Hadegisfjall - Havsbollur: Faroe Islands

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Hadegisfjall peak
Haeddin hill
Haegstafjall hill
Haegstafjall mountain
Haegstafjeld mountain
Haelen headland
Haelsidha bight
Haelur headland
Haelur point
Hafjall mountain
Hagagjogv cleft
Hagagjogv cleft
Hagagjogv cleft
Hagavatn pond
Halavatn pond
Haldarsvik third-order administrative division
Haldarsvik populated place
Haldersvig third-order administrative division
Haldersvig populated place
Haldorsvig populated place
Haldorsvik populated place
Halgafelli mountain
Halgafellstindur mountain
Halgafelstindur mountain
Halgafjeld mountain
Hallaritangi point
Halsgjogv cleft
Halsur hill
Halsur point
Halsurin Beiski point
Halvgafelli mountain
Hamar populated place
Hamar populated place
Hamarsgjogv cleft
Hammer mountain
Hamra stream
Hamrabyrgi populated place
Hamranes point
Hamrar populated place
Hamre populated place
Haraldssund populated place
Haraldssund strait
Haraldsund populated place
Haraldsund strait
Hasteinsgjogv cleft
Hattardalsa stream
Hattardalstindur mountain
Hattardalur cirque
Hattarvik populated place
Hatterdals-Tinde mountain
Hattervig populated place
Hattur hill
Hattur mountain
Havaldara stream
Havn capital of a political entity
Havnardalur valley
Havnarfles rock
Havnartangi point
Havnartangi point
Havnartindur mountain
Havnartindur mountain
Havnatinde mountain
Havnerfles rock
Havnetange mountain
Havnetange point
Havnetange point
Havnin rock
Havsbodl rocks
Havsbolli rocks
Havsbollur rocks

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