Aba Sima - Abuura: Japan

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Aba Sima island
Aba island
Aba-shima island
Aba-wan bay
Abajino-hana point
Abamachi populated place
Abana populated place
Abashiri Byochi harbor
Abashiri Prefectural Park park
Abashiri second-order administrative division
Abashiri populated place
Abashiri-gawa stream
Abashiri-ko harbor
Abashiri-ko lake
Abashiri-kokuteikoen park
Abashiri-machi second-order administrative division
Abashiri-shi second-order administrative division
Abashiri-shicho second-order administrative division
Abashiri-wan bay
Abashiro-ko lake
Abasiri Ko harbor
Abasiri Wan bay
Abasiri populated place
Abatu populated place
Abbey Point cape
Abe fourth-order administrative division
Abe fourth-order administrative division
Abe fourth-order administrative division
Abe populated place
Abe populated place
Abe-gawa stream
Abe-gun fourth-order administrative division
Abe-kawa stream
Abe-kawa section of stream
Abe-mura fourth-order administrative division
Abedate-yama mountain
Abegadate-yama mountain
Abegatate-san mountain
Abegatate-yama mountain
Abeno-ku third-order administrative division
Abeshinai-gawa stream
Abeta populated place
Abetate-san mountain
Abetate-yama mountain
Abi populated place
Abika populated place
Abiko fourth-order administrative division
Abiko populated place
Abiko-machi second-order administrative division
Abiko-machi fourth-order administrative division
Abiko-shi second-order administrative division
Abira populated place
Abira-gawa stream
Abo populated place
Aboi Yama mountain
Aboi-dake mountain
Abono-hana point
Abose shoal
Aboshi populated place
Abu fourth-order administrative division
Abu populated place
Abu populated place
Abu populated place
Abu-gawa stream
Abu-gun fourth-order administrative division
Abu-kawa stream
Abu-saki cape
Abu-saki point
Abu-san mountain
Abu-shima island
Abu-yama mountain
Abu-zaki point
Abuga-shima island
Abukanai populated place
Abukuma Kawa stream
Abukuma River stream
Abukuma-gawa stream
Abukuma-kochi mountains
Abukuma-kogen mountains
Abukuma-sammyaku mountains
Abukumasanmyaku mountains
Abumi Hana point
Abumi-saki point
Abumi-zaki point
Abuoru Sima island
Abuoru-shima island
Abura-tsubo-wan bay
Aburakawa populated place
Aburame-saki point
Aburame-zaki point
Aburatani-wan bay
Aburatsu populated place
Aburatsu populated place
Aburatsu populated place
Aburatsubo bay
Aburatsubo-wan bay
Aburuma-gawa stream
Abusoko-hana point
Abuta Byoti anchorage
Abuta second-order administrative division
Abuta populated place
Abuta-byochi anchorage
Abuta-cho third-order administrative division
Abuta-gun second-order administrative division
Abuta-mura second-order administrative division
Abuto-seto strait
Abutsuko-bana point
Abuura populated place

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