Moa Island - Moya: Comoros

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Moa Island island
Mognameri Island island
Mogne-Alloui intermittent stream
Mohandadjou hill
Moheli island
Mohila Point point
Mohilla Island island
Mohoro populated place
Moihani populated place
Moliha populated place
Mondzaza-Djumbe populated place
Mont Benara mountain
Mont Cani hill
Mont Combani hill
Mont Kartala volcano
Mont Karthala volcano
Mont Mausapere mountain
Mont Ouchongui mountain
Mont Rassi Gouja hill
Mont Sapare mountain
Mont Sapere mountain
Montagne Carree hill
Monts Boeni hills
Montsapere populated place
Montzeza Jumbe populated place
Morne Rouge Pass channel
Morne Rouge hill
Morne Saziley hill
Moroni capital of a political entity
Mouadja populated place
Mouadja populated place
Mouadja peak
Mouahani populated place
Mouamoua populated place
Mouana Mtanga irrigation ditch
Mouandzaza Ambouani populated place
Mouandzaza Djoumbe populated place
Mouandzaza crater
Mouaro slope
Mouavou stream
Mouazini grassland
Moudjaouache hill
Mouhadjouni intermittent stream
Mouhou populated place
Mouhoudzoundzou hill
Mouhoudzoundzou intermittent stream
Mouillage de Dzaoudzi anchorage
Mouillage de Fomboni anchorage
Mouillage de la Fontaine anchorage
Mouillage de la Ville anchorage
Mouillage de Mutsamudu roadstead
Mouillage de Pomoni harbor
Moujimada populated place
Moujimouvia populated place
Moujou populated place
Mouniameri Island island
Mouniameri island
Mount Cani hill
Mount Zamburu Point point
Mouramedoudou populated place
Mouroni Abeja populated place
Mouroni Sanga populated place
Mouroumouli populated place
Moutrou hill
Moutsamoudou populated place
Mouyani mountain
Moya populated place

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