Usa - Usyutaibe Misaki: Japan

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Usa second-order administrative division
Usa area
Usa populated place
Usa railroad station
Usa-gun second-order administrative division
Usa-machi third-order administrative division
Usa-machi area
Usa-shi second-order administrative division
Usacho area
Usagi-dake mountain
Usakumai populated place
Usambara populated place
Usambaru populated place
Usare-gawa stream
Usatsuga-hana point
Usatsumai populated place
Uschidate populated place
Use Sima island
Use shoal
Use-jima island
Use-shima island
Use-shima island
Use-zaki cape
Usen populated place
Usen-hana point
Usetsu populated place
Usetu populated place
Ushappu populated place
Ushi Shima island
Ushi-jima island
Ushi-jima island
Ushi-jima island
Ushi-jima island
Ushi-ne rock
Ushi-se reef
Ushi-se rock
Ushi-shima island
Ushi-shima island
Ushi-shima island
Ushibetsu-yama mountain
Ushibuka populated place
Ushibuka-ko harbor
Ushichaa populated place
Ushicho populated place
Ushiga Bana point
Ushiga-dake mountain
Ushiga-kubi cape
Ushiga-kubi cape
Ushiga-kubi point
Ushiga-kubi point
Ushiga-kubi point
Ushiga-kubi point
Ushiga-kubi point
Ushiga-kubi point
Ushiga-take mountain
Ushigakubi-shima island
Ushigakubi-zaki point
Ushigata populated place
Ushigome section of populated place
Ushigome-ku third-order administrative division
Ushiishi-bana point
Ushiishi-hana point
Ushijima populated place
Ushikatachi Iwa rock
Ushiku populated place
Ushiku populated place
Ushiku populated place
Ushiku-numa lake
Ushikubi populated place
Ushikubi point
Ushikubi-hana point
Ushikubi-jima island
Ushikubi-saki cape
Ushikubi-saki point
Ushikubi-yama mountain
Ushikubi-zaki point
Ushikubino-hana point
Ushikubo point
Ushikubocho point
Ushikuso-hana point
Ushima Zaki point
Ushima-saki point
Ushimado populated place
Ushimado-ko harbor
Ushina-jima island
Ushingano-se shoal
Ushino-kubi point
Ushino-kubi point
Ushino-kubi point
Ushino-ura bay
Ushinokubi-misaki cape
Ushinokubi-zaki cape
Ushinosu-hana point
Ushinoura populated place
Ushinoya populated place
Ushio populated place
Ushioda section of populated place
Ushiodacho section of populated place
Ushiofuki Saki point
Ushiori-bana point
Ushiori-hana point
Ushiro populated place
Ushiro-gawa stream
Ushiro-jima island
Ushiro-yama mountain
Ushirobata area
Ushirohata area
Ushiroo populated place
Ushirotobi-saki point
Ushiroyama section of populated place
Ushishima populated place
Ushishubetsu populated place
Ushishubetsu-gawa stream
Ushitaki populated place
Ushitaki populated place
Ushitsu populated place
Ushiuchino-hana point
Ushiwatashi-hana point
Ushizu populated place
Ushizuma area
Ushizuma area
Ushubetsu-gawa stream
Ushuku populated place
Ushutaibe Misaki cape
Usi Ne rock
Usi Se rock
Usi Sima island
Usi Sima island
Usi Sima island
Usi Sima island
Usi Zi reef
Usi-ga Kubi cape
Usi-ga Kubi point
Usi-ga-kubi Sima island
Usi-no-su Hana point
Usi-no-Ura bay
Usibuka Ko harbor
Usibuka populated place
Usigakubi point
Usiisi Hana point
Usikubi Saki cape
Usikuso Hana point
Usimado Ko harbor
Usingano Se shoal
Usiori Hana point
Usiro Yama mountain
Usitaki populated place
Usiwatasi Hana point
Usogoe-hana point
Usogore Bana point
Usori San mountains
Usori-yama mountains
Usori-zan mountains
Usorisan Ko lake
Usoriyama-ko lake
Usorizan-ko lake
Usu Isi rock
Usu Mountain mountains
Usu Sima island
Usu Sima island
Usu Take mountains
Usu populated place
Usu-dake mountains
Usu-ga-ura Sima island
Usu-iwa rock
Usu-jima island
Usu-jima island
Usu-san mountains
Usu-se reef
Usu-se shoal
Usu-shima island
Usu-shima island
Usu-wan bay
Usu-yama mountains
Usu-zan mountains
Usubae-saki cape
Usubetsu Kawa stream
Usubetsu-dake mountain
Usubetsu-gawa stream
Usubetsu-take mountain
Usubetu Take mountain
Usuda populated place
Usuda-machi third-order administrative division
Usugaoka-san mountain
Usugaoka-yama mountain
Usugaura-shima island
Usugi Saki point
Usugi Zaki point
Usugi populated place
Usugi-yama mountain
Usuginu populated place
Usui second-order administrative division
Usui fourth-order administrative division
Usui populated place
Usui populated place
Usui-gawa stream
Usui-gun second-order administrative division
Usui-kawa stream
Usui-machi fourth-order administrative division
Usui-toge pass
Usuishi Hana point
Usuishi-bana point
Usujima populated place
Usujiri populated place
Usujiri-wan bay
Usuka-wan bay
Usuki Yama mountain
Usuki second-order administrative division
Usuki fourth-order administrative division
Usuki populated place
Usuki-machi fourth-order administrative division
Usuki-shi second-order administrative division
Usuki-wan bay
Usukinu-mura populated place
Usuno-ura bay
Usunoura populated place
Usunoura-ko bay
Usunouramen populated place
Usuri-yama mountains
Usushima populated place
Ususuki populated place
Usutaibe populated place
Usutaibe-misaki cape
Usutani populated place
Usuya populated place
Usuziri Wan bay
Usuziri populated place
Usyutaibe Misaki cape

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