Ja - Jayabo: Marshall Islands

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Ja channel
Ja island
Jaang island
Jaao island
Jab'u locality
Jabaniori-to island
Jabanngit island
Jabatto-to island
Jabbenohr island
Jabbwi Island island
Jabeero Island island
Jabeik Island island
Jabel island
Jabenor island
Jabgabon island
Jabna island
Jabnoren island
Jabo locality
Jaboan locality
Jaboero Island island
Jaboero island
Jaboerukku Island island
Jaboerukku-to island
Jabojabon island
Jabojabon-To island
Jabok Channel channel
Jabok Island island
Jabonooru Suido channel
Jabonooru To island
Jabonoru channel
Jabonoru island
Jabonoru-suido channel
Jabonwar Island island
Jabonwar island
Jabonwaru-to island
Jabonwodr administrative division
Jabonwor Island island
Jabonwor administrative division
Jabooru populated place
Jabor Anchorage anchorage
Jabor island
Jabor populated place
Jaboru island
Jaboru populated place
Jaboru-to island
Jabta island
Jabwat Island island
Jabwe island
Jabwelo island
Jabwjabwon island
Jabwon locality
Jabwonbwokw cape
Jabwonwod island
Jabwonwod island
Jabwor populated place
Jabwot island
Jadoul locality
Jadru-l locality
Jakeru Island island
Jakeru island
Jakeru-To island
Jakrou Island island
Jaldonej island
Jaldonet island
Jaliklik Islet island
Jaloklab island
Jaloklab island
Jaltoonej island
Jaltoonej island
Jaltuej island
Jaltuiej island
Jaluij anchorage
Jaluij island
Jaluit Anchorage anchorage
Jaluit Atoll atoll
Jaluit Harbor anchorage
Jaluit Inseln atoll
Jaluit Island atoll
Jaluit Island island
Jaluit Lagoon lagoon
Jaluit Point point
Jaluit island
Jalwij atoll
Jam-wa island
Jaman-ming island
Jamenming island
James atoll
James island
Jamo island
Jamwua island
Janet island
Japaniori island
Japeiroi locality
Japejiroi locality
Japonocru To island
Japtan Island island
Japtan island
Japtan island
Japuwan-to locality
Japwan locality
Jar island
Jar island
Jaritto-byochi anchorage
Jaritto-to island
Jarkul island
Jarkwil island
Jarrej anchorage
Jarrej island
Jarroj island
Jarudoni-To island
Jarutoni To island
Jarutonii Island island
Jasmine island
Jatebeb island
Jatebteb island
Jayabo locality

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