Duaro - Duwi: Somalia

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Duaro well
Duaro well
Dub Qudhun well
Dubable well
Dubakarin Yero pass
Dubar Fort fort
Dubar Fort fort
Dubar fort
Dubar mountain
Dubar mountain
Dubar mountain
Dubar populated place
Dubar populated place
Dubar populated place
Dubar wadi
Dubaro water hole
Dubato populated place
Dubato populated place
Dubax wadi
Dubbaleh well
Dubbo locality
Dubbo locality
Dubburo hills
Dubburo hills
Dubeerin wadi
Duberi pass
Duberin Pass mountain
Duberin Pass mountain
Duberin mountain
Duberin mountain
Dubeyrin mountain
Dubo Iere locality
Dubo Ueine locality
Dubo Uen locality
Dubo locality
Dubo locality
Dubra locality
Dubri ponds
Dubri populated place
Dubriat mountain
Dubriyaad mountain
Dubriyaadle wadi
Dubriyalleh wadi
Dubur dune
Dubur mountain
Dubur populated place
Dubur wadi
Dubur water hole
Dubur water hole
Duburaha populated place
Duburaha hills
Duburakurkuda plain
Duca degli Abruzzi populated place
Ducaale tomb
Ducale Iley cemetery
Ducan Udda populated place
Duciye wadi
Ducsi Galgial hill
Ducubo Edle spring
Ducubo Iacho well
Ducubo Iak'o well
Ducubo spring
Dud Sciavel spring
Dud Sciavel water hole
Dud Wein area
Dudaaw locality
Dudarale Plain plain
Dudaraleh plain
Duddum Addo water hole
Duddum Cad water hole
Duddum Har populated place
Duddum Har well
Duddumaale locality
Duddumai populated place
Duddumia populated place
Duddumo Caddo hill
Duddumo populated place
Duddun Dheer populated place
Duddun Dheer water hole
Duddun Galo area
Dudduumo populated place
Dudi plain
Dudo populated place
Dudo populated place
Dudo wadi
Dudoon pond
Dudub Asa populated place
Dudub Ghoriad area
Dudub Ghoriad saddle
Dudub area
Dudub well
Dudub-ka Deheye saddle
Duduba wadi
Duduba mountain
Dudubassa populated place
Duduble populated place
Duduble populated place
Dudubo locality
Dudubta Hensa wadi
Dudueyne populated place
Dudufodlei populated place
Dudum Khor well
Duduma locality
Duduma plain
Duduma populated place
Dudumaad locality
Dudumaale locality
Dudumaale well
Dudumaale locality
Dudumaay locality
Dudumaay populated place
Dudumacad locality
Dudumey spring
Dudumey wadi
Dudumiya populated place
Dudumo Cad water hole
Dudumo Cadde locality
Dudumocaddo locality
Dudun Cadde cemetery
Dudun Cadde cemetery
Dudun Der water hole
Dudun Gallo populated place
Dudun Guduud populated locality
Dudun area
Dudunle populated place
Dudura wadi
Dudwein populated place
Dudweyn area
Dudweyn populated place
Dudweyne populated place
Dufle Ho well
Dufle Hoh well
Dufleh Hoh well
Dufol sand area
Dug Kane hills
Dug wadi
Duggaalley populated locality
Dughoshe locality
Dugiuma populated place
Dugkhoshe locality
Dugs Sare Camuud school
Dugsamey populated place
Dugsi Galgai hill
Dugsi Sare Camuud school
Dugsi wadi
Dugsiilow populated place
Dugsiilow populated place
Dugsiilow section of populated place
Dugub populated place
Duguia Gussa populated place
Duguia Iantar populated place
Dugul Galool ponds
Dugul Galool water hole
Dugule locality
Dugulle pond
Dugulle populated place
Dugulo locality
Duhun well
Duhung well
Duhur Boob populated place
Duhurboode populated place
Dujisweyne locality
Dujuma populated place
Dujuuma populated place
Dukaanka populated place
Duksaduga wadi
Dul Bi'id hill
Dul Garanuugeed locality
Dul Garanuugeed locality
Dul Gerenuked area
Dul Hiri locality
Dul Madoba area
Dul Madoobe mountains
Dul Megag hill
Dul Qabuur hill
Dul Qadow locality
Dul Reydabeed locality
Dul area
Dul wadi
Dula Carcaraaf populated place
Dula Carcaraaf wadi
Dulad wadi
Dulbahanta area
Dulbax wadi
Dulbiciid hill
Dulbiciid mountain
Dulcad wadi
Duldiir well
Dulga populated place
Dulgaal locality
Dulhaar locality
Dulka Barood well
Dulla Gal populated place
Dullaal hill
Dullam Chad cemetery
Dullan Chad cemetery
Dulmadobe area
Dulmadoobe area
Dulmadow locality
Dulota Ilo Merere area
Dulule wadi
Dulusbo area
Duluunka populated place
Dulwabord wadi
Dulweyne locality
Dulweyne water hole
Dulxagar locality
Dumaaye populated place
Dumaaye populated place
Dumaaye well
Dumar dune
Dumaye well
Dumei area
Dumei plain
Dumei well
Dumeigal area
Dumfa populated place
Dummahi area
Dummai mountain
Dummaileh wadi
Dumo populated place
Dumodeli well
Dumodle populated place
Dumodle well
Dumodleh populated place
Dumodleh well
Dumootiley locality
Dumuk reservoir
Dun-ti Bur Addo hills
Dun-ti Callis wadi
Dunaati populated place
Dunca Coh triangulation station
Duncu Coc triangulation station
Duncu Kok triangulation station
Dundas Islands islands
Dunduma Gale water hole
Dundumo Caddo water hole
Dundun Garab Cad wadi
Dundun Waraab locality
Dundun wadi
Dundunwaraab hill
Dungab populated place
Dungareta well
Dungoi area
Dungol area
Dunku Kok triangulation station
Dunkudhae spring
Dunkugle wadi
Dunkuqooq triangulation station
Dunkuqooq well
Dunti Miradero well
Duntu wadi
Duqaqoh locality
Duqay tomb
Duqiyo Ereey populated place
Duqiyo Kuusow populated place
Duqiyo Madow populated place
Duqiyo Weyn populated place
Duqiyo locality
Duqlaal wadi
Dur Dair area
Dur Dil well
Dur area
Dur populated place
Duraay locality
Durakeen locality
Duraur wadi
Durbo populated place
Durborbo Hills hills
Durdeil well
Durdoobo hills
Durdorbo hills
Durdur Addi Dharqaale locality
Durdur Cadde locality
Durdur Diirbeit area
Durdur Dirbeit area
Durdur Dulbeit area
Durdur Melo populated place
Durdur hill
Durdur locality
Durdur populated place
Durdur spring
Durdur stream
Durdur wadi
Durdur wadi
Durdur wadi
Durdur wadi
Durdur wadi
Durdur wadi
Durdura populated place
Durdura spring
Durdura spring
Durdura wadi
Durdure spring
Durdureh populated place
Durdureh spring
Durduri populated place
Durduri spring
Durduri wadi
Durdus mountain
Durdusi mountain
Dure Emed populated place
Dureemahaye locality
Dureera locality
Dureera plain
Dureero Bohol wadi
Dureh area
Dureh well
Durem well
Duremo well
Durera plain
Durero wadi
Durey locality
Durgaay populated place
Durgale populated place
Durgois populated place
Duri Turlibakh locality
Duro Hills escarpment
Duro escarpment
Durole populated place
Durre well
Durrei populated place
Durrei well
Durrero wadi
Durrero wadi
Durrey well
Durruqsi populated place
Durruqsi well
Duruji locality
Durukhsi populated place
Duruksi populated place
Duruksi well
Duruski populated place
Duruus wadi
Dus El Adale locality
Dus pass
Dus area
Dusa Mareb seat of a first-order administrative division
Dusa Marreb seat of a first-order administrative division
Duschi Meleden well
Duschi well
Duseso hill
Dusiilow populated place
Dusmo well
Duss Pass pass
Duss pass
Duss area
Dusta populated place
Duuba wadi
Duuba well
Duubo Weyne locality
Duubo Yare locality
Duubo spring
Duubugaas pond
Duubugaas populated place
Duud Hooyi locality
Duud Hooyo populated place
Duud Mereegeed wadi
Duud Shabeel spring
Duud Shabeel water hole
Duudad wadi
Duudka plain
Duudo water hole
Duudweeyn area
Duudweeyn populated place
Duufaley estate
Duugsid Hoos pond
Duulaan Qaad well
Duulay hill
Duulin Maaxato locality
Duuluhsey locality
Duumo Leexsan water hole
Duumo populated place
Duur Gal sand area
Duur Gal wadi
Duur Gal well
Duur Idaad locality
Duur Kumeersan mountain
Duur Xagar locality
Duur Xoolad wadi
Duur wadi
Duur-Cad populated place
Duura populated place
Duuray area
Duuray hill
Duuray pond
Duuray pond
Duuray pond
Duuray populated place
Duurayaal locality
Duurayaal wadi
Duurcurdaan locality
Duure wadi
Duure well
Duurey populated place
Duurgale populated place
Duurgoys populated place
Duuri Tuurlibaax locality
Duurow pond
Duwaadi well
Duwi Pass wadi
Duwi wadi
Duwi well

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