Richardsons Point point
Richelieu Bore well
Richenda Gorge gorge
Richenda River stream
Richfield Bore well
Richfield farm
Richlands Park farm
Richlands populated place
Richmond Downs farm
Richmond Downs farm
Richmond East administrative division
Richmond Gap pass
Richmond Hill hill
Richmond North administrative division
Richmond Park hill
Richmond Plains populated place
Richmond Range mountains
Richmond River South Arm stream
Richmond River stream
Richmond South administrative division
Richmond populated place
Richmond populated place
Richmond populated place
Richmond populated place
Richon farm
Richter Creek stream
Ricket Point point
Ricketts Marsh populated place
Ricketts Point point
Rickeys railroad station
Riddell Point point
Riddell Point point
Riddell populated place
Riddells Creek populated place
Rider Creek stream
Ridge Creek stream
Ridge Hill populated place
Ridge Island island
Ridge Islet island
Ridge Lagoon pool
Ridge Pole Mountain mountain
Ridge Shoal shoal
Ridge Tree Hill hills
Ridgelands Creek stream
Ridgelands populated place
Ridgeley Station railroad station
Ridgeley populated place
Ridgepole Creek stream
Ridgepole Waterhole water hole
Ridgewall Waterhole water hole
Ridgeway Hill hill
Ridgeway populated place
Ridgey Creek stream
Ridgley farm
Ridgley populated place
Ridgway railroad station
Ridler Creek stream
Ridley River stream
Ridley Well well
Riedle Bay bay
Rifle Creek railroad station
Rifle Creek stream
Rifle Creek stream
Rifle Creek stream
Rifle Creek stream
Rift Creek stream
Rify Rouli reef
Rify Sueyn reef
Rigby Beach beach
Rigby Clump Swamp swamp
Rigby Creek stream
Rigby Point point
Riggs Creek populated place
Riggs Creek stream
Right Branch Albert River stream
Right Branch Barren Creek stream
Right Branch Clifton Creek stream
Right Branch Deadman Creek stream
Right Branch Ferny Creek stream
Right Branch Jeeralang Creek stream
Right Branch Kennedy Creek stream
Right Branch McCarrs Creek stream
Right Branch of Rankine stream
Right Branch Wests Creek stream
Right Hand Creek stream
Riley Creek stream
Riley Shoal shoal
Rileys Creek stream
Rileys Creek stream
Rileys Hill populated place
Rileys Peak peak
Rileys Well well
Rillwood farm
Rimbanda Station railroad station
Rimolin Rocks rocks
Rinadeena railroad siding
Rinamatta Beach beach
Ring River stream
Ring Tank water tank
Ring Tree Creek stream
Ringa populated place
Ringarooma Bay bay
Ringarooma Creek stream
Ringarooma River stream
Ringarooma populated place
Ringbarked Hill mountain
Ringbolt rock
Ringers Marsh marsh
Ringorah farm
Ringtail Creek stream
Ringwood East populated place
Ringwood North populated place
Ringwood Range mountains
Ringwood Siding railroad siding
Ringwood Tank water tank
Ringwood populated place
Ringwood populated place
Ringwood railroad siding
Rintouls Creek stream
Rio Grange farm
Rio farm
Rioters Hill mountain
Rip Bank bank
Rip Rock rock
Ripley populated place
Ripon Hills hills
Ripon Island island
Ripon Shire administrative division
Ripple Island island
Ripple Islands islands
Ripple Reef reef
Ripple Rock rock
Ripple Rock rocks
Ripple Rocks rocks
Ripple Shoals shoal
Rippleside Pier pier
Ripponhurst farm
Ripponlea administrative division
Ripstone Creek stream
Rischbieth Creek stream
Risdon Brook stream
Risdon Cove bay
Risdon populated place
Rise and Shine hill
Rishton farm
Rita Island island
Rita Island populated place
Ritland Shoal shoal
Rivenna farm
River Angas stream
River Annie stream
River Ayr stream
River Blythe stream
River Bore well
River Bremer stream
River Brid stream
River Broughton stream
River Cam stream
River Charlotte stream
River Clarke stream
River Clayton stream
River Clyde stream
River Dee stream
River Derwent stream
River Don stream
River Driver stream
River Esk stream
River Finniss stream
River Forth stream
River Glen populated place
River Head Range mountains
River Hill hill
River Hindmarsh stream
River Huon stream
River Inglis stream
River Inman stream
River Iris stream
River Jordan stream
River Leigh stream
River Leven stream
River Light stream
River Macmillan stream
River Murray stream
River Nile stream
River Ouse stream
River Paddock Bore well
River Peak North peak
River Peak South peak
River Peak hill
River Point point
River Powlett stream
River Saint Mary stream
River Shannon stream
River Stony stream
River Sturt stream
River Tamar stream
River Tod stream
River Tyne stream
River View farm
River Wakefield stream
River Well well
River Well well
River Yankalilla stream
River Yarra stream
Riverdale Bore well
Riverdale farm
Riverdale railroad station
Riverglen farm
Riverina area
Riverina farm
Riverina farm
Riverlea farm
Riverleigh populated place
Rivermead farm
Rivernook farm
Rivernook populated place
Riversdale Station railroad station
Riversdale farm
Riversdale populated place
Riverside farm
Riverside farm
Riverside farm
Riverside farm
Riverside farm
Riverside populated place
Riverslea populated place
Riversleigh farm
Riversleigh farm
Riversleigh farm
Riverslie farm
Riverston Creek stream
Riverston farm
Riverstone populated place
Riverton Station railroad station
Riverton populated place
Rivertree Peak peak
Riverview farm
Riverview farm
Riverview farm
Riverview farm
Riverview farm
Riverview populated place
Riverwood section of populated place
Rivington farm
Rivoli Bay bay
Rivoli Islands islands
Rivoli Islands islands
Rivoli Waterhole water hole

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