Madame Azor - Mayenne Point: Mauritius

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Madame Azor populated place
Madame Cayeux populated place
Magenta Dam dam
Magenta locality
Magenta locality
Mahebourg populated place
Maison Blanche populated place
Malagash Bay bay
Malartic Point point
Malgache Bay bay
Malgache stream
Malherbes populated place
Malheureux Passe channel
Malheureux Rock rock
Mamzelle Jeanne populated place
Mangue populated place
Mangues populated place
Manioc Bay bay
Mapare Island island
Mapare Islet island
Mapare island
Mapou area
Mapou populated place
Mapu Patch reef
Maraweli island
Mare aux Troix Ilots lake
Mare aux Vacoas lake
Mare Carree locality
Mare Casse Ghoon lake
Mare Chicose populated place
Mare d'Albert Station abandoned railroad station
Mare d'Albert populated place
Mare d'Albert abandoned railroad station
Mare d'Australia populated place
Mare du Puits lake
Mare du Verger lake
Mare Jacot populated place
Mare Jocquot populated place
Mare La Chaux populated place
Mare Longue Reservoir reservoir
Mare Planche lake
Mare Saint-Amand locality
Mare Samson populated place
Mare Sarcelle pond
Mare Seche plain
Mare Tabac populated place
Mare Tatos lake
Mare-aux-Vacoas Reservoir lake
Marechal populated place
Marianne Island island
Marianne Island island
Marianne Islet island
Marie Jeanie populated place
Marie Jeanne populated place
Marron Hill hill
Marron River stream
Marrons Point point
Martello Tower tower
Martello Tower tower
Martello Tower tower
Martindale Bridge bridge
Mascareignes islands
Mascarene Islands islands
Mascarenhas islands
Masulipatam Point point
Matapan Island island
Mathurin Bay bay
Matson Point point
Maurice island
Mauritius Airport airport
Mauritius College of Education college
Mauritius Island island
Mauritius island
Mayenne Point point

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