SK Lateral - Skaftholmen - Geographical Names, map, geographic coordinates

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Country Feature class
SK Lateral United States Canal
SK Standard Mine United States Mine
Sk White Ranch United States Locale
Ska Edeby Sweden airfield
Ska Sweden populated place
Ska-an Malaysia populated place
Ska-Edeby Sweden farm
Ska-Saby Sweden populated place
Skaabu Norway populated place
Skaadalur Faroe Islands valley
Skaaddefjeldet Norway mountain
Skaaddefjell Norway hill
Skaadderabben Norway hill
Skaade Bakker Denmark hills
Skaade Denmark populated place
Skaaden Norway farm
Skaakaas Norway hill
Skaaki Norway peak
Skaala Norway farm
Skaala Norway island
Skaala Norway mountain
Skaala Norway mountain
Skaalaaen Norway stream
Skaalbo Norway populated place
Skaalbrekken Norway populated place
Skaalbunes Norway populated place
Skaale Saeter Norway farm
Skaale Faroe Islands populated place
Skaale Norway populated place
Skaale-Fjord Faroe Islands fjord
Skaalebotn Faroe Islands populated place
Skaalefiord Faroe Islands fjord
Skaalefjeld Faroe Islands mountain
Skaalen Cemetery United States Cemetery
Skaalen Norway island
Skaalenaes Faroe Islands point
Skaalesaeter Norway farm
Skaalevig Faroe Islands populated place
Skaalevig Norway populated place
Skaalevik Norway populated place
Skaalhamn Norway farm
Skaalhoved Faroe Islands point
Skaalmo Norway farm
Skaalnaes Norway farms
Skaalnatten Norway peak
Skaalnes Norway farms
Skaalplank South Africa farmstead
Skaalsaa Faroe Islands stream
Skaalsjoen Norway lake
Skaalsvik Norway farm
Skaalsvik Norway populated place
Skaalvassaetre Norway farm
Skaalvik Fjord Norway fjord
Skaalvik Norway farm
Skaalvik Norway farm
Skaalvikfjorden Norway fjord
Skaanali Norway farm
Skaanborke Saeter Norway farm
Skaanborkemyren Norway bog
Skaane Norway farm
Skaanes Norway farm
Skaanevasstjornan Norway lakes
Skaanevik Norway administrative division
Skaanevik Norway populated place
Skaaningen Norway farm
Skaaningshave Denmark forest
Skaanland Herred Norway administrative division
Skaanland Norway farm
Skaanland Norway populated place
Skaanland Norway church
Skaanlandsfjell Norway mountain
Skaanso Denmark lake
Skaanvad Gaard Denmark farm
Skaanvik Norway farm
Skaap Island South Africa island
Skaap South Africa pan
Skaapberg South Africa mountain
Skaapberg South Africa mountain
Skaapdamleegte South Africa intermittent stream
Skaapdra-os se Poort South Africa pass
Skaapdraai South Africa farm
Skaapdraai South Africa hill
Skaapeiland South Africa island
Skaapeiland South Africa point
Skaapfontein se Rivier South Africa intermittent stream
Skaapfontein South Africa spring
Skaaphok South Africa farmstead
Skaaphus Gaard Denmark farm
Skaaphus Denmark farm
Skaaphusmark Denmark populated locality
Skaapkloof South Africa farm
Skaapkooirivier South Africa intermittent stream
Skaapkooise Berg South Africa hill
Skaapkop South Africa hill
Skaapkop South Africa mountain
Skaapkop South Africa mountain
Skaapkoppie South Africa farm
Skaapkoppie South Africa hill
Skaapkoppie South Africa mountain
Skaapkoprivier South Africa stream
Skaapkraal South Africa farm
Skaapkraal South Africa farmstead
Skaapkraal South Africa farmstead
Skaapkraal South Africa populated place
Skaapkraalpoort South Africa pass
Skaapnek South Africa ravine
Skaappan South Africa farmstead
Skaappan South Africa pan
Skaapplaas South Africa farmstead
Skaapplaas South Africa railroad siding
Skaapplaats South Africa farm
Skaaprivier Namibia intermittent stream
Skaaprivier South Africa farmstead
Skaaprivier South Africa locality
Skaaprivier South Africa intermittent stream
Skaaprivier South Africa intermittent stream
Skaaprivierpoort Namibia pass
Skaapvlei South South Africa airfield
Skaapvlei West South Africa airfield
Skaapvlei South Africa farmstead
Skaapvlei South Africa farmstead
Skaapvlei South Africa farmstead
Skaar Fjell Norway hills
Skaar Substation United States Locale
Skaar Norway farm
Skaar Norway farm
Skaar Norway farm
Skaar Norway farm
Skaar Norway farm
Skaar Norway farm
Skaar Norway farms
Skaar Norway farms
Skaar United States Populated Place
Skaara Norway farm
Skaaraa Norway populated place
Skaaraafjell Norway hill
Skaaraanut Norway peak
Skaaraas Norway farms
Skaarbo Norway farm
Skaardal Norway farms
Skaare Fiord Canada bay
Skaare Herad Norway administrative division
Skaare Norway farm
Skaare Norway farms
Skaare Norway populated place
Skaaredal Norway populated place
Skaarefjell Norway hill
Skaaren Norway farm
Skaaren Norway farm
Skaaren Norway populated place
Skaaren Norway populated place
Skaarene Greenland peak
Skaarer Norway farm
Skaarer Norway populated place
Skaaret Norway populated place
Skaarfjell Norway mountain
Skaarhaug Norway populated place
Skaarillen Norway lake
Skaarnes Norway farm
Skaaro Denmark island
Skaaro Norway island
Skaaro-Flak Denmark shoal
Skaarsaa Seter Norway farm
Skaarsaeter Norway farm
Skaarsfjeldene Norway hills
Skaarsmoen Norway farm
Skaarste South Africa farmstead
Skaarup Gaard Denmark estate
Skaarup Gaard Denmark farm
Skaarup Hoje Denmark hill
Skaarup Denmark farm
Skaarup Denmark populated place
Skaarup Denmark populated place
Skaarup Denmark populated place
Skaarup Denmark populated place
Skaarup Denmark populated place
Skaarup Denmark populated place
Skaarup Denmark populated place
Skaarup Denmark populated place
Skaarup Denmark populated locality
Skaarupgaard Denmark estate
Skaarupgaard Denmark farm
Skaarupore Sund Denmark marine channel
Skaarupore Denmark populated place
Skaarvaagen Norway populated place
Skaarvatnet Norway lake
Skaarvik Norway populated place
Skaastrup Denmark populated place
Skaate Fjell Norway hill
Skaaten Norway rock
Skaato Sund Norway marine channel
Skaato Norway populated place
Skaatoroa Norway marine channel
Skab Lake United States Lake
Skabaden Sweden rocks
Skabakken Norway farm
Skaban Mountain Malaysia hill
Skabb Finland island
Skabban Finland island
Skabban Finland rock
Skabban Sweden island
Skabbeholm Sweden peninsula
Skabben Sweden section of island
Skabben Sweden island
Skabberget Sweden hill
Skabberud Norway populated place
Skabbevik Sweden cove
Skabbgrundet Sweden island
Skabbholm Finland island
Skabbholm Finland island
Skabbo Finland peninsula
Skabbo Sweden island
Skabbrevet Sweden reef
Skabbrevets Sten Sweden rock
Skabbskar Finland island
Skabeikiai Lithuania populated place
Skaberay Lithuania populated place
Skabergsviken Sweden cove
Skabersjo Sweden populated place
Skabersjo Sweden railroad station
Skabicheyevo Russia populated place
Skabin Belarus populated place
Skabo Cemetery United States Cemetery
Skabo Church United States Church
Skabo Church United States Church
Skabo Sweden farm
Skaboholmen Sweden island
Skabohuse Denmark populated place
Skaborai Lithuania populated place
Skaboray Lithuania populated place
Skabramaive Sweden hill
Skabrnje Croatia populated place
Skabu Norway populated place
Skabun Afghanistan populated place
Skabunk River Guyana stream
Skaby Belarus populated place
Skaby Germany populated place
Skaby-Berge Germany hills
Skabyer Torf-Graben Germany stream
Skacaj Albania populated place
Skacak Montenegro spring
Skacany Slovakia populated place
Skacha Russia stream
Skachek Russia populated place
Skacheli Russia populated place
Skachikha Russia populated place
Skachikha Russia populated place
Skachki Russia populated place
Skachki Russia stream
Skachki Russia railroad station
Skachki Russia railroad stop
Skachkov Russia populated place
Skachkov Russia populated place
Skachkova Russia populated place
Skachkovo Russia populated place
Skachok Russia section of populated place
Skachok Russia populated place
Skacinci Macedonia populated place
Skacka Sweden populated place
Skackarp Sweden populated place
Skackelasen Sweden hill
Skackelstad Sweden populated place
Skacken Sweden populated place
Skackerfjallen Sweden mountains
Skackestad Sweden farm
Skacklerud Sweden populated place
Skacklinge Sweden populated place
Skackovce Macedonia populated place
Skacksjo Sweden populated place
Skacksjon Sweden lake
Skad'naya Russia stream
Skada Norway rocks
Skada-Sari Russia island
Skadagaro Finland island
Skadaharu Finland island
Skadaharun Finland island
Skadaharun Finland island
Skadal Norway populated place
Skadanscina Slovenia populated place
Skadar Kamen Kosovo rock
Skadar Bosnia and Herzegovina spur
Skadar Croatia populated locality
Skadar Croatia populated place
Skadar Serbia populated locality
Skadarska Lica Serbia locality
Skadarsko Jesero Montenegro lake
Skadarsko Jezero Montenegro lake
Skadarsko Yezero Montenegro lake
Skadaskar Sweden rock
Skadbak Denmark populated place
Skadberg Norway populated place
Skadberg Norway populated place
Skadberg Norway populated place
Skaddaive Sweden mountain
Skaddan Sweden rock
Skaddan Sweden reef
Skaddean Sweden stream
Skaddeberg Sweden rock
Skaddefjellet Norway mountain
Skaddeskar Sweden rocks
Skaddjacaerro Norway peak
Skaddjaoai'vi Norway mountain
Skaddjasullut Norway island
Skaddjasulut Norway rock
Skaddjasuolo Norway island
Skaddorna Sweden rocks
Skaddudat al Hiqfah Libya hill
Skade Bakker Denmark hills
Skade Denmark populated place
Skade Denmark populated place
Skadebak Denmark populated place
Skadebosvlei South Africa spring
Skadegrund Denmark shoal
Skadeland Norway populated place
Skademark Sweden populated place
Skaden Norway peninsula
Skadeni Latvia populated place
Skader Denmark populated place
Skaderedegaard Denmark farm
Skaderedegard Denmark farm
Skaderek Russia stream
Skadestenar Sweden hill
Skadevi Sweden farm
Skadhahella Faroe Islands point
Skadhon Greece populated place
Skadi Norway farm
Skadimovac Bosnia and Herzegovina ridge
Skadimovac Bosnia and Herzegovina locality
Skadimovac Bosnia and Herzegovina locality
Skadino Russia populated place
Skadino Russia populated place
Skadjajavri Finland lake
Skadjavarri Finland hill
Skadla Poland populated place
Skado Finland section of peninsula
Skadom Sweden populated place
Skadon Finland section of peninsula
Skadoren Finland section of peninsula
Skadovchka Ukraine populated place
Skadovka Ukraine populated place
Skadovka Ukraine populated place
Skadovs'k Ukraine populated place
Skadovskiy Nomer Vtoroy Ukraine populated place
Skadovskiy Rayon Ukraine third-order administrative division
Skadow Germany populated place
Skadowsk Ukraine populated place
Skadrice Croatia locality
Skads Denmark second-order administrative division
Skads Denmark populated place
Skadselva Norway stream
Skadulgwas Peak United States Summit
Skadum Sweden populated place
Skadun Iran populated place
Skady Tower United Kingdom tower
Skae Creek Australia stream
Skaefergaard Denmark farm
Skaefergaarde Denmark farms
Skaegkaer Denmark populated place
Skaein Lake United States Swamp
Skaelind Fjeld Faroe Islands mountain
Skaeling Faroe Islands populated place
Skaelingan Norway island
Skaelingar Iceland grazing area
Skaelingsfjall Faroe Islands mountain
Skaelingsnes Faroe Islands point
Skaelingsskardh Faroe Islands pass
Skaelingsskor Faroe Islands cliff
Skaelingur Faroe Islands mountain
Skaelingur Faroe Islands populated place
Skaelingur Iceland peak
Skaelling Fjeld Faroe Islands mountain
Skaelling Faroe Islands populated place
Skaellingnaes Faroe Islands point
Skaelskor Kommune Denmark second-order administrative division
Skaelskor Denmark populated place
Skaenkelso Denmark populated place
Skaensdam South Africa railroad siding
Skaerbaek Fiskerihavn Denmark harbor
Skaerbaek Kommune Denmark second-order administrative division
Skaerbaek Denmark farms
Skaerbaek Denmark farms
Skaerbaek Denmark populated place
Skaerbaek Denmark populated place
Skaerbaek Denmark populated place
Skaerbaek Denmark populated place
Skaerbaek Denmark populated place
Skaerbaek Denmark populated locality
Skaerbaekhest Denmark rocks
Skaerbaekvaerket Denmark harbor
Skaerbukta Norway cove
Skaerebaek Rev Denmark reef
Skaereklint Denmark cliff
Skaerfjord Greenland bay
Skaerfjorden Greenland bay
Skaergaardshalvo Greenland peninsula
Skaergardsbugt Greenland cove
Skaergardshalvo Greenland peninsula
Skaerholm Faroe Islands rock
Skaering Munkegaard Denmark farm
Skaering Munkegard Denmark farm
Skaering Denmark populated place
Skaering Norway mountain
Skaerkaer Denmark populated place
Skaerlund Denmark populated place
Skaermen Greenland nunataks
Skaerod Denmark populated place
Skaerping Denmark populated locality
Skaerrev Denmark rocks
Skaershale Denmark populated place
Skaersig Denmark populated locality
Skaerskov Denmark farms
Skaerso Denmark farm
Skaerso Denmark lake
Skaerum A Denmark stream
Skaerum Aa Denmark stream
Skaerum Denmark populated place
Skaerumhede Denmark farm
Skaerup Denmark populated place
Skaervad Denmark estate
Skaerving Denmark populated locality
Skaeve Kirke Denmark church
Skaevinge Kommune Denmark second-order administrative division
Skaevinge Denmark populated place
Skaevlund Denmark farms
Skafasen Sweden populated place
Skafberget Sweden hill
Skafbranna Sweden populated place
Skafedoq Albania peak
Skafeyrar Iceland islands
Skaffarbo Sweden farm
Skaffaren Norway headland
Skaffogaard Denmark estate
Skafholar Iceland hill
Skafi Greece populated place
Skafi Greece populated place
Skafi Greece area
Skafidhaki Greece populated place
Skafidhaki Greece populated place
Skafidhakion Greece populated place
Skafidhi Greece populated place
Skafidhia Greece populated place
Skafidhia Greece populated place
Skafidhion Greece populated place
Skafiotai Greece populated place
Skaflestad Norway populated place
Skafogaard Denmark estate
Skafogard Denmark estate
Skafsa Norway populated place
Skafshult Sweden populated place
Skaft Iceland stream
Skaft Sweden populated place
Skafta Iceland stream
Skafta Norway populated place
Skafta Sweden populated place
Skaftaa Norway populated place
Skaftabygget Sweden farms
Skaftafell Iceland populated place
Skaftafell Iceland park
Skaftafells Glacier Iceland glacier
Skaftafellsfjara Iceland beach
Skaftafellsfjoll Iceland mountains
Skaftafellsheidhi Iceland heath
Skaftafellsjokull Iceland glacier
Skaftar-Djup Iceland valley
Skaftardalsvatn Iceland anabranch
Skaftardalur Iceland farm
Skaftared Sweden farms
Skaftarhreppur Iceland administrative division
Skaftarjokull Iceland glacier
Skaftaros Iceland lagoon
Skaftaros Iceland stream mouth
Skaftarp Sweden populated place
Skaftartunguhreppur Iceland administrative division
Skaftasen Sweden hill
Skaftberget Sweden hill
Skaftedalsberget Sweden hill
Skaftekarr Sweden railroad stop
Skaftekulla Sweden populated place
Skaftelev Denmark populated place
Skaften Sweden lake
Skafterod Sweden farms
Skafterud Sweden populated place
Skafterup Denmark populated place
Skaftesberg Sweden hill
Skaftesberget Sweden hill
Skaftesfall Sweden populated place
Skaftesfall Sweden populated place
Skafteshojden Sweden populated place
Skaftet Norway farm
Skaftet Norway island
Skaftet Norway islands
Skaftet Svalbard lake
Skaftet Sweden island
Skaftet Sweden populated place
Skaftfallet Norway shoal
Skafthammar Sweden church
Skafthammarfallet Norway rock
Skafthammarslua Norway rocks
Skafthojden Sweden populated place
Skaftholmen Norway rock

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