Ama Gun - Amuru: Japan

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Ama Gun second-order administrative division
Ama Saki point
Ama populated place
Ama populated place
Ama populated place
Ama-cho second-order administrative division
Ama-misaki point
Ama-mura second-order administrative division
Ama-saki point
Ama-saki point
Ama-saki point
Ama-zaki point
Ama-zaki point
Ama-zaki point
Amaariki populated place
Amabe fourth-order administrative division
Amabe-gun second-order administrative division
Amabe-mura fourth-order administrative division
Amada-shima island
Amadareishi populated place
Amafune populated place
Amaga-sedo marine channel
Amaga-seto marine channel
Amaga-take mountain
Amagasahi second-order administrative division
Amagasaki Station railroad station
Amagasaki second-order administrative division
Amagasaki populated place
Amagasaki railroad station
Amagasaki railroad station
Amagasaki-ko harbor
Amagasaki-shi second-order administrative division
Amagase populated place
Amagase populated place
Amagasuku-dake mountain
Amagata-ura inlet
Amagi Ko harbor
Amagi Sammyaku mountains
Amagi Syo reef
Amagi area
Amagi populated place
Amagi populated place
Amagi-cho second-order administrative division
Amagi-dake mountain
Amagi-mura second-order administrative division
Amagi-san mountain
Amagi-sho reef
Amagi-take mountain
Amagiri Yama mountain
Amagiri-yama mountain
Amagiri-yama mountain
Amago mountain
Amagoe-zan mountain
Amagoi Dake mountain
Amagoi-dake mountain
Amagoi-dake mountain
Amagoi-yama mountain
Amagoi-yama mountain
Amagoidana-yama mountain
Amagoya populated place
Amagoze-yama mountain
Amagozen-misaki point
Amagusuku-dake mountain
Amahitai populated place
Amaji populated place
Amaji-ko harbor
Amakagu-yama hill
Amakata Ura inlet
Amakazari Yama mountain
Amakazari-yama mountain
Amaki second-order administrative division
Amaki populated place
Amaki-take mountain
Amakiri-yama mountain
Amakirrima Island islands
Amakoi-yama mountain
Amakoidana Yama mountain
Amakusa Gun fourth-order administrative division
Amakusa Jima islands
Amakusa Kami Shima island
Amakusa Kami-sima island
Amakusa Shimo Shima island
Amakusa fourth-order administrative division
Amakusa-kami-jima island
Amakusa-machi second-order administrative division
Amakusa-nada sea
Amakusa-retto islands
Amakusa-shimoshima island
Amakusa-shoto islands
Amakusa-Simo Sima island
Amakusa-to island
Amakusa-yo sea
Amami Group islands
Amami Gunto islands
Amami Island Group islands
Amami Islands islands
Amami O Sima island
Amami Oshima group islands
Amami Retto islands
Amami-oshima island
Amami-shoto islands
Amamiga Ura inlet
Amamizu-yama mountain
Amamono-hana point
Amamui populated place
Amano-gawa stream
Amano-kawa stream
Amanogo section of populated place
Amanogocho section of populated place
Amanokagu-yama hill
Amanome populated place
Amarube third-order administrative division
Amarube populated place
Amarube-ku third-order administrative division
Amarube-Misaki point
Amarube-saki point
Amarume populated place
Amase populated place
Amashiri-se shoal
Amasoko populated place
Amata Sima island
Amata-jima island
Amata-shima island
Amatsu populated place
Amatu populated place
Amau populated place
Amaya populated place
Amayobari-yama mountain
Amayobi-yama mountain
Amazaki populated place
Amaze populated place
Amazi Ko harbor
Amazi populated place
Amazuka-yama mountain
Amazutsu-yama hill
Ambeshinai-gawa stream
Ambo populated place
Ambo-gawa stream
Ame-saki point
Ame-saki point
Ame-yama mountain
Ame-zaki point
Amefuri-yama mountain
Amega-dake mountain
Amega-take mountain
Amekazari-yama mountain
Amekiri -yama mountain
Ameku populated place
Amemasu-dake mountain
Ameno-saki cape
Ameshira Kawa stream
Amesoko populated place
Amesoku populated place
Ametaki-yama hill
Ametsuka-yama mountain
Ameya-dashi rock
Ameyobi-yama mountain
Ami second-order administrative division
Ami populated place
Ami-machi second-order administrative division
Ami-mura second-order administrative division
Ami-saki point
Amida fourth-order administrative division
Amida-dake mountain
Amida-gawa stream
Amida-kawa stream
Amida-mura fourth-order administrative division
Amida-take mountain
Amidaji populated place
Amigajo-yama mountain
Amihama populated place
Amikake-gawa stream
Amikate-gawa stream
Amike populated place
Amikiyaba populated place
Amikoyaba populated place
Amiku populated place
Amino populated place
Amino-saki point
Aminohama populated place
Aminoko populated place
Amishiro populated place
Amishiro-wan cove
Amisuku populated place
Amitori-wan bay
Ammon-gawa stream
Amo populated place
Amo populated place
Ampachi Mura second-order administrative division
Ampachi fourth-order administrative division
Ampachi-cho second-order administrative division
Ampachi-gun fourth-order administrative division
Ampeiji-yama mountain
Amuro Shima island
Amuro populated place
Amuro-jima island
Amurogama populated place
Amurokama populated place
Amuru populated place

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