Xidda - Xiyaad Yerey: Somalia

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Xidda populated place
Xidda wadi
Xiddid wadi
Xiddidali wadi
Xidh Khaliifo wadi
Xidh Xidh wadi
Xidh Yubluluc locality
Xidhciin locality
Xidhduqowle locality
Xidhidh locality
Xidhiidho wadi
Xidhinta populated place
Xidhxidh locality
Xidhxidh populated place
Xidhxidh wadi
Xidid Doole locality
Xidid wadi
Xidid wadi
Xidid populated place
Xididaale populated place
Xididaale well
Xididaale well
Xidideley hills
Xidiid wadi
Xidiidaalay locality
Xidiidaalay wadi
Xiijaab locality
Xiinweyni plateau
Xiinweyni populated place
Xiiraay well
Xiis island
Xiis populated place
Xiis well
Xiji Afcad hill
Xijijle populated place
Xijijle section of populated place
Xiladiid wadi
Xildeed cemetery
Xilliibaax area
Xiludareera well
Xim Caddeh well
Ximan Golol water hole
Ximan Saxariir well
Ximan locality
Ximan populated place
Ximan populated place
Ximan well
Ximcaale sand area
Ximcade well
Ximcashir well
Ximigaablow area
Ximigaablow populated place
Ximiley water hole
Ximinka Bohoole sand area
Ximiso locality
Ximistiyo wadi
Xin Bidar well
Xin Biyaale area
Xin Caws well
Xin Dawaco well
Xin Dhanaane well
Xin Dheere water hole
Xin Dibirre hill
Xin Dibirre locality
Xin Inagodoy well
Xin Jika Weyne water hole
Xin Ugaas cemetery
Xin-Dibirre well
Xinbaweyne well
Xindawaco water hole
Xindegey well
Xindhanaane dune
Xindhanaane well
Xindhanaane well
Xindogob water hole
Xinduugen well
Xinfulay intermittent pond
Xingalool populated place
Xingi area
Xingod populated place
Xingod well
Xingomod well
Xingood well
Xinguduud well
Xinji Labay area
Xinji Labay water hole
Xinka Oommane populated place
Xinlabi locality
Xinlabi well
Xinma Waare well
Xinshir water hole
Xintumaal well
Xinwagad well
Xir Xir locality
Xir-Xir locality
Xir-Xir wadi
Xir-xir wadi
Xirey Bulaale cemetery
Xiriiro populated place
Xiriiro wadi
Xiriiro wadi
Xirkadheere well
Xirmadher wadi
Xirmooyin ugaareed Qool Cadday hunting reserve
Xirribcad well
Xirsi Jiciir populated place
Xirsi Yuunis pond
Xirsi populated place
Xirxir area
Xiyaad Yerey populated place

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