Cabao - Cave di Kolfa: Libya

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Cabao populated place
Cabo Misurata point
Caf Aalia u-Ali mountain
Caf Amar water tank
Caf Bates hill
Caf Bu el-Ahbas mountain
Caf Bu Fadala cave
Caf Bu Garn mountain
Caf Bu Gren cave
Caf Chormet et Trigh mountain
Caf Durman mountains
Caf el Bahri mountain
Caf el Bahri triangulation station
Caf el Gsur cave
Caf el Machreg mountain
Caf el Menari mountain
Caf el Mnefid mountain
Caf el-Auegia hill
Caf el-Begla mountain
Caf el-Burma mountain
Caf el-Culaia mountain
Caf el-Gazalat hill
Caf el-Gebeihia populated place
Caf el-Ghetia hill
Caf el-Gorof mountain
Caf el-Gortas mountain
Caf el-Laham hill
Caf el-Laham hill
Caf el-Machregh mountain
Caf el-Mahabuba hill
Caf el-Mchemen hill
Caf el-Metchia hill
Caf el-Metchia hill
Caf er-Rgheigat mountain
Caf er-Rtem hill
Caf es-Sabbat cave
Caf es-Soda hill
Caf esc Sciahiz cave
Caf esc-Scelcha hill
Caf esc-Scelga hill
Caf esc-Sciahriz cave
Caf esc-Sciubrum hill
Caf et-Trigh hill
Caf ez-Zarzur hill
Caf Fessano mountain
Caf Gan hill
Caf Gletet ez-Zeituna hills
Caf Hanuet Musa cave
Caf Herua cave
Caf Hgela hill
Caf Hiscet Musa cave
Caf Lalla peak
Caf Mazuza mountain
Caf Meias populated place
Caf Montrus mountain
Caf Mreziga mountain
Caf Sabat cave
Caf Sciabrum hill
Caf Scita hill
Caf Sdendo mountain
Caf Sendrar mountain
Caf Taghiggia hill
Caf Tahscemt mountain
Caf Tecut mountain
Caf Uhiba hill
Caf Umm ed-Daba hill
Caf Umm el Gedari hill
Caf Umm el-Alegh hill
Caf Umm el-Allegh hill
Caf Umm el-Bgar ridge
Caf Umm el-Glat hill
Caf Umm er-Raml hill
Caf Umm esc-Scebach mountain
Caf Umm ez-Zummit hill
Caf Umm Gbeiba cave
Caf Usigh hill
Caf-el Mizragh hill
Cahor wadi
Calansho Sand Sea sand area
Calansho Serir desert
Calichopulo fort
Calichopulo shrine
Caminus populated place
Cammun populated place
Campo Rosso ruin
Cape Chrebeise point
Cape Chreibeise point
Cape of the Crescent Moon point
Carcura populated place
Carcuretta cove
Cardasi el Foghi ruin
Cardasi el Oti ruin
Cardasi ruin
Carmet Decheilalla populated place
Carmus el Baar tree
Carmus el-Baar water tank
Carmus Umm Scelenegh tree
Carmuset el-Huadeg tree
Carmuset en-Nbeidat tree
Carmuset er-Regem tree
Carothus ruin
Casa Hauari fort
Castel Benito populated place
Castelverde populated place
Cave di Kolfa spring

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