As Sa`diyat - Aslubah: United Arab Emirates

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
As Sa`diyat island
As Sad populated place
As Sadr locality
As Sahamah locality
As Sahmah locality
As Salahah island
As Salali island
As Salamiyah Sabkhat sabkha
As Salihiyah populated place
As Samahiyat locality
As Samhah sand area
As Samhah well
As Sammaliyah island
As Samra locality
As Saqamqam populated place
As Saruq area
As Satwah section of populated place
As Shahamah populated place
As Sil' well
As Sila` well
As Simsimaniyah cultivated area
As Slabeikh populated place
As Sulaymat populated place
As Sur section of populated place
Asab Field oilfield
Asab oilfield
Asad Raqm Idha `Ashr well
Asad Raqm Ihda `Ashar well
`Asamah populated place
Ash 'Mariqah populated place
Ash Sha`m populated place
Ash Shariqa populated place
Ash Shariqah first-order administrative division
Ash Shariqah populated place
Ash Shibhanah plateau
Ash Shibhanah populated place
Ash Shu`ayb populated place
Ash Shumailiya area
Ash Shumayliyah area
Ash Shuwayhat locality
Ashab abandoned well
Ashab sand area
`Ashashah populated place
`Ashib abandoned well
`Ashsh island
`Asi well
`Asibah well
`Asimah populated place
Aslab depression
Aslubah tree

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