Nordmannset - Nordre Stabbflua - Geographical Names, map, geographic coordinates

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Country Feature class
Nordmannset Norway farm
Nordmannsetgrunnen Norway shoal
Nordmannsetholmen Norway island
Nordmannsetneset Norway point
Nordmannsfjell Norway peak
Nordmannsfjordjokelen Norway glacier
Nordmannsgrund Germany bank
Nordmannshaug Norway farm
Nordmannshaug Norway farm
Nordmannsjokel Norway glacier
Nordmannslaagen Norway lake
Nordmannslagen Norway lake
Nordmannsnes Norway point
Nordmannsneset Norway point
Nordmannsneset Norway point
Nordmannsstein Germany ridge
Nordmannvik Norway farm
Nordmannvik Norway populated place
Nordmannvik Norway farm
Nordmannvikdalen Norway valley
Nordmannviktind Norway peak
Nordmannviktinden Norway peak
Nordmanset Norway farm
Nordmansskar Sweden island
Nordmar Germany stream
Nordmark Germany farm
Nordmark Germany farm
Nordmark Sweden populated place
Nordmarka Svalbard region
Nordmarken Greenland area
Nordmarksalven Sweden stream
Nordmarksberg Sweden populated place
Nordmarkshyttan Sweden populated place
Nordmarsch Germany island
Nordmarsch-Langeness Germany land-tied island
Nordmelan Norway populated place
Nordmeland Norway populated place
Nordmentzhausen Germany populated locality
Nordmeyer School (historical) United States School
Nordmjele Norway populated place
Nordmo Norway farms
Nordmont Camp United States Locale
Nordmont United States Populated Place
Nordmoor Germany moor
Nordmoor Germany populated locality
Nordmore Norway region
Nordmyra Sweden populated place
Nordmyrasjon Sweden lake
Nordnaustet Norway point
Nordnebba Norway point
Nordnes Norway farm
Nordnes Norway farms
Nordnes Norway populated place
Nordnes Norway point
Nordnes Norway farm
Nordnes Norway point
Nordnes Norway point
Nordnesbaan Norway reef
Nordnesbaen Norway reef
Nordnesbukta Norway cove
Nordneset Norway point
Nordneset Norway peninsula
Nordneset Norway point
Nordneset Norway point
Nordneset Norway farm
Nordneset Norway point
Nordneset Svalbard point
Nordnesfjellan Norway ridge
Nordnesfjellene Norway ridge
Nordnesgrunnen Norway shoal
Nordnesje Norway farm
Nordneso-Lyngvaer Norway islands
Nordnesogard Norway populated place
Nordnesogardene Norway populated place
Nordnesovaagen Norway cove
Nordnesoy-Lyngvaer Norway islands
Nordnesoya Norway populated place
Nordness (historical) United States Locale
Nordness Post Office (historical) United States Post Office
Nordness United States Populated Place
Nordnesvag Norway cove
Nordnjoti Norway farm
Nordnut Norway peak
Nordnuten Norway peak
Nordo Greenland island
Nordo Norway island
Nordo Norway island
Nordodden Norway point
Nordodden Norway point
Nordoddhausen Norway reef
Nordodhausen Norway reef
Nordoe Germany populated place
Nordoerne Norway islands
Nordole Italy stream
Nordomsjon Sweden populated place
Nordon Sweden island
Nordonia High School United States School
Nordonia Middle School United States School
Nordoog Germany farm
Nordore Faroe Islands populated place
Nordorf Germany farm
Nordorf Germany populated place
Nordorfer Grashaus Germany farm
Nordorough Nigeria populated place
Nordosen Norway bay
Nordosen Norway bay
Nordoskaret Sweden rock
Nordost Bay Greenland bay
Nordost Bugt Greenland bay
Nordost Durchfahrt Marshall Islands channel
Nordost Fjord Greenland bay
Nordost Flak Denmark shoal
Nordost Land Svalbard island
Nordost Runding Greenland headland
Nordost Denmark populated locality
Nordost Russia populated place
Nordost-Durchfahrt Federated States of Micronesia marine channel
Nordost-Durchfahrt Marshall Islands channel
Nordost-Kap Svalbard point
Nordostbugt Greenland bay
Nordostbugten Greenland bay
Nordosten Sweden island
Nordosterdeich Germany populated place
Nordosthage Denmark shoal
Nordostkap Jan Mayen cape
Nordostlandet Svalbard island
Nordostlandets Nordkap Svalbard point
Nordostlandets Sydkap Svalbard cape
Nordostovyy Kultuk Azerbaijan populated place
Nordostpynten Svalbard point
Nordostra Dorjeskars Flu Sweden shoal
Nordostre Havnenaes Greenland cape
Nordostreede Germany roadstead
Nordostrundingen Greenland headland
Nordostspitze Svalbard point
Nordoststraedet Svalbard strait
Nordovaagen Norway cove
Nordovka Russia populated place
Nordoy Norway island
Nordoy Norway island
Nordoy Norway island
Nordoy Norway island
Nordoya Norway island
Nordoya Norway island
Nordoya Norway island
Nordoya Norway island
Nordoya Norway island
Nordoya Svalbard island
Nordoyan Norway islands
Nordoyan Norway islands
Nordoyane Norway islands
Nordoyane Norway islands
Nordoybjornen Norway hill
Nordoybura Norway islands
Nordoyflua Norway reef
Nordoygrunnen Norway shoal
Nordoyi Norway island
Nordoyi Norway island
Nordoyni Norway island
Nordoyni Norway island
Nordoyodden Norway point
Nordoyskallen Norway shoal
Nordoyskjeran Norway rock
Nordoyskjeret Norway rock
Nordoysundet Norway marine channel
Nordoytani Norway point
Nordoyvagen Norway cove
Nordpasset Greenland valley
Nordperd Germany point
Nordpfalzer Bergland Germany mountains
Nordpol Germany farm
Nordpollen Norway fjord
Nordpollen Norway farm
Nordporten Svalbard marine channel
Nordposten Greenland nunataks
Nordr-Floi Iceland bay
Nordra Flua Norway rock
Nordraak Norway farm
Nordrach Germany populated place
Nordrach Germany stream
Nordrak Norway farm
Nordrana Norway fjord
Nordranafjorden Norway fjord
Nordrandsiedlung Austria section of populated place
Nordranen Norway fjord
Nordranenfjord Norway fjord
Nordrasa Norway bank
Nordrasa Norway cove
Nordrath Germany populated locality
Nordravatnet Norway lake
Nordre Aasvaer Fjord Norway marine channel
Nordre Aavaer Fjord Norway marine channel
Nordre Aborsneset Norway point
Nordre Akanholme Norway island
Nordre Akka Norway island
Nordre Akkansuolo Norway island
Nordre Alen Norway sound
Nordre Alv Sweden stream
Nordre Alvs Fjord Sweden bay
Nordre Alvs Fjord Sweden bay
Nordre Andfjeldtjorn Norway lake
Nordre Angstaursund Norway sound
Nordre Angstaursundet Norway sound
Nordre Aputiteeq Greenland island
Nordre Aputitek Greenland island
Nordre Aputiteq Greenland island
Nordre Arbejdshavn Denmark harbor
Nordre Arholmgrunn Norway reef
Nordre Arholmgrunnen Norway reef
Nordre Aroy Norway island
Nordre As Norway farm
Nordre As Norway farm
Nordre Asvaerfjorden Norway marine channel
Nordre Auholmen Norway island
Nordre Aurdalsbre Svalbard glacier
Nordre Austfluan Norway reef
Nordre Bagrunnen Norway reef
Nordre Bagsjoen Norway lake
Nordre Bellsundpasset Svalbard pass
Nordre Bergfjord Norway marine channel
Nordre Bergsfjord Norway marine channel
Nordre Bergsfjorden Norway marine channel
Nordre Billingen Norway lake
Nordre Bjelkan Norway shoal
Nordre Bjellaavand Norway lake
Nordre Bjellavatn Norway lake
Nordre Bjellavatnet Norway lake
Nordre Bjollavatn Norway lake
Nordre Bjornoybanken Svalbard bank
Nordre Bleikskjaer Norway islands
Nordre Bleikskjera Norway islands
Nordre Boflui Norway reef
Nordre Boge Vag Norway cove
Nordre Bogevagen Norway cove
Nordre Bogrund Norway reef
Nordre Boksjo Norway lake
Nordre Bolsjoen Norway lake
Nordre Bongnetangen Norway point
Nordre Botnen Norway populated place
Nordre Botneviki Norway cove
Nordre Botten Norway populated place
Nordre Breia Svalbard stream
Nordre Breidgrunnen Norway bank
Nordre Brevik Norway farm
Nordre Brodskjeret Norway rock
Nordre Brua Norway rock
Nordre Buchananisen Svalbard glacier
Nordre Bumanfjord Norway bay
Nordre Bumannsfjord Norway bay
Nordre Bynge Vag Norway cove
Nordre Byngevagen Norway cove
Nordre Cal'bmeraigav'zi Norway stream
Nordre Calbmeraigavzze Norway stream
Nordre Castrenoya Svalbard island
Nordre Dafjorden Norway fjord
Nordre Deilbekken Svalbard stream
Nordre Djupskallen Norway bank
Nordre Donnesfjell Norway hill
Nordre Dunoya Svalbard island
Nordre Eggholmen Norway island
Nordre Eidesvagen Norway cove
Nordre Einstoingen Norway shoal
Nordre Ekrhovda Norway farm
Nordre Elfs Fjord Sweden bay
Nordre Elle Norway farm
Nordre Elvaagen Norway lake
Nordre Elvaga Norway lake
Nordre Elveneset Norway point
Nordre Enebo Norway farms
Nordre Engelsholmen Norway island
Nordre Espo Norway island
Nordre Etnedal Norway church
Nordre Fallet Norway reef
Nordre Fauskskjeret Norway rock
Nordre Feldborg Plantage Denmark forest
Nordre Finnen Norway reef
Nordre Finnen Norway reef
Nordre Finnvikelva Norway stream
Nordre Flatholman Norway island
Nordre Flesi Norway rock
Nordre Flint Denmark shoal
Nordre Flogen Norway lake
Nordre Foldnesvagen Norway inlet
Nordre Fonnesvagen Norway inlet
Nordre Franklinbreen Svalbard glacier
Nordre Frogrunnen Norway shoal
Nordre Frostholmane Norway island
Nordre Fuglaskjeret Norway rock
Nordre Fugloy Norway farm
Nordre Gardviki Norway cove
Nordre Garggo Norway point
Nordre Gasvaer Norway island
Nordre Gauptjernsakslen Norway mountain
Nordre Gauptjornsaksla Norway mountain
Nordre Geita Norway populated place
Nordre Gissoya Norway island
Nordre Gjeiten Norway populated place
Nordre Gjeraanut Norway peak
Nordre Gjeranuten Norway peak
Nordre Gjeten Norway populated place
Nordre Gjevsjohatten Norway mountain
Nordre Glaamvasfjeldet Norway mountain
Nordre Glomvassfjellet Norway mountain
Nordre Grondalsfjeldet Norway mountain
Nordre Grondalsfjellet Norway mountain
Nordre Grunnen Norway bank
Nordre Grytfalla Norway reef
Nordre Hakvika Norway populated place
Nordre Halveisholmen Norway island
Nordre Halveisholmen Norway island
Nordre Hamlagro Norway populated place
Nordre Hanevikskallen Norway bank
Nordre Haoy Norway section of island
Nordre Haoya Norway section of island
Nordre Haskjeret Norway island
Nordre Haskjerflu Norway rock
Nordre Haskjerflua Norway rock
Nordre Havardsviki Norway cove
Nordre Heggdal Norway populated place
Nordre Heggsjoen Norway lake
Nordre Hegsjoen Norway lake
Nordre Helgelansflesa Norway islands
Nordre Hestdalvik Norway farm
Nordre Hilbaan Norway reef
Nordre Hjartoen Norway populated place
Nordre Hjartoy Norway populated place
Nordre Hjelmeskallen Norway bank
Nordre Hodnelandsvagen Norway cove
Nordre Hogga Norway island
Nordre Hoggjo Norway island
Nordre Hoiholmstinden Norway peak
Nordre Holand Herad Norway administrative division
Nordre Hollendarbaen Jan Mayen shoal
Nordre Honningsvaag Norway populated place
Nordre Honningsvag Norway populated place
Nordre Horten Sweden island
Nordre Hoyholmstind Norway peak
Nordre Huse Greenland populated place
Nordre Ikerasaq Greenland marine channel
Nordre Ilholmen Norway island
Nordre Isortoq Greenland fjord
Nordre Isoya Svalbard island
Nordre Jaevsjohatten Norway mountain
Nordre Jonsrasgrunnen Norway shoal
Nordre Kaagtind Norway peak
Nordre Kagtind Norway peak
Nordre Kagtinden Norway peak
Nordre Kaholmen Norway island
Nordre Kamplitind Norway peak
Nordre Kangeq Greenland peninsula
Nordre Kangerdluarssuk Greenland fjord
Nordre Kangerdluarsuk Greenland fjord
Nordre Kitsigsut O Greenland islands
Nordre Kjempeskjergrunnen Norway shoal
Nordre Kjerringkneskolten Norway shoal
Nordre Kjosen Norway cove
Nordre Klauvholmen Norway island
Nordre Knappavagen Norway cove
Nordre Knappen Norway cape
Nordre Kneikbreen Svalbard glacier
Nordre Knottan Norway hill
Nordre Kornsjo Norway lake
Nordre Kornsjoen Norway lake
Nordre Kraa Norway meadow
Nordre Krakan Sweden rocks
Nordre Krakoya Norway island
Nordre Krossfonnuten Norway mountain
Nordre Kval Vik Norway cove
Nordre Kvalmal Norway cove
Nordre Kvalviki Norway cove
Nordre Kvernoraasa Norway marine channel
Nordre Kvernoyrasa Norway marine channel
Nordre Laksebugt Greenland bay
Nordre Lamholmen Norway island
Nordre Lamholmen Norway island
Nordre Lamholmen Norway island
Nordre Land Herad Norway administrative division
Nordre Langenes Vag Norway cove
Nordre Langoy Norway island
Nordre Langoy Norway section of island
Nordre Langoya Norway section of island
Nordre Langoyni Norway section of island
Nordre Lavika Norway farm
Nordre Leirodden Svalbard point
Nordre Litleholmen Norway island
Nordre Lob Denmark marine channel
Nordre Lob Greenland marine channel
Nordre Lyklingholmen Norway island
Nordre Lyngoytaren Norway reef
Nordre Lysekamm Norway peak
Nordre Lysekammen Norway peak
Nordre Mannholmgrunnen Norway reef
Nordre Marholmen Norway island
Nordre Masholmen Norway island
Nordre Medflesa Norway island
Nordre Messeltsaetra Norway farm
Nordre Mid Cape Svalbard point
Nordre Midtkap Svalbard point
Nordre Midtnut Norway peak
Nordre Midtnuten Norway peak
Nordre Midtodden Svalbard point
Nordre Misingen Norway island
Nordre Missingen Norway island
Nordre Mokalassflua Norway reef
Nordre Mostertaren Norway shoal
Nordre Mulgrunnen Norway shoal
Nordre Murua Norway stream
Nordre Muschelbjerg Greenland mountain
Nordre Nabbsjoen Svalbard lake
Nordre Nabbvatnet Svalbard lake
Nordre Naes Greenland point
Nordre Nathorstmorena Svalbard moraine
Nordre Nathorstmorenen Svalbard moraine
Nordre Nautoyni Norway island
Nordre Nesoen Norway section of island
Nordre Nesoya Norway section of island
Nordre Nordnesholmen Norway island
Nordre Nunatak Svalbard nunatak
Nordre Oddeflui Norway rocks
Nordre Oddfallet Norway shoal
Nordre Oien Norway farm
Nordre Oiersjoen Norway lake
Nordre Oiungen Norway lake
Nordre Oksoya Norway island
Nordre Okteren Norway lake
Nordre Osa Norway stream
Nordre Osen Norway church
Nordre Oyan Norway farm
Nordre Oyersjoen Norway lake
Nordre Oyungen Norway lake
Nordre Portneset Norway point
Nordre Raekvik Norway populated place
Nordre Rakkeneset Norway cove
Nordre Rakvik Norway populated place
Nordre Rampeso Greenland lake
Nordre Ramsoygrunnen Norway bank
Nordre Ramtongrunnen Norway reef
Nordre Randberget Svalbard mountain
Nordre Rasen Norway farm
Nordre Raudoya Norway island
Nordre Rebbaen Norway shoal
Nordre Rekvik Norway populated place
Nordre Repoya Svalbard island
Nordre Repsoya Svalbard island
Nordre Revet Norway bank
Nordre Rivlia Norway farm
Nordre Rivlien Norway farm
Nordre Rodoen Norway island
Nordre Rogden Norway lake
Nordre Ronner Denmark islands
Nordre Rose Denmark shoal
Nordre Rotoy Norway island
Nordre Rotoyna Norway island
Nordre Rotoyni Norway island
Nordre Rushavn Svalbard harbor
Nordre Russoya Svalbard island
Nordre Russoysundet Svalbard marine channel
Nordre Saeter Norway populated place
Nordre Salatberget Svalbard mountain
Nordre Salen Norway rock
Nordre Saltvatn Norway lake
Nordre Sando Norway island
Nordre Sandoy Norway island
Nordre Sandoy Norway island
Nordre Sandoya Norway island
Nordre Sandoyna Norway island
Nordre Sandoytaran Norway shoal
Nordre Sandoyvagen Norway cove
Nordre Sandskjeret Norway rocks
Nordre Sandvaersodden Norway islands
Nordre Sandvagen Norway cove
Nordre Sandvika Norway cove
Nordre Sandviki Norway bight
Nordre Seiskallen Norway reef
Nordre Selsvagen Norway cove
Nordre Selvaggrunnen Norway reef
Nordre Sengsvagan Norway cove
Nordre Sermilik Greenland fjord
Nordre Silkoy Norway island
Nordre Silkoya Norway island
Nordre Skamtindgrunn Norway reef
Nordre Skamtindgrunnen Norway reef
Nordre Skaret Sweden reef
Nordre Skaslia Norway farm
Nordre Skaslien Norway farm
Nordre Skjaelholmen Norway island
Nordre Skjaholmen Norway farm
Nordre Skjoldungesund Greenland marine channel
Nordre Skokkeloya Norway island
Nordre Skolten Norway rock
Nordre Slemsjoen Norway lake
Nordre Smaholme Greenland islands
Nordre Solholmen Norway island
Nordre Sostrene Norway island
Nordre Sotholt Norway farm
Nordre Sotholt Norway farm
Nordre Spaneflu Norway reef
Nordre Spaneflua Norway reef
Nordre Sparholmen Norway island
Nordre Stabbflua Norway reef

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