Saignie Bay - Saye Farm: Guernsey

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Saignie Bay bay
Saint Andrew administrative division
Saint Andrew populated place
Saint Anne's Church church
Saint Anne populated place
Saint Annes populated place
Saint Esquere Bay bay
Saint George populated place
Saint Germain populated place
Saint Johns populated place
Saint Martin Point point
Saint Martin's Point point
Saint Martin administrative division
Saint Peter Port capital of a political entity
Saint Peter Port administrative division
Saint Phillipe de Torteval populated place
Saint Pierre du Bois administrative division
Saint Sampson Harbour harbor
Saint Sampson's populated place
Saint Sampson populated place
Saint Sampson administrative division
Saint Samson Harbour harbor
Saint Saviour Reservoir reservoir
Saint Saviour administrative division
Saint Saviour populated place
Saint's Bay bay
Sainte Apolline's Chapel church
Sainte Catherine's Farm farm
Salerie populated place
Saline Bay bay
Saline Bay bay
Sardette Beacon rock
Sark island
Saumarez Park park
Saumarez populated place
Sausmarez Manor house
Saut a Juan headland
Saye Bay bay
Saye Farm farm

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