Debadeb - Deuxieme Region: Mauritania

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Debadeb tidal flat
Debai Doubbel populated place
Debay El Barke populated place
Debe Chorfa populated place
Debe Sorfa populated place
Debine Bou Saif camp
Debine Bouchaif camp
Deboulgui well
Debous populated place
Debouss populated place
Dedri well
Defile de l' Or gorge
Define Mare intermittent pond
Define intermittent pond
Dego locality
Deguismoli populated place
Deheb gorge
Deibasso wadi
Deidegheli dune
Deidekeli dune
Deije well
Deini camp
Dejlet Lecraa hill
Dekhene hill
Dekkaliat locality
Dekkaliat well
Dekkaliyat locality
Dekkalyat locality
Dekkalyat well
Dekni water hole
Dekrech well
Delim dune
Della Ma lake
Della lake
Demba Boukar hill
Demba el Atchane dam
Demba Lembere populated place
Demba Sabeli well
Demba Sabelli well
Demba Saloum well
Demba Sambel populated place
Dembarhi butte
Dembaye populated place
Demiji water hole
Denba Boukar hill
Dendane wells
Dendara populated place
Dendare water hole
Dendriat dune
Deneal Samba Ombo populated place
Depression du Rhat depression
Depression of Ghat depression
Derak well
Deratioupal hill
Derchmul hill
Derem Beikat dune
Derenaje well
Deretioubbal hill
Derguel intermittent lake
Derhmul hill
Derik Guirfafe populated place
Derik Kelilae populated place
Derjmoul hill
Dernie populated place
Desert el Djouf desert
Deserto di Sahara desert
Desili populated place
Dessa well
Deuxieme Region first-order administrative division

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