Vach - Vaultness: United Kingdom

SOURCE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Name Feature class
Vach lake
Vaila Island island
Vaila Sound bay
Vale Crucis Abbey ancient site
Vale of Berkeley valley
Vale of Clwyd valley
Vale of Clyde valley
Vale of Conway valley
Vale of Edale valley
Vale of Eden valley
Vale of Evesham valley
Vale of Glamorgan valley
Vale of Glamorgan first-order administrative division
Vale of Pewsey valley
Vale of the Trent valley
Vale of White Horse District administrative division
Vale of White Horse valley
Vale Royal estate
Valehouse Reservoir reservoir
Valiant Gas Field gasfield
Vallay Island island
Valle Crucis Abbey ancient site
Valle Crucis ancient site
Valley of the Lochy valley
Valley populated place
Valleyfield populated place
Valtos Rocks rocks
Valtos building
Valtos populated place
Van populated place
Vange populated place
Vanguard Gas Field gasfield
Varne shoal
Varteg Hill populated place
Varteg populated place
Vasa Point point
Vat Burn stream
Vaternish Point point
Vatersay Island island
Vatersay Sound sound
Vatisker populated place
Vatsker populated place
Vatty Ground sound
Vaul Bay bay
Vaul populated place
Vaultness point

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