Cabara - Cayi: Burundi

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Cabara mountain
Cabire populated locality
Cabumba cultivated area
Caga locality
Caga wetland
Caga locality
Caga locality
Cagizo locality
Cagizo school
Cagizo cultivated area
Caguka locality
Cagura locality
Cagwa locality
Cahi huts
Cahi locality
Cakaka populated locality
Camabari mountain
Camazi populated locality
Camazi populated locality
Cambogwe huts
Camizi locality
Campazi locality
Campazi school
Camugani locality
Camumandu locality
Cana populated locality
Canamo locality
Canda locality
Cangugu cultivated area
Cangwe huts
Cangwe cultivated area
Canika populated locality
Canika populated place
Canika locality
Cankarama peak
Cankere intermittent stream
Cankuzo locality
Cankuzo market
Cankuzo seat of a first-order administrative division
Cankuzo administrative facility
Canywera section of intermittent stream
Canzara locality
Canzikiro locality
Canzu populated locality
Cap de Mvugo cape
Caragata locality
Carama cultivated area
Caranka locality
Caratsi locality
Cari cultivated area
Carire locality
Carire populated locality
Carriere Gihosho quarry
Carriere Kirehe quarry
Carubambo locality
Carubambo school
Cashi huts
Casokwe stream
Cathedrale Bujumbura church
Cathedrale Ngozi church
Cathedrale Nyamugari church
Cayi locality

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