Point au Sel - Poules Bleu: Seychelles

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Point au Sel point
Point Capucin point
Point La Roe point
Point La Rue point
Point Lazare point
Point Maravi point
Point Matoopa cape
Pointe Cabris point
Pointe Caimant point
Pointe Capacins point
Pointe Capucins point
Pointe Cascade point
Pointe Chevalier point
Pointe Cocos point
Pointe Colette point
Pointe Conan River stream
Pointe Conan point
Pointe du Sud cape
Pointe Golette point
Pointe La Rue first-order administrative division
Pointe Larue first-order administrative division
Pointe Lazare point
Pointe Maravi point
Pointe Police point
Pointe Rouge point
Pointe Zanguilles point
Poivre Islands islands
Poivre islets islands
Police Bay bay
Police Point point
Polymnie Island island
Port Claud bay
Port Glace bay
Port Glaud bay
Port Glaud first-order administrative division
Port Glaud populated place
Port Launay bay
Port Ternay bay
Port Victoria harbor
Port Victoria capital of a political entity
Poule Island island
Poule Islet island
Poules Bleu bay

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