Xa Kaka - Xayr Bixiye: Somalia

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Xa Kaka populated place
Xaabaale locality
Xaabaale plain
Xaabab locality
Xaabley populated place
Xaadfuute well
Xaafuun populated place
Xaafuun wadi
Xaaj Caluula stream
Xaaj Galuula wadi
Xaaj Weyne locality
Xaaj wadi
Xaaj well
Xaaji Abuukar populated place
Xaaji Bare locality
Xaaji Bare wadi
Xaaji Buulle island
Xaaji Cah populated place
Xaaji Cali populated place
Xaaji Cali populated place
Xaaji Faarax populated place
Xaaji Mad populated place
Xaaji Rooble populated place
Xaaji Tumaal populated place
Xaaji Xasan locality
Xaaji Xasan populated place
Xaaji Xasan populated place
Xaaji populated place
Xaal Wanaji wadi
Xaangey well
Xaangeyle locality
Xaanooley populated place
Xaanshooley locality
Xaar Quba wadi
Xaar Weyn wadi
Xaar populated place
Xaar populated locality
Xaar wadi
Xaar well
Xaar well
Xaar-Xaar populated place
Xaar-Xaar well
Xaaray wadi
Xaarbiyow populated place
Xaariso wadi
Xaariye mountain
Xaariye well
Xaarkugama locality
Xaaro well
Xaaro well
Xaarqooji hill
Xaarxaar well
Xaas Gooye locality
Xaas Wanaaji wadi
Xaatin wadi
Xaawa Aftaaran locality
Xaawo Colow locality
Xaax populated place
Xaax populated place
Xaaxi populated place
Xaaxi locality
Xaaxi well
Xaaxi-Qaloocat populated place
Xabaal Ambiyaad wadi
Xabaal Arable wadi
Xabaal Gaal locality
Xabaal Garure hill
Xabaal Guban locality
Xabaal Juule locality
Xabaal Kayar locality
Xabaal Reer hills
Xabaal Reer populated place
Xabaal Shiikh cemetery
Xabaal Suran pond
Xabaal Suran populated place
Xabaalaha Xussen Nuur tomb
Xabaalatuur locality
Xabaalcad wadi
Xabaale Dhagacadde tomb
Xabaale Qaba tomb
Xabaalo Barbar populated place
Xabaalo Camare area
Xabaalo Camare populated place
Xabaalo Culumo tomb
Xabaalo Daraanle pond
Xabaalo Fiile populated place
Xabaalo Qaba tomb
Xabaalo Xumoow locality
Xabaalo mountain
Xabaalo tomb
Xabadaale water hole
Xabaji mountain
Xabane Xay locality
Xabashi hills
Xabawle wadi
Xabgaal well
Xabibaya well
Xabibayal populated place
Xabley wadi
Xabo populated place
Xabo populated place
Xabo well
Xabsac populated place
Xad well
Xadaad wadi
Xadaad wadi
Xadataa well
Xadded area
Xadeed plain
Xadeed wadi
Xadh Waalatay wadi
Xadhaadhe well
Xadhadhi Laas mountain
Xadhig Xadhig locality
Xadhig Xadhig populated place
Xadhkajiid locality
Xadhkajiid well
Xadoodil wadi
Xadoodil wadi
Xadweyn mountain
Xafata populated place
Xafata populated locality
Xafata well
Xaga locality
Xagaay Deg populated place
Xagagar well
Xagai populated place
Xagakar well
Xagal populated place
Xagal populated place
Xagal wadi
Xagal well
Xagar Garaad locality
Xagar Geel populated place
Xagar Guul hill
Xagar Waab locality
Xagar populated place
Xagar wadi
Xagar well
Xagareh wadi
Xagarey well
Xagaroode mountain
Xagarow populated place
Xagarow populated place
Xagarrey area
Xagarrey hills
Xagarwaabane hill
Xagarwalaac locality
Xagraajin hill
Xaji Qaawane locality
Xajiin Dheere locality
Xajiin wadi
Xajiin wadi
Xajiin wadi
Xajiluley estate
Xajin locality
Xajinley sand area
Xajuub Ina Gurey locality
Xako populated place
Xal well
Xal locality
Xalag populated place
Xalane Furdug cemetery
Xalanley rock
Xalanley well
Xalax Yaalo hill
Xaliima Caddey populated place
Xaliimaale wadi
Xaliimaale well
Xaliimay populated place
Xalimeey populated place
Xalimolibaax populated place
Xalin populated place
Xalin wadi
Xallila well
Xalwad well
Xalxalshi water hole
Xamaal populated place
Xamaali populated place
Xamaas locality
Xamaas populated place
Xamaas wadi
Xamaas wadi
Xamakoow hill
Xamakow hill
Xamar Guduud well
Xamar Kor hill
Xamar locality
Xamar capital of a political entity
Xamar well
Xamar hills
Xamar locality
Xamareyso locality
Xamarow well
Xamarta area
Xambi mountain
Xameed hill
Xameed well
Xamiir Gaabo estate
Xamiir Gaabo populated place
Xammurre wadi
Xamorka hill
Xamud wadi
Xamur Weyn well
Xamur Weyn locality
Xamur Xarar wadi
Xamur locality
Xamur wadi
Xamur well
Xamurdhaar locality
Xamurdoon wadi
Xamurka mountain
Xamurrey wadi
Xamuudcadde well
Xamuudi Shiyaani area
Xamuuma locality
Xamuur well
Xamuurka locality
Xamxama hill
Xanaf wells
Xanaleh mountain
Xanan Boli Hare locality
Xanan Hel wadi
Xanan hill
Xanan wadi
Xanan water hole
Xananbuuro well
Xananle wadi
Xananley well
Xandha wadi
Xandha well
Xandis stream
Xandis wadi
Xanfar Hele hill
Xangeeyo mountain
Xangey locality
Xanjio Barde water hole
Xankax Ibrahim wadi
Xankusoore wadi
Xanlaay populated place
Xannan hill
Xanshaar area
Xanshilaaley locality
Xansuuqa wadi
Xansuuqa populated place
Xanunle wadi
Xanyaaleey populated place
Xanyayi populated place
Xaq Gacanle locality
Xaqarka populated place
Xara Dhagadley locality
Xara Kamin wadi
Xara Moolay well
Xaraar area
Xaraar hill
Xaraar wadi
Xaraaraley mountain
Xaraari well
Xaraaro locality
Xaraaw populated place
Xarabo hill
Xarabo mesa
Xaradhaban water hole
Xaraf populated place
Xaraf populated place
Xaraf populated locality
Xaraf populated place
Xaragleh well
Xarago populated place
Xarago wadi
Xaramka populated place
Xaramka populated place
Xaran pond
Xarar Dheere wadi
Xarar Godan locality
Xarar Shadoor locality
Xarar Weyne locality
Xarardheere populated place
Xarare well
Xararkii Eji locality
Xararle locality
Xararta Dabdheer locality
Xararta Dhacday hill
Xarasin locality
Xarbiga populated place
Xareed populated place
Xareed well
Xareer wadi
Xareer well
Xareerta locality
Xarerte populated place
Xarfa locality
Xarfad water hole
Xargar Waja cemetery
Xargega wadi
Xargoolayaal wadi
Xarianta populated place
Xarigreebi wadi
Xariim Xumaas Bar island
Xariim Xumaas Gal island
Xariir area
Xariirad Dix Gudban wadi
Xarir Madow dune
Xarmaje wadi
Xarmudmud hill
Xaroo mountain
Xaroowe wadi
Xarqacan wadi
Xarre well
Xarshe wadi
Xarshow wadi
Xarun Dheer locality
Xaryamaale sand area
Xas Bahale populated place
Xas Weyn locality
Xasaadinley mountain
Xasan Barre locality
Xasan Caawl hill
Xasan Cadde hill
Xasan Daa'uud populated place
Xasan Fiiksane tomb
Xasan Moxamed Cumar pond
Xasan Siyaad well
Xasan Sufi cemetery
Xasan Xayow cemetery
Xasanbu Awle well
Xasanow Awle well
Xashiimey locality
Xaskul hill
Xaskulle populated place
Xaskulle well
Xaskulo area
Xaskulo locality
Xasno-Yusuf populated place
Xasow populated place
Xasow well
Xasweyne wadi
Xatal Baraka populated place
Xataldaw locality
Xawaadleey populated place
Xawaal Arundi populated place
Xawaal Barrey populated place
Xawaal Bilcaan locality
Xawaal Cadad locality
Xawaal Dondheere tomb
Xawaal Galoole locality
Xawaal Gedow populated locality
Xawaal Gedow well
Xawaal Godin well
Xawaal Hiraabe Fiidow locality
Xawaal Jimcaale locality
Xawaal Shalodey locality
Xawaal Shawacle populated place
Xawaal Shiikh tomb
Xawaal Shiikh locality
Xawaal Weyn locality
Xawaal Xagey locality
Xawaal Xasan locality
Xawaala Arorow pond
Xawaala Boddey tomb
Xawaala Edegow locality
Xawaala Guduud tomb
Xawaala Meleyka locality
Xawaalaha Xawa Gedid locality
Xawaalalow locality
Xawaale Gybtay locality
Xawaalihii tomb
Xawaalo Cadde tomb
Xawaalo Mogley tomb
Xawaay well
Xawla Kodmo well
Xaydh Ducato water hole
Xaydhducaale populated place
Xaylan Kobanley water hole
Xayle Dyalane locality
Xaylen locality
Xayo locality
Xayo locality
Xayo populated place
Xayr Bixiye wadi
Xayr Bixiye well

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