Guarscia - Gutret ed Daba: Libya

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Guarscia populated place
Guasem populated place
Guassem populated place
Gubba populated place
Guedat el-Agiag' wadi
Gueiret el Abd hill
Guelb en Naja hill
Gueltet es Sugoti water tank
Guenenae well
Guer el-Ganaim hill
Guerat Aamer en-Niaga hills
Guerat Ahmed hills
Guerat al Hamra hill
Guerat Amar hills
Guerat Bu el-Haderiat hills
Guerat Bu Sciascia hill
Guerat Chattab hills
Guerat ed-Dabaib hills
Guerat el Asel hills
Guerat el Fras hills
Guerat el Gaiaheb hills
Guerat el Gheid hills
Guerat el-Abid hills
Guerat el-Abuab hills
Guerat el-Agiag' hills
Guerat el-Barsa hills
Guerat el-Bgar hills
Guerat el-Bgar hills
Guerat el-Chebrit hills
Guerat el-Cleiat hill
Guerat el-Garra hill
Guerat el-Gefgiaf hill
Guerat el-Gelad hill
Guerat el-Gibs hills
Guerat el-Habib hill
Guerat el-Heira hills
Guerat el-Maamir hills
Guerat el-Magta hill
Guerat el-Masri hills
Guerat el-Masri hills
Guerat el-Melah hills
Guerat el-Melah hills
Guerat el-Melah hills
Guerat el-Melah hills
Guerat el-Mogaregh hill
Guerat el-Muascema hill
Guerat en-Nuss hills
Guerat er Rabeia hill
Guerat er-Raauia hills
Guerat er-Raguba hills
Guerat er-Ramla hills
Guerat er-Rigel hills
Guerat es-Sbaia hill
Guerat es-Sedar hill
Guerat esc Sciah hills
Guerat esc-Sciuescia hills
Guerat ez-Zelalua hill
Guerat Gazalat hill
Guerat Hlal hills
Guerat Iezza hills
Guerat Izza hills
Guerat Otman hills
Guerat Ras el-Mehari hill
Guerat Rcheisa hill
Guerat Riah hill
Guerat Sedaid el-Hasan hills
Guerat Sedaid Saleh hills
Guerat Siah en-Naam hill
Guerat Siah en-Nisa hills
Guerat Tebu hill
Guerat Uerras hill
Guerat Umm er-Raml hill
Guerat Umm er-Rtem hill
Guerende well
Gueret ed Debasc hills
Gueret el-Halib hill
Gueret el-Marbah hill
Gueret el-Metemma hill
Gueret Iusef hills
Gueret Maezer hill
Guet Bachita depression
Guet Chalil cultivated area
Guet el-Adem depression
Guet el-Fagar cultivated area
Guetaiet Rherib hammock
Gugila populated place
Gulf of Sidra gulf
Gulf of Sidra gulf
Gulf of Sirte gulf
Gullel er-Ras mountain
Gunnet el-Abregh hill
Gur Bu el-Hameiem hill
Gur Bu Habel hills
Gur ed-Dbab hills
Gur ed-Dib hills
Gur el Agaba hills
Gur el Arasc hill
Gur el Auali hills
Gur el Bragh hills
Gur el Ferid hills
Gur el Lesat hills
Gur el Mahghen hill
Gur el Manaseb hills
Gur el Meghial hills
Gur el Mteilim hills
Gur el-Atasc hill
Gur el-Bid hills
Gur el-Chscebi hills
Gur el-Fataim hills
Gur el-Fottah hills
Gur el-Garaa hills
Gur el-Geleb hill
Gur el-Giuazi hill
Gur el-Mageri hills
Gur el-Meghil hills
Gur el-Melah hills
Gur el-Mesdar hill
Gur el-Metaghi hills
Gur er-Rehibat hill
Gur er-Resef hills
Gur es Sedar hill
Gur es-Sigh hills
Gur ez-Zmemiat hill
Gur Hlala hills
Gur Manaseb hills
Gur Mennaa hills
Gur Ras Bu Afnana hills
Gur Sbata hills
Gur Tegedida hill
Gur Tezdida hill
Gur Umm esc-Sceterat hills
Gur Umm Escia hills
Gur Ummi Escia hills
Gur Zcher hill
Gur Zueia hills
Gurd el-Abiad upland
Gurda populated place
Gureine populated place
Gurghi populated place
Gurgi populated place
Gurud Gheizel dune
Gusbat Gerigen ruin
Gusbet el-Bhera ruin
Gutret ed Daba locality

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