Thadwat - Thursday Market: Libya

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Thadwat locality
Thadyan al Khadim hill
Thadyan al Khadim hill
Thadyan al Khadim hills
Thamad `A'ilat Mubarak water hole
Thamad `Atwah well
Thamad `Ulaywah water tank
Thamad al `Uqayb water tank
Thamad al Ghazalah depression
Thamad al Hadh water tank
Thamad al Hadh spring
Thamad al Jaraminah well
Thamad al Kalb spring
Thamad al Kha'ib water hole
Thamad al Kharrubah well
Thamad al Khatra' water hole
Thamad al Khurjah water hole
Thamad al Khurmah water hole
Thamad al Khutrah water hole
Thamad al Malaqi water hole
Thamad al Mandil water tank
Thamad al Mugaynis water hole
Thamad al Muqaynis water hole
Thamad al Murayrat water tank
Thamad al Qataf water tank
Thamad al Qattar spring
Thamad al Uhaymir spring
Thamad an Nashabi water hole
Thamad ar Rashadah water hole
Thamad at Tariqi water hole
Thamad az Zawiyah water hole
Thamad az Zunayfan water tank
Thamad az Zuwayyah water hole
Thamad Bel Airan well
Thamad Bin `Ayqu water hole
Thamad Bu Dakmah water tank
Thamad Bu Hashishah wells
Thamad Bu Khurmah water hole
Thamad Bu Maras water hole
Thamad Bu Murayfiq water tank
Thamad Bu Qutayfah water tank
Thamad Bu Rashadah water hole
Thamad Bu Rashidah water hole
Thamad Dukkan Bu Ratam water tank
Thamad Ghawmah water hole
Thamad Hassan wells
Thamad Hassan ruin
Thamad Naqb at Tin water hole
Thamad Naqh at Tin water hole
Thamad Qabr Salih well
Thamad Rijl al Butayra' water hole
Thamad Rijl al Butayrah water hole
Thamad Sayyad water tank
Thamad Sidi Salih water hole
Thamad Sihl an Nar water hole
Thamad Umm an Na`am wells
Thamad Umm Dab`ah water tank
Thamad Umm Ghayr spring
Thamad Waddan water tank
Thamad Wadi al Khayl water hole
Thaniyat al Kabirah pass
Thaniyat al Matkiyah pass
Thaniyat as Saghirah pass
Thaniyat as Su`aydi pass
Thanwat al Halfayah locality
Thaqb al `Adhra' water tank
Thaqb Bu Maymun water tank
Thaqb Wadi al `Abd water tank
Thawani al Fadil hill
The Arch arch
Thidyan al Khadim hill
Thimad al `Abbasiyah water hole
Thimad al Fata'im water hole
Thimad al Khuwaymah water hole
Thimad al Mirba` well
Thimad al Muqaynis water hole
Thimad Jahannam water hole
Thimad Khawr al Jifah water hole
Thimad Kubat Hubayl water hole
Thimad Tilal water hole
Thintis populated place
Thiqb al `Adhrah water tank
Thiqb Bu Maymun water tank
Thiqb Wadi al `Abd water tank
Thumat ash Sharaf mountain
Thursday Market populated place

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