Plabutsch - Plumsjochhutte: Austria

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Plabutsch slope
Placken mountain
Placken locality
Plackenwasser section of stream
Plackles mountain
Pladenfeld populated place
Plaggowitz populated place
Plagitzer Grube cirque
Plagna mountain
Plahof farm
Plaik populated place
Plaik farm
Plaika populated place
Plain monastery
Plain populated place
Plainbach stream
Plainberg hill
Plainfeld populated place
Plaissa Bach stream
Plakolb farm
Plambach populated place
Plambacheck populated place
Plammer farm
Plan Kogel mountain
Planai mountain
Planalm huts
Planei mountain
Planeralm grazing area
Planergraben intermittent stream
Plangeross populated place
Planhutte huts
Planitz populated locality
Planitzen populated place
Planja mountain
Plank am Kamp populated place
Plank populated place
Plank farm
Plankasern huts
Plankau populated place
Planken farm
Plankenalm hut
Plankenau populated place
Plankenberg populated place
Plankenstein Alpe huts
Plankenstein populated place
Plankensteinhutte hotel
Plankenwart castle
Plankogel mountain
Plankogel peak
Plankovitzspitze mountain
Planksee pond
Planlissbichl peak
Planner-Jagdhutte hotel
Planneralm grazing area
Plannerhutte hut
Plannerseekarspitze peak
Plansee lake
Plansee populated place
Plansottalpe hut
Planspitze peak
Planwald forest
Plappergassen populated place
Plaschischen populated place
Plasnig farm
Plasnik populated place
Plasnik farm
Plasnik farm
Plassen mountain
Platt Kogel mountain
Platt populated place
Plattachkogel mountain
Plattachkopf mountain
Plattachsee lake
Plattberg slope
Platte hill
Plattein peak
Plattelkopf peak
Platten Berg mountain
Platten Kopf mountain
Platten mountain
Platten populated place
Platten populated place
Platten populated place
Platten field
Platten locality
Platten locality
Platten locality
Platten hill
Plattenbach stream
Plattenberg hill
Plattenberg hill
Plattenkogel hill
Plattenkogel peak
Plattenkogl mountain
Plattenkopf mountain
Plattenock mountain
Plattenspitz peaks
Plattenspitzen peaks
Plattental Alpe hut
Plattental valley
Plattentaljoch pass
Plattiger Habach cliff
Plattjoch pass
Plattner farm
Plattnock mountain
Plattspitzen mountain
Plattspitzen mountain
Plattwald forest
Plattwaldjagdhutte hut
Platz Alm hut
Platz Bach stream
Platz hut
Platz populated place
Platz populated place
Platzalpe hut
Platzerhof farm
Platzerkapelle church
Platzl populated place
Plauener Hutte hotel
Plautz farm
Plautzalm hut
Pleisenspitze peak
Pleisling Bach stream
Pleisnitz Kogel mountain
Pleissenspitze peak
Pleissing populated place
Pleissingbach stream
Pleissinger Tal valley
Pleisslingbach stream
Pleissnitzkogel mountain
Plenge mountain
Plenitzscharte pass
Plenogger farm
Plenzengreith populated place
Plesch Bach stream
Plesch mountain
Plesch populated place
Plesch slope
Pleschaitz peak
Pleschbach stream
Pleschberg mountain
Pleschberg mountain
Plescherken populated place
Plesching populated place
Pleschitzkogel peak
Pleschiwetz peak
Pleschkogel mountain
Pleschmitz Zinken mountain
Pleschmitzalm hut
Pleschmitzzinken Hutte hut
Pleschnitz Alm hut
Pleschnitzzinken Hutte hut
Pleschnitzzinken mountain
Pleschwirt hotel
Plesnikar farm
Pless Berg hill
Plessberg mountain
Plessberg populated place
Plessberg populated place
Plessbergmuhle mill
Plessigkopf mountain
Plessnitz populated place
Plestatten populated place
Plettentaljoch pass
Pletzachalm hut
Pletzachalpe hut
Pletzen mountain
Pletzergraben populated place
Plickenkopf peak
Plienten Alpe hut
Plienten stream
Plientenbach stream
Plientensattel gap
Pliessalm hut
Plimalm grazing area
Plocken populated place
Plockenhaus hotel
Plocking populated place
Plocking populated place
Plojergraben intermittent stream
Plojwand cliff
Plolitzen farm
Plolitzer farm
Plomberg populated place
Plon populated place
Plon populated place
Plon locality
Ploschnitzzinken mountain
Plosdorf populated place
Plosnoutz populated place
Plossen farm
Plotschgraben intermittent stream
Plotschl farm
Plotzig Bach stream
Ploven populated place
Plums Sattel pass
Plumser Joch mountain
Plumser Sattel pass
Plumsjoch mountain
Plumsjochhutte hotel

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