Haast Pass - Hazletts: New Zealand

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Haast Pass pass
Haast Range mountains
Haast River stream
Haast populated place
Haast glacier
Hachac-Kupenga mountain
Hackel peak
Hacket River stream
Hackett Creek stream
Hackthorne populated place
Hae Hae Te Moana River stream
Hae Hae Te Moana stream
Haehanga Stream stream
Haehanga hill
Haggard Creek stream
Haha Stream stream
Haihaitemoana stream
Haikainga mountain
Hailes Knob mountain
Hairini populated place
Hakahaka Bay bay
Hakahaka populated place
Hakaimango Point point
Hakanoa Lake lake
Hakaonga mountain
Hakarimata mountain
Hakaroa bay
Hakaru River stream
Hakaru populated place
Hakataramea Downs farm
Hakataramea Pass pass
Hakataramea River stream
Hakataramea populated place
Hakatere populated place
Hakepa hill
Hakianga mountain
Hakowai farm
Halcombe populated place
Haldane Bay bay
Haldane populated place
Halden mountain
Haldon Hills hill
Haldon Station farm
Hales farm
Half Moon Bay bay
Half Moon Spur spur
Half Passage Rock rock
Half-moon Bay populated place
Half-way Peak peak
Halfmoon Bay bay
Halfway Bay bay
Halfway Bluff cliff
Halfway Bush section of populated place
Halfway Point point
Halfway Rocks rocks
Halkett Town populated place
Halkett populated place
Hall Creek stream
Hall Glacier glacier
Hall River stream
Hall farm
Hallam Cove cove
Halls Arm bay
Halls Creek stream
Halpin Creek stream
Halswell Point point
Halswell River stream
Halswell populated place
Hamilton Bay populated place
Hamilton Bay bay
Hamilton Burn stream
Hamilton City populated place
Hamilton Peak peak
Hamilton River stream
Hamilton first-order administrative division
Hamilton populated place
Hamiltons Gap ravine
Hamley Peak peak
Hammond Hill hill
Hammond hill
Hampden Borough administrative division
Hampden populated place
Hampden administrative division
Hamurana Springs populated place
Hamurana populated place
Hamutunui mountain
Hananui mountain
Hanata Island island
Handyside mountain
Hanfield Inlet bay
Hangaroa River stream
Hangatahua Stream stream
Hangatiki populated place
Hangatiki hill
Hangawera hill
Hangipipi hill
Hanmer Plantations forest reserve
Hanmer River stream
Hanmer Springs populated place
Hanmer State Forest forest reserve
Hanmer populated place
Hansard Point point
Hansen Creek stream
Hansens Hill hill
Hanson Bay bay
Hapakawera mountain
Hapapawera mountain
Haparangi mountain
Haparapara River stream
Haparapara stream
Hapipi mountain
Hapokopoko Stream stream
Happy Bay Island island
Happy Jack Island island
Happy Valley Peaks mountain
Happy Valley Stream stream
Happy Valley Stream stream
Happy Valley valley
Happy Valley valley
Hapu mountain
Hapuhinini Creek stream
Hapuka River stream
Hapuka Rock rock
Hapuka Rock rock
Hapuka Rocks rocks
Hapuka island
Hapuku River stream
Hapuku populated place
Hapuriki hill
Harakeke island
Harakeke mountain
Harapepe populated place
Harataunga Stream stream
Harawera mountain
Harbour Cone mountain
Harbour Islands islands
Hard Creek stream
Harding Point point
Hare River stream
Hares Ears rocks
Harewood Settlement populated place
Harewood populated place
Hargraves Run hill
Harihari Beach beach
Harihari populated place
Harington Point point
Harley Creek stream
Haroharo mountain
Harold Creek stream
Haronga hill
Haronga hill
Haroto Bay bay
Harper Glacier glacier
Harper Range mountains
Harper River stream
Harpers Knob mountain
Harpers Pass pass
Harpers Saddle pass
Harrington Point point
Harris Bay bay
Harris Bay bay
Harris Creek stream
Harris Mountains mountains
Harris Ridge ridge
Harris's Bay bay
Harris mountain
Harris mountain
Harrison Cove cove
Harry Island island
Harrys Peak peak
Hart Creek stream
Hart stream
Harte Creek stream
Haruru populated place
Harvey Creek stream
Hastings Borough administrative division
Hastings section of populated place
Hastings administrative division
Hastwell populated place
Hastwells populated place
Haszard Islet island
Hataitai populated place
Hatea River stream
Hatea Stream stream
Hatfield populated place
Hatpin Creek stream
Hatuma Lake lake
Hatuma populated place
Hatuma farm
Hatuma lake
Hau hill
Hauatara mountain
Hauha Stream stream
Hauhangatahi mountain
Hauhauponamu Stream stream
Hauhungaroa Range mountains
Hauhungaroa mountain
Haukopua rock
Haulashore Cove cove
Haulashore Island island
Hauler Creek stream
Haumakariri stream
Haumia hill
Haumoana populated place
Haumuri Bluffs cliff
Haunga mountain
Haunted Whare ancient site
Haunui populated place
Haunui hill
Haupapakia Creek stream
Haupatua Stream stream
Haupeehi mountain
Haupiri Range mountains
Haupiri River stream
Hauraki Creek stream
Hauraki Gulf Maritime Park park
Hauraki Gulf gulf
Hauraki Plains County first-order administrative division
Hauraki Plains first-order administrative division
Hauraki Plains plain
Haurangi Mountains mountains
Hauroko Burn stream
Hautapu Channel marine channel
Hautapu Point point
Hautapu River stream
Hautapu River stream
Hautapu Rocks rocks
Hautapu populated place
Hautawa Stream stream
Hautere island
Hauturu Stream stream
Hauturu populated place
Hauturu island
Hauturu island
Hauturu mountain
Hauturu mountain
Haututu mountain
Hauwai populated place
Hauwhakaoma hill
Havelock Creek stream
Havelock North Town District populated place
Havelock North administrative division
Havelock North populated place
Havelock River stream
Havelock Suburban populated place
Havelock Town District populated place
Havelock populated place
Havelock populated place
Havre Rock rock
Hawai River stream
Hawanui Pah hill
Hawarden populated place
Hawea Flat populated place
Hawea River stream
Hawea Stream stream
Hawera Borough administrative division
Hawera County first-order administrative division
Hawera County first-order administrative division
Hawera District first-order administrative division
Hawera first-order administrative division
Hawera administrative division
Hawera hill
Hawera mountain
Hawera populated place
Hawes Head cape
Hawini Rocks rocks
Hawk Creek stream
Hawk Range farm
Hawkdun Range mountains
Hawkdun farm
Hawke Bay bay
Hawke's Bay County first-order administrative division
Hawke's Bay first-order administrative division
Hawkes Bay Statistical Area administrative division
Hawkes Bay administrative division
Hawkes Bay administrative division
Hawkes Crag cliff
Hawkes Craig cliff
Hawkes' Bay bay
Hawkeswood populated place
Hawkins Hill mountain
Hawkins River stream
Hawkins populated place
Hawks Burn stream
Hawks Crag Creek stream
Hawks Crag cliff
Hawks Craig cliff
Hawksburn Homestead farm
Hawkston farm
Hawkstone farm
Hawkswood populated place
Hay River stream
Haycock Range mountains
Hayden stream
Haytor mountain
Haywards populated place
Hazelburgh Group islands
Hazelburn populated place
Hazletts populated place

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