Giappone - Gizuno-saki: Japan

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Giappone independent political entity
Gidoin-cho administrative division
Gifu first-order administrative division
Gifu seat of a first-order administrative division
Gifu-ken first-order administrative division
Gifu-shi second-order administrative division
Gihu seat of a first-order administrative division
Gijushi populated place
Gima populated place
Gima populated place
Gima-ko harbor
Gimano-bise reef
Gimbaru populated place
Gimi-saki cape
Gin-zan mountain
Gina-saki cape
Ginama populated place
Ginan Zaki cape
Ginan-cho administrative division
Ginan-saki cape
Ginan-zaki cape
Ginbaru populated place
Ginogi-iwa rock
Ginowan populated place
Ginowan-mura second-order administrative division
Ginowan-shi second-order administrative division
Ginoza third-order administrative division
Ginoza populated place
Ginoza-son third-order administrative division
Ginza section of populated place
Ginzan populated place
Ginzan-onsen populated place
Ginzanishi section of populated place
Giommachi section of populated place
Gion populated place
Gion section of populated place
Gion-machi populated place
Gion-yama mountain
Gioto-zaki point
Giruma populated place
Gisashi populated place
Gishi populated place
Gishibe-jima island
Gishifu-jima island
Gishifu-shima island
Gishimeki saki point
Gishippu-jima island
Gishippu-shima island
Gisimeki-saki point
Gisushi populated place
Gisusu populated place
Gitsu-zaki cape
Gitsu-zaki point
Gizu-saki cape
Gizu-zaki point
Gizuno-saki cape

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