Mich Renders Revier - Mitterhook: Svalbard

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Mich Renders Revier bay
Michelson-Kette ridge
Michiel Binders Bay bay
Michiel Reynders Rivier bay
Michiel Reyniersz' Rivier fjord
Michiel Rinders Rievier bay
Michiel Ryners Rivier fjord
Mickeryholmen island
Mid Island island
Middagskjeran rocks
Middagsskjera rocks
Middel Gat marine channel
Middelhook mountain
Middelhook point
Middelhuken i Nordfjorden point
Middelhukhavnen bay
Middelland mountain
Middendorffberget mountain
Middle Gat marine channel
Middle Hook point
Middle Hook point
Middle Rivulet stream
Middle Rocks rocks
Middle-hook berg mountain
Middle-Hook Hamn bay
Middle-hook point
Middlehook point
Midifjellet mountain
Midtbaen reef
Midtberg peak
Midtbreen glacier
Midter-Fjord fjord
Midterfjellet mountain
Midterhukbreen glacier
Midterhuken mountain
Midterhuken mountain
Midterhuken point
Midterhuken point
Midterhuken point
Midterhuken point
Midterhukfjellet mountain
Midterhukhamna bay
Midterhuksletta plain
Midteroya island
Midtholmen island
Midtoya island
Midtvatnet lake
Miethe Isle island
Miethe-Gletscher glacier
Miethebreen glacier
Mietheholmen island
Mietheinsel island
Migande stream
Milberghogda peak
Millarodden point
Millars Pass valley
Millarskardet valley
Mille-Iles islands
Miller Glacier glacier
Millerbreen glacier
Millomryggen ridge
Milne Edwardsfjellet mountains
Mimer Bay bay
Mimer Valley valley
Mimerbukta bay
Mimerdalen valley
Mimers Bay bay
Mimers Dal valley
Mimesbukta bay
Mimesdalen valley
Mina Valley valley
Mine Bay cove
Minebukta cove
Miner's Bay bay
Minervahytta hut
Minervaodden point
Minister Shoal shoal
Ministerbaen shoal
Ministergrunnen shoal
Minkebakken slope
Minkinfjellet mountain
Minnaodden point
Mirefjellet peak
Miseryfjellet mountain
Miserygrunnen shoal
Miserylandet shore
Mistake Point point
Mistakodde point
Mistakodden point
Mitra mountain
Mitrafjellet mountain
Mitragrunnen section of bank
Mitrahalvoen peninsula
Mitrahalvoya peninsula
Mitrasnaget spur
Mittag-Lefflerbreen glacier
Mittag-Lefflers Glaciar glacier
Mittel-Felsen rocks
Mittel-hook point
Mittel-Huk-Hafen bay
Mittelhooken point
Mitter hook point
Mitterhook mountain

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