Tsabiams - Tsuxub: Namibia

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Tsabiams mountain
Tsabib water hole
Tsabibib water hole
Tsabis railroad siding
Tsabisis farm stead
Tsachanabis farm stead
Tsachanabis intermittent stream
Tsagaanibis intermittent stream
Tsam water hole
Tsamab populated place
Tsamams farm stead
Tsamatse populated place
Tsambozwala intermittent stream
Tsammams farm stead
Tsammapan farm stead
Tsams Ost farm stead
Tsams Rivier intermittent stream
Tsams Vley pan
Tsams West farm stead
Tsams farm stead
Tsams farm stead
Tsams water hole
Tsamsvlakte plain
Tsamsvlei pan
Tsamtsham water hole
Tsamub populated place
Tsandi populated place
Tsaobis populated place
Tsaobis intermittent stream
Tsaorob water hole
Tsarachaibis farm
Tsaracheibis water hole
Tsaraxa-aibes populated place
Tsaraxaibis farm
Tsaris intermittent stream
Tsaris-Gebirge mountains
Tsarisberge mountains
Tsatsachas farm stead
Tsauc intermittent stream
Tsauchab River intermittent stream
Tsauchab River intermittent stream
Tsauchab intermittent stream
Tsaugab farm stead
Tsaukaib railroad siding
Tsaukaub farm stead
Tsaukhaib mountains
Tsaurab water hole
Tsaus farm stead
Tsaus mountain
Tsawichaams water hole
Tsawichas farm stead
Tsawisis farm
Tsawisis railroad siding
Tsawisis water hole
Tschaub River intermittent stream
Tschaub intermittent stream
Tschaubrivier intermittent stream
Tschaukaib Gebirge mountains
Tschaukaib Mountains mountains
Tschaukaib Spitze mountain
Tschaukaib mountain
Tschaukaib railroad siding
Tschaukaib-Berg mountain
Tschaukaibberge mountains
Tschaunaup Mission mission
Tschaunaup mission
Tschitschib area
Tschobe section of stream
Tsebries farm stead
Tsebris intermittent stream
Tsebrisberg mountain
Tses Native Reserve area
Tses Reserve area
Tses area
Tses populated place
Tses railroad siding
Tses intermittent stream
Tshandi populated place
Tshankaka Plain plain
Tsheye populated place
Tshisau populated place
Tshova populated place
Tsimis farm stead
Tsinaib well
Tsintsabis populated place
Tsirub Letterkuppe hill
Tsirub Rivier intermittent stream
Tsirub farm stead
Tsisab intermittent stream
Tsitsib area
Tsoanadum intermittent stream
Tsomes farm stead
Tsomtsaub water hole
Tsondab River intermittent stream
Tsondab intermittent stream
Tsondab-vley pan
Tsondabvlei pan
Tsumas farm stead
Tsumcor water hole
Tsumeb first-order administrative division
Tsumeb mine
Tsumeb populated place
Tsumeb railroad station
Tsumis Park railroad siding
Tsumis populated place
Tsumis railroad siding
Tsumis intermittent stream
Tsumkwa populated place
Tsumkwe populated place
Tsumkwe water hole
Tsutsab populated place
Tsuxab intermittent stream
Tsuxub intermittent stream

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