Ra's `Akamiyah - Rawdah: United Arab Emirates

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Ra's `Akamiyah point
Ra's Abu Ahmad point
Ra's Abu Kashashah point
Ra's Abu Zabi point
Ra's Abu Zaby point
Ra's Abyad Qata point
Ra's ad Dab`iyah point
Ra's ad Dub'ayyah point
Ra's al `Aysh point
Ra's al `Udayd point
Ra's al Batin point
Ra's al Buwaytir spit
Ra's al Ghurab cape
Ra's al Hadarah point
Ra's al Hazrah point
Ra's al Ibrah point
Ra's al Kahf point
Ra's al Khaimah point
Ra's al Khaymah point
Ra's al Khaymah first-order administrative division
Ra's al Khaymah populated place
Ra's al Qila` point
Ra's as Sa`diyat point
Ra's as Sadr point
Ra's as Sil` point
Ra's as Sila` point
Ra's as Silmiyah dune
Ra's Ba`aya point
Ra's Ba`ja' point
Ra's Ba`ya point
Ra's Bilyaryar cape
Ra's Bu Khushayshah point
Ra's Bu Kushayshah point
Ra's Dabbah cape
Ra's Dadna point
Ra's Dadnah point
Ra's Dawhat Tallab point
Ra's Diba cape
Ra's Dibba cape
Ra's Dubay`ah point
Ra's Dubay`ah point
Ra's Ghanadah point
Ra's Ghantut point
Ra's Hanjurah point
Ra's Hanyurah point
Ra's Harmiyah point
Ra's Hasan point
Ra's Hasyan point
Ra's Hayusa point
Ra's Kheisaifah point
Ra's Khudayriyah point
Ra's Khumays point
Ra's Khusayfah point
Ra's Laffan point
Ra's Layyah point
Ra's Liffah point
Ra's Lulayyah point
Ra's Mashayrib point
Ra's Mugharaij point
Ra's Muhayjij point
Ra's Muqayshit point
Ra's Mushayrib point
Ra's Qal`ah dune
Ra's Ru'aysiyah point
Ra's Ruwaysiyah point
Ra's Sarab point
Ra's Sawami` point
Ra's Seyad island
Ra's Shandaghah point
Ra's Siyad island
Ra's Sumayrah point
Ra's Suwayfah point
Ra's Zubayyah point
Ra's-al Khaf point
Rabbad Qusaywirah area
Rabbadh area
Rachid Port port
Radat Ramz well
Radath Ramz well
Radum oasis(-es
Rafa` populated place
Rafadah dune
Rafaq populated place
Ragwan well
Raha cultivated area
Rahabah tribal area
Rahfiya depression
Rahfiyah depression
Rahmah well
Raigha sand area
Raighan well
Raighnaan well
Rak al Haji shoal
Rak al Hajji shoal
Rak al Lakum shoal
Rak az Zakum shoal
Ramaq sand area
Ramhan island
Raml Abu Dabas dune
Raml adh Dhibah sand area
Raml al `Ashush sand area
Raml al Barq sand area
Raml al Barqa' sand area
Raml al Buhuth sand area
Raml al Ghafr sand area
Raml al Ghufr sand area
Raml al Hamd sand area
Raml al Khurayj sand area
Raml al Qaht sand area
Raml as Sadd dune
Raml as Salam dune
Raml as Salm dune
Raml as Salma dune
Raml ash Shu`ayb sand area
Raml Ghayl sand area
Raml Hafir dune
Raml Hasam Mawatir dune
Raml Khudr sand area
Raml Khumayyis sand area
Raml Murrah sand area
Raml Sa`d dune
Raml Sabil section of populated place
Raml Samhan sand area
Raml Sharbu sand area
Raml Wasit sand area
Raml Za`bil section of populated place
Ramla populated place
Ramlah populated place
Ramlat Ajaj dune
Ramlat al `Akrish dune
Ramlat al Fa'iyah dune
Ramlat al Hammah dune
Ramlat al Hamra' area
Ramlat al Mu`taridah sand area
Ramlat al Qassis dune
Ramlat an Nakhlah dune
Ramlat ar Rabbad area
Ramlat ar Ruhayl dune
Ramlat ar Ruhayl dune
Ramlat Baytar dune
Ramlat Bid` al Mughanni sand area
Ramlat Bid` Mughanni dune
Ramlat Bil Dhabah dune
Ramlat Bil Hassa dune
Ramlat Bil Milh dune
Ramlat Bin Hilal dune
Ramlat Bu adh Dhabah dune
Ramlat Bu al Hassah dune
Ramlat Bu Arta dune
Ramlat Bu Ma`talah dune
Ramlat Bu Matala dune
Ramlat Bu Nukhaylah dune
Ramlat Dhai dune
Ramlat Ghayyadh dune
Ramlat Haiyir dune
Ramlat Hawawis dune
Ramlat Hayr dune
Ramlat Haza' Salma dune
Ramlat Jarin dune
Ramlat Kanasn sand area
Ramlat Kharas dune
Ramlat Liduiya dune
Ramlat Lidwiyah dune
Ramlat Makhulah dune
Ramlat Milhah dune
Ramlat Nadd dune
Ramlat Nasas dune
Ramlat Sabar dune
Ramlat Sabr dune
Ramlat Saiyin dune
Ramlat Sarami dune
Ramlat Sayyid dune
Ramlat Shantut Bin `Uman dune
Ramlat Shisah dune
Ramlat Suwaihan dune
Ramlat Suwayhan dune
Ramlat Wushiya dune
Ramlat Zaid dune
Ramlat Zarara area
Ramlat Zararah area
Ramlat Zayd dune
Ramle Sayyid dune
Ramramiyah hill
Ramramiyat hill
Ramrammiyat hill
Rams populated place
Ran al Khaima first-order administrative division
Raq`al al Jarba interdune trough
Raq`at al-`Arad interdune trough
Raqayma scrubland
Ras Abu Kashasha point
Ras al Aish point
Ras al Buwaitir spit
Ras Al Ghanadha point
Ras al Gharab cape
Ras al Jala'a point
Ras al Kahaf point
Ras al Khaima first-order administrative division
Ras al Khaima populated place
Ras al Khaimah populated place
Ras al Khuzairi point
Ras al Sa`diya point
Ras al-Qela' point
Ras as-Sareb point
Ras Dhadna point
Ras Dhubai'ah point
Ras Dhubay'a point
Ras Dibah cape
Ras Djaliya point
Ras el Hazra point
Ras Ghandha point
Ras Ghemais point
Ras Ghemeis point
Ras Hanjura point
Ras Hanyura point
Ras Hasa point
Ras Hasian point
Ras Hisyan point
Ras Ijla point
Ras Jaliya point
Ras Jaliyah point
Ras Kantut point
Ras Khudeiriyah point
Ras Khumeis point
Ras Luluiya point
Ras Mashairif point
Ras Masheirib point
Ras Masherib point
Ras Mushairib point
Ras Musheirib point
Ras Qurain-al-'Aish point
Ras Semaira point
Ras Sumaira point
Ras Zubaiya point
Ras Zubbaya point
Rasan dune
Raseen well
Rashdia section of populated place
Rashid al Gharbi well
Rashid Oilfield oilfield
Rashid island
Rashidiyah section of populated place
Rawdah depression

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