Oraka Point - Orwell Creek: New Zealand

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Oraka Point point
Oraka Stream stream
Oraka populated place
Orakanui Stream stream
Orakei Wharf wharf(-ves
Orakei mountain
Orakei section of populated place
Orangapai populated place
Orange Range mountains
Orangi mountain
Orangikahu hill
Orangikino mountain
Orangimea populated place
Orangipuku River stream
Orangipuku stream
Orangitoea mountain
Orangitu stream
Orangiwhao hill
Oranoa populated place
Oraora Stream stream
Orari River stream
Orari populated place
Oratia Station railroad station
Oratia populated place
Orauea River stream
Orauea Stream stream
Oraukura Gorge gorge
Oraukura gorge
Oraukura stream
Oraumoa bay
Orautoha Stream stream
Orawia Bridge populated place
Orawia populated place
Orbell's mountain
Orbells Creek stream
Orchard Bay bay
Orchard Creek stream
Orchard Spur mountain
Orde Lees Islet rock
Ore Creek stream
Orepuki populated place
Orere Point populated place
Orete Point point
Orete stream
Oreti Plains populated place
Oreti River stream
Oreti populated place
Oreti stream
Orewa Beach beach
Orewa River stream
Orewa populated place
Oriental Bay bay
Orieri Island island
Orikaka River stream
Orikaka stream
Oringi stream
Orini River stream
Orini Stream stream
Orini populated place
Orinoco Creek stream
Orinoco River stream
Orira River stream
Oriwa mountain
Ormond populated place
Ormonds farm
Ormondville populated place
Oroi Stream stream
Oroi mountain
Oroko Creek stream
Orongatea stream
Orongo Point point
Orongo hill
Orongorongo River stream
Orongorongo mountain
Oronoko Range mountains
Oronowhainu hill
Oropi populated place
Orotere mountain
Oroua County first-order administrative division
Oroua Downs populated place
Oroua River stream
Oroua first-order administrative division
Orowaite stream
Orowaiti River stream
Orowhana Peak mountain
Orowhana mountain
Orr Hill mountain
Orr's Hill mountain
Orrin Creek stream
Orrs Creek stream
Orsha bay
Orshaw bay
Orsho bay
Orton populated place
Oruahurangi mountain
Oruaiti River stream
Oruaiti stream
Oruaiwi populated place
Oruanui populated place
Oruapuroto Stream stream
Oruatua Stream stream
Oruawairau Island island
Oruawairua Island island
Oruawaru River stream
Oruawharo Heads cape
Oruawharo River stream
Oruawharo farm
Oruawhero River stream
Orui River stream
Orupe Stream stream
Oruru River stream
Oruru populated place
Oruru mountain
Orutua Stream stream
Orwell Creek stream

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