Ana - Antarctics Sund: Greenland

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Ana point
Anaat bay
Anana island
Anana island
Ananak island
Ananap Ikasa marine channel
Ananap Kangertiva Kiateq fjord
Ananit island
Anap Nuna mountain
Anap Nunaa mountain
Anargat islands
Anarne island
Anarnitsoq island
Anarssuaq mountain
Anarssugssuit island
Anarsuak island
Anartalik island
Anarusuk island
Anarusup Qeqerta island
Anat Fjord fjord
Anat bay
Anatitek mountain
Anatsusok island
Anava island
Anden Moraenepynt point
Anders Jahre Nunatak nunatak
Anders Olsen Sund sound
Anders Olsens Sound sound
Andraes Havn harbor
Andreas Lundager O island
Andree Land area
Andrees Land area
Andrup Pynt cape
Anernilik point
Anernilik slope
Angajua mountain
Angajugdlinguaq island
Angalinguaq cape
Angat island
Angelin Bjerg mountains
Angelins Bjaerg mountains
Angialissaq mountain
Angiarfik mountain
Angiartarfik mountain
Angineq island
Angisok island
Angisoq island
Angisoq island
Angisoq island
Angisorsuak island
Angisorsuaq island
Angisorsuaq point
Angissat island
Angissit island
Angissoq island
Angissoq island
Angissoq island
Angissorssuak island
Angissorssuaq point
Angissorssup Qava mountain
Angissunguak island
Angissunguaq island
Angisunnguaq island
Angit Ingmikertivat island
Angit island
Angiussak mountains
Angiussuak mountains
Angmagssalik Distrikt third-order administrative division
Angmagssalik Fjord fjord
Angmagssalik Island island
Angmagssalik O island
Angmagssalik seat of a first-order administrative division
Angmagssivik fjord
Angmagssivik populated place
Angmagssivik point
Angmagssivik stream
Angmagssiviup Nua cape
Angmagssiviup Nuna mountain
Angmagsslik seat of a first-order administrative division
Angmalokujugtoq island
Angmalortak island
Angmalortoq island
Angmalortoq lake
Angmalortoq lake
Angmalortoq mountain
Angmalortorssuaq island
Angmalortup Nuna mountains
Angmalorujugtoq island
Angmarqoq marine channel
Angmarqua marine channel
Angmarqua islands
Angmarqut islands
Angmasautasak islands
Angmasivik fjord
Angmassalik seat of a first-order administrative division
Angmaussarssuaq island
Angnertissoq mountain
Angnertussoq mountain
Angnertussoq peninsula
Angnertussup Ilua bay
Angnikitsoq island
Angnikitsoq nunatak
Anguarfik mountain
Angujaartorfik harbor
Angujaartorfiup Kuua stream
Angujaartorfiup Nunaa area
Angujartorfik Harbor harbor
Angujartorfiup Kua stream
Angujartorfiup Nuna area
Angul Havn cove
Anguniartarfik island
Aniggok marine channel
Aniggoq marine channel
Anikitsek nunatak
Anikitsok nunatak
Anikitsoq island
Aninganeq inlet
Aniserfik peninsula
Ankerbjaerg mountain
Ankerbjaergselv stream
Ankerbjerg mountain
Ankerbjergselv stream
Annat Fjord fjord
Anneksso lake
Annekssoen lake
Annex Lake lake
Annikitsoq island
Annikitsoq nunatak
Annikitsup Nuua point
Anordliuitsoq marine channel
Anordliuitsoq populated place
Anordliuitsoq stream
Anordliuitsup Ima marine channel
Anoretok Fjord fjord
Anoretok fjord
Anoritok bay
Anoritooq mountain
Anoritoq ancient site
Anoritoq bay
Anoritoq hill
Anoritoq mountain
Anoritoq mountain
Anoritsok island
Anoritup Kangerdlua fjord
Anoritup Qeqerta island
Anorituup Kangerlua fjord
Anorituup Qeqertaa island
Anorliuitsoq populated place
Anorliuitsup Imaa marine channel
Anqiussaq mountains
Ansbjaerg nunatak
Ansbjerg nunatak
Antarctic Bugt bay
Antarctic Havn harbor
Antarctic Sund marine channel
Antarctics Havn harbor
Antarctics Sund marine channel

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