Ghab Ghab - Ghurra: Somalia

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Ghab Ghab hill
Ghabal well
Ghadir Plain plain
Ghalilie mountain
Gharab Ad well
Gharab Adak well
Gharab Gare mountain
Gharab Goreh mountain
Gharab Hagar area
Gharab hill
Gharab mountains
Gharab mountains
Gharreg populated place
Ghebegheva wadi
Ghebi Godle well
Ghed Abar Malo locality
Ghed Ad wadi
Ghed Debti well
Ghed Raran populated place
Ghed Raran well
Ghed Rer hill
Gheda Dauho populated place
Ghedalei populated place
Ghedeis populated place
Ghedesamo water hole
Ghedgoi populated place
Ghedgoi populated place
Ghedo Bercan populated place
Ghedo Sama hill
Ghedu area
Gheed Ilaalo locality
Gheed Xamar wadi
Ghefai populated place
Gheferso populated place
Gheider Debabo populated place
Gheider Moro Mererti populated place
Gheizani escarpment
Ghel Ghel Gavo area
Ghel Ghel Gudut area
Ghel Ghel area
Ghel Ghel area
Ghel Git locality
Ghel Magal populated place
Ghel Medoi populated place
Ghel Rible spring
Ghel Turfo water hole
Ghelai populated place
Ghelca Addi well
Gheldach locality
Gheldezza populated place
Gheldezza water hole
Gheldezzo populated place
Gheldezzo water hole
Gheledi area
Gheledi area
Ghelghel Beit water hole
Ghelghel Bur Foli camp
Ghelidle area
Gheligir well
Ghelilie mountain
Ghelinsor populated place
Gheljoga mountain
Gheluene water hole
Gherbeg well
Gherbo Gherbo area
Gherbo mountain
Gheriale populated place
Gheriale locality
Gherille populated place
Gherir Aman populated place
Gherra area
Gherra area
Gherre Nebedo locality
Gherreuene area
Gherrogh populated place
Gherroue seat of a first-order administrative division
Gherrowe seat of a first-order administrative division
Ghersa populated place
Ghersei Molatti area
Ghersei Molatti water hole
Ghersei water hole
Gheruein mountain
Gheruen mountain
Ghes A Cabat mountain
Ghescud populated place
Ghesselei populated place
Ghesso populated place
Ghet Barsce populated place
Ghet Feghi populated place
Ghibinle well
Ghibirti hill
Ghidir area
Ghidir-Saad area
Ghoho populated place
Gholka-Wein area
Ghor area
Ghoraf mountains
Ghoraialeh area
Ghoriale area
Ghorialeh area
Ghoton plateau
Ghubbat Ankhor bay
Ghubbat Binnah bay
Ghubbat Kalwein bay
Ghubbat Raguda bay
Ghubbet Ankor bay
Ghubbet Binna bay
Ghubbet Binnah bay
Ghubbet Halawat bay
Ghubbet Halawat point
Ghubbet Kalwait bay
Ghubbet Kalwein bay
Ghubbet Kalwein cape
Ghubbet Kalweyn bay
Ghubbet Raguda bay
Ghurra wadi

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